Phantom White Xbox One controller now up for preorder

During its latest episode of Inside Xbox, Microsoft took the wraps off of its latest special edition Xbox Wireless Controller, sporting the fitting description of "Phantom White." If the reveal had you drooling, preorders are now available at the Microsoft Store for $70.

The Phantom White Xbox controller largely mimics the look of the equally sleek Phantom Black controller, but with a white coat of paint. The top still features a translucent shell that shows off the guts of the controller, offering a neat look at the mechanisms inside. That gradually fades down to an all-white exterior on the controller's grips.

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Like all new Xbox Wireless Controllers, this one comes sporting Bluetooth, so you can use it with your Windows 10 PC as well as your Xbox One. There's also the standard textured grip around back, along with a 3.5mm headphone jack at the bottom.

The Phantom White controller is set to start shipping on April 2, but you can get your preorder in now at Microsoft for $70.

Silky White

Phantom White Xbox One Wireless Controller

Sleek and translucent.

Microsoft is upping the ante with a sexy new white edition of its Phantom Xbox Wireless Controller. With a translucent upper exterior, the controller offers a pretty cool look at its insides as you game.

Back in Black

Phantom Black Xbox One Wireless Controller

The darker side.

If white isn't quite your style, you can opt for the Phantom Black Xbox One Wireless Controller. It packs the same translucent exterior with a gradual fade to grey at the bottom.

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