Phantom Dust is available now for Windows 10 and Xbox One, download here!

Phantom Dust
Phantom Dust (Image credit: Windows Central)

Phantom Dust is a unique action RPG with card deck building elements. Mix and match all sorts of abilities and modifiers to create wild and wacky spells, then put them to the test against your friends in its competitive multiplayer mode.

Phantom Dust also has a full-blown campaign filled with intrigue in a post-apocalyptic setting.

Originally launched for the first Xbox, Phantom Dust has gained a new lease of life as a free to play port, with some visual improvements, wide screen mode, and more. And who knows, if the game does well, perhaps we'll see that previously planned full-blown reboot?

You can download Phantom Dust using the link below, and rest assured that your progress will roam between devices, complete with cross-play support for multiplayer. Give it a download, and let us know what you think!

Download Phantom Dust from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

Jez Corden
Managing Editor

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  • Seeing this as a free to play title was hell of a surprise ahead of E3. Thanks for the info, I was searching store every hour all day long to see if it shows up
  • Me too, I was looking in the store since I woke up
  • You will find Phantom Dust by going to search games & then typing Phantom Dust 
  • 'Purchased'.
  • I can't seem to get it in Canada.
  • Nice, the minimum requirements are reasonable too!
  • Nice! Almost any PC with 4GB of RAM can run it.
  • Thanks, in this summer will have so much fun.
  • I have a question, looking at the console wars (XBone vs PS4), if a game is available on both XBone and PC, will it be called an Xbox exclusive game?
  • Games that are only available on Xbox One and PC can be described that way, yes.
  • This was an original Xbox exclusive as far as I know and visually something one could not do on a PS2 half as well...I would call it an exclusive, yet still puzzled why it was not advertised while everyone has complained about no Xbox exclusives this year.
  • Thank You Microsoft :)
  • Downloaded in Australia 🙂
  • Sweet! More XPA
  • Give me Angel Dust any day.
  • I'm grateful that it is free, but if you announce a game is going live "tomorrow", better to do that either first thing, or at least some reasonable time during the day, not the very last second of the day.  I was checking the store every hour or so only to be frustrated.  Again, grateful, but come' on!
  • Some peoples compain about everything, the game was ''live during early evening  # Stop complaing -_-
  • Some peoples compain about people complaining.  My complaint is no more or less valid than yours.  #DealWithIt
  • The download is unbelievably fast, it downloads with 200 mb/s (233 mb/s to be correct). I have never seen something to download with that speed, it was installed for less than 1 minute on my PC.
  • This was one of the most visually amazing, yet unknown titles on the original Xbox.  I still have it for the original and hope this does well...the game still looks very nice indeed after all these it has aged well!
  • What amazes me is that the original ran on 64mb's of system ram and direct X 8.1...simply amazing!
  • Thanks for the link. I'll try it out but I probably won't spend anything on the MS's microtransactions...