PLATFORMANCE: Castle Pain goes free for 24 hours with myAppFree

Mobile operating systems aren't short of games when it comes to platformer titles and Windows Phone has some real gems available for download - we recently took a look at Paper Monsters to name but one. We're also major fans of myAppFree, bringing commercial apps and games to consumers for no cost at all. When both of these mix together, we're excited to see the end result. Cue PLATFORMANCE: Castle Pain, which is available for nothing over the course of the next 24 hours.

If you've not heard of PLATFORMANCE: Castle Pain before, it's a popular indie title available on the Xbox 360, which made its way to Windows Phone. You're tasked with saving the princess by bypassing challenging obstacles that stand in your way.

Castle Pain

Should you be a fan of "old school" gaming, this is a title worth checking out. You can download PLATFORMANCE: Castle Pain from the Windows Phone Store for free (usually $0.99).

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Another game that isn't available here in Brazil. :(
  • The game so far is satisfying, although the controls are a mess. They actually make the game harder. 
  • Title is wrong? should be 'platformance' instead of 'performance'
  • Came here to say the same thing. Title needs updating in a big way. :-)
  • At least he is consistent. He says Performance instead of Platformance troughout the entire article I think :)
  • From the pictures, shouldn't it be Platformance: Castle Pain? P.S. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is now out :)
  • this looks like a fun platformer, I'll check it out after gta is finished downloading :)
  • What is this, WMpoweruser? Not even getting the name right is pretty sloppy.
  • Isn't the name "platformance"???
  • I'll be the next one to chime in: the title is "Platformance - Castle Pain".
  • hey, I dunno if anyone else has noticed, but the name is wrong...
  • Uhhh, that name in all caps.... UNINSTALLING!!!
  • Became familiar with this in XBLIG. Great game. Uninstalling because of the title being in all caps? Your loss.
  • Lol Performance... anyway dunno what this game is about but will give it a try since it's free Posted with WPCentral for Android on Asus Transformer Pad
  • Its platformance! Not performance!