PC video game download service GOG is preparing its catalog for Windows 10

GOG (Image credit: Windows Central)

GOG (Good Old Games) is a highly popular PC game download service, partly because all the games it sells have no DRM. Another reason is that their catalog of games includes some classics that were originally programed for MS-DOS and have been converted to run on Windows. Now the company says it is getting ready for Windows 10 by testing those older games on Microsoft's newest OS and so far, things are looking good as the July 29 launch date approaches.

GOG stated:

"So far, things are looking great. We're encountering very few problems and most of those are either resolvable on our end, or likely to get fixed as Windows 10 nears release. In fact, many games that had issues on operating systems newer than Windows XP once again won't suffer any hiccups on Windows 10. The OS is still a work in progress, so while anything can happen until the release date we're confident for the future. This is the smoothest transition to a brand new system that we've ever worked on."

GOG adds that some of their games will require a patch to work with Windows 10 but they will be available for download from the service, and will be delivered to users automatically if they use the GOG Galaxy download client.

Source: GOG

John Callaham