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PC video game download service GOG is preparing its catalog for Windows 10

GOG (Image credit: Windows Central)

GOG (Good Old Games) is a highly popular PC game download service, partly because all the games it sells have no DRM. Another reason is that their catalog of games includes some classics that were originally programed for MS-DOS and have been converted to run on Windows. Now the company says it is getting ready for Windows 10 by testing those older games on Microsoft's newest OS and so far, things are looking good as the July 29 launch date approaches.

GOG stated:

"So far, things are looking great. We're encountering very few problems and most of those are either resolvable on our end, or likely to get fixed as Windows 10 nears release. In fact, many games that had issues on operating systems newer than Windows XP once again won't suffer any hiccups on Windows 10. The OS is still a work in progress, so while anything can happen until the release date we're confident for the future. This is the smoothest transition to a brand new system that we've ever worked on."

GOG adds that some of their games will require a patch to work with Windows 10 but they will be available for download from the service, and will be delivered to users automatically if they use the GOG Galaxy download client.

Source: GOG (opens in new tab)

  • Awesome..!
  • Nice!
  • I play road rash, Dave, Mario and prince on my pc everyday. ;)
  • And steam is ready..?
  • Steam is not a publisher, GOG is. Steam is a delivery/DRM service, so it's still up to the individual game publishers to patch their games on Steam. I suspect there will be a LOT of patches to download once W10 is public and you fire up Steam. Of course with older games, they may not get updated, and while most should continue to work ok, any that don't... well that's that, no more playing those titles. GOG is (for the old games at any rate) a publisher, so they will fix their titles and installers.
  • Oh I see. I thought they were only involved in the game delivery a la steam. Hopefully it'll be a smooth transition to w10 for steam as I've a massive library I need to go through... Dang sales lol
  • WRONG, Steam isn't just a delivery/DRM service Steam owns a number of publishers. 
  • Steam is a drm/platform created by VALVE, who a developer and a publisher only online. Their retail games have been published by EA.
  • Is this service as good as steam?
  • It's a pretty decent service, especially if you prefer to own the game.
  • You own the game on Steam as much as Gog. Edit: Gog has no drm but that has nothing to do with owning a game.
  • Yes and no... GOG providers DRM free games, so you don't have to run any service to get the games running. If you have 2 computers, you can install on both (of course following the license agreement is up to you). Even if you use the GOG Galaxy client, you can still download DRM free installers. So while yes, you get a 'digital license' with GOG, just like Steam... GOG does not restrict you or force you to install anything to run the games you purchase from them. With Steam, the game is tied to your account and must be run from Steam itself.
  • If GoG went under tomorrow, you'd still be able to play your games that you downloaded. If Steam went under tomorrow, the same could not be said.
  • It's not as powerful as Steam, but has some really neat classics (like Fahrenheit) that work flawlessly. In addition to a game you get media materials like posters, music and manuals, which are awesome stuff to have for game addicts like myself. But, prices are usually higher than Steam ones and release dates of new games are lagging behind (if they ever get released there). And, off course, you don't get perks as achievements and Workshop.
    Interesting thing to know: many classic games released on Steam are straight copies of GOG packages, they even leave GOG's readme's and website shortcuts in game folders.
    So, if you all in for classics, GOG is for you, as the service provides the most stable ports to date with neat game materials addons.
  • Their drm policys on more recent games are with in line of what ms did with digital gfwl games meaning anyone on your PC can access the games install freely
  • They should put their games on Windows Store.
  • That would mean having to split sales profits with Microsoft, unless they come up with a special agreement. At best, I could see them putting the client on there.
  • I would love to see DOSBox ported to a true Windows 10 Unversal App, and these games made available on Windows Store as Universal across all devices. Even the lowest end of smart phones these days can handle the old games, and I'd love to see it happen. I'd actually start buying GOG in a heartbeat if that happened. That would make them all available on Xbox, HoloLens, phone, tablet, PC, etc., and would really increase their exposure in a lot of ways. People who have never heard of GOG (which are a majority of people) would suddenly find out who they are and purchase games. I don't think splitting sales profits with Microsoft would be a problem then, because the sales would increase enough to make it more than worthwhile, IMO.
  • Only 2 hours on Witcher 3? What on Earth am I playing at?!
  • That's barely enough time to read the tutorials...
  • I bought The Witcher 1 on release day and have played it for 48 minutes. I also own Witcher 2 Premium Edition, but haven't opened the box as I haven't finished #1 :P
  • Thanks share!
  • If anyone who's from GOG and is a Windows Phone fan, I hope you make a companion app of sorts for those who use GOG. Especially when we're away from our desktop and we want to purchase games from our phones, like the X1 Smartglass app.
  • While I completely agree with you, I'm still hoping for a proper steam app, but I'm afraid it'll never happen :(
  • Valve's good at what they do, but sometimes they can be uptight about things. Don't know who's controlling the strings, but I'll say this: Gabe Newell is good, but he's not the messiah. The Steam Machines are a serious case in point, in my opinion.
  • I don't really care about a Steam app, but I would like the Steam UI to be more touch-friendly!
  • Or they could at least code around the slow update cycle most OEMs/service providers have for wp
  • This is wonderful news.
  • ??? I have 7 GOG games and none has ever had problems with W10. Not even Dosbox ones.
  • That's what....
  • I think its the ones that run older 32bit code natively that their talking about eg. Xp rtm era. As for ones that are package in their own dosbox wrapper Ive been just extracting then running them in a dos vm(you can get addons for dos using an out of date ws version on vm)
  • Cool
  • Great news!