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PGA Tour app is available for Lumia Windows Phones

The PGA Tour app is now available exclusively for the Nokia Lumia line of Windows Phones. The PGA Tour app is a twelve month exclusive for the Lumia line and brings all the goodness of the PGA Tour to your Windows Phone.

Key features include:

  • Scorecards for every player
  • Play-by-play from each hole
  • Player performance statistics
  • Video highlights
  • FedEx Cup Standings
  • News from the Tour
  • Live leaderboard for each Tour event.

The PGA Tour app will also provide live video from select events including The Barclays (August 23-26), the Deutsche Bank Championship (August 31-September 3), the BMW Championship (September 6-9), and the Tour Championship (September 20-23).

In just skimming the surface on the PGA Tour app, it's a very nicely laid out app and provides a ton of information from the world of golf. We may have missed the Masters and the U.S. Open but the app will come in handy staying up with the Open Championship, the PGA Championship and the rest of the season.

The PGA Tour app is available from your Lumia Windows Phone under the Nokia Collection in the Marketplace app. Or you can follow this link (or the QR code below) from your Lumia Windows Phone.

Thanks, Ant, for the tip!

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • -.- I'm hating lumia now
  • Don't hate the company spending millions pulling this OS along, hate the ones that arnt
  • Also, this is a great app! So much information, but presented in a clear way!
  • The gall of Nokia for committing to WP as much as Samsung and HTC have committed to Android.
  • I already hate my lumia 900 with this "7.8" fiasco. -_-
  • The full details are not yet released and you are calling it a "fiasco" lol. I don't want to see you here when MSFT releases all the details and features that the "7.8" update will bring, which are most of the non-hardware related features.
  • Yes, mother
  • Sounds great dling app now
  • I'm getting pretty sick of hearing about these Nokia exclusives. Nokia should be investing in the windows phone community as a whole as their success depends on the success and adoption of the OS. If new apps are in the hands of all WP holders, that's a chance for the WP platform to speak for itself. As more users are attracted, more Nokia phones will be sold. Why are they being allowed to fragment the WP user base?
  • Is there a hack so that non-Lumia phones can get all these exclusives?
  • Yes... You'd have to dev unlock your phone (which may not be easy), then sideload the app
  • Yeah... You are kind of right.. But think about it Is Nokia alone in the platform? No. Blame Samsung or HTC for not investing in he OS. "If you want the best experience in the WP ecosystem buy a Nokia", they are the only ones that are supporting the platform ( and they have less time in this WP game than Samsung or HTC)
  • *the platform *no quotation marks *period at the end of Nokia. They are...
  • *full-stop :P
  • You do realize that these are temporary exclusives that Nokia has worked with the content creators to get onto WP that then become available to all after the exclusivity period ends, right? For example the CNN app, some EA titles, etc.
  • Why is it Nokia's responsibility to entertain and service non Nokia/Lumia 'community'?  It isn't.
    Besides, Nokia is definitely bringing more people to the WP platform, and I'd wager more than HTC/Samsung/LG combined.
    Nokia is taking care of the customer's that invested in a Nokia Lumia device by bring these apps to them first and/or exclusively.  It's called appreciation - something that the other oem's should follow Nokia's lead on.
  • "Community"? This ain't Linux or some hippie co-op. These are capitalist companies trying to make as much money as possible.
  • I agree
  • Same here, I'm about tired of Nokia Lumia too! It's not going to make me buy the phone, I am waiting for the WP8.
  • Microsoft should be. How many adverts are there for Windows vs. Windows PCs? Same thing. If the hardware maker wants sales they do something special, not MS.
  • My wp8 phone will be a Nokia, I'm so jealous of all the exclusive apps and customer care... Alas
  • The BMW Champsionship is just down the road from me.  I'm too cheap to go but at least I can watch some of it on my 900.
  • Accidental double post...
  • A year exclusive?  Awesome...not.
  • Wants a Wimbledon app
  • Same here. I could use the live radio. Tennis Live, is ok, but an official app like the ones for iOS would really be nice. I hope Nokia can do some persuasion with that.
  • Its about dang time. This app is great. Another reason I am happy that I chose the 900 over titan 2...keep em coming.
  • Some people really don't know how to appreciate things... So sad.
  • Hmmm, I wonder if its possible to regedit phone into thinking its a lumia?
  • It only sucks when Nokia has exclusives on good apps... I'm more than happy about them having the exclusive on this one! haha :P
  • sucks to not buy a lumia.. ahaha
  • I could careless, at least my phone has better sound.
  • So you do Care.
  • Nope, I have an HTC
  • Sucks to have a phone made obsolete 3 months after release hahaha :P
  • Don't think it's obsolete, 7.8 will have some features
  • Technically, it is not obsolete until wp8 actually comes out. Until then, the lumia 900 along with the titan II will remain the top windows phones on the market.
  • Wow...the Travelers event live. I love Nokia. Stay alive.
  • Just downloaded to my HTC Titan. Nice app.
  • Does anyone know why these Nokia exclusive apps arent appearing in the "Nokia Collection" app on my Lumia 900? There are only 15 apps in there, the latest being "Play To" and "Camera Extras." However, this one is not in there...
  • This exclusivity business makes me angry ... especially with the lackluster collection of sports apps out there.