The Photos app on Windows 10 Mobile is being updated with more editing features

If you're still on the (now dead) Fast Ring for Windows 10 Mobile, Microsoft recently pushed out an update bringing some of the Photos app's editing capabilities to Windows 10 Mobile users.

It doesn't bring in any of Windows 10 PC's more interesting features such as video editing, but it does allow you to ink on top of photos, select filters, and more. The version brings it to 18011.13438.0. The Photos app on the Fast Ring has also become rather slow for some, particularly on devices that aren't officially "supported" by Windows 10 Mobile.

It's possible that this update was made in error, considering Microsoft is no longer focused on bringing new features to Windows 10 Mobile, and the Fast Ring for W10M has come to an end. Microsoft may roll back these changes if so, but if you're a W10M die-hard, you'll at least get to enjoy these changes for the time being.

Thanks to Vjay and Hacer N for the tips.

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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  • Yea I was just in the app and was like wtf, it's like pc now, cool
  • On Fast Ring or just regular?
  • It's on fast ring for now. But I can post a link to the appxbundle if you want to try it without the fast ring
  • You can actually draw/trim/add slow motion/save pictures from a video. But you can't add 3d effects
  • "But, why?"" because we're still using it. Lol.
    Now, if only Spotify could find it in their hearts😭😭😭
  • Delaying the inevitable
  • Not delaying. using what we like until something better comes along.
  • You could say that about eating, but I'm going to keep it up for the time being.
  • Yeah, that Spotify Mobile App is horrible.
  • Has Spotify added explicit content blocking? Last year when I was forced to switch I quickly stopped using it because it lacks such a critical feature for family use.
  • Too buggy and crash happy though.
  • And... It's gone!
  • Hell Yeah I'm still using Windows Mobile and I will!
  • Everyone in my family is too. 950XL, 950, 650, 640XL and even a 520 for the little one.
  • My family too, L930, L640XL and a L535. Will be sticking with W10M for quiet some time.
  • Just got me a 1520 to hold me off a while longer when my 950 dies. Also just ordered a new battery for the 950 😁
    I doubt the mobile Surface will be in my price range so it looks like.. sigh.. I'll eventually have to go to android. Apple is out of the question.
  • yep..just changed the battery in my 930..still works for me too..
  • Have you used interop tools for fall creators update? I'm not sure to update or not
  • Its cool. There's a tutorial in youtube.
  • I recently hard reset phone went back to w8 via Nokia tool..installed windows insider..went on production ring updated all it could..switched to fast ring more updates..but then moved back to production and it found and installed creators update not used any external software..I'm now on 15063.850..tbh I wasn't looking for it..just started downloading v.well android here..😎
  • Re: aka "Dicko81",
    I wish I knew how to do all that, you did. I have a Windows Phone free now that I bought a HP ELITE x3 for evil Verizon. (I think Verizon hates Microsoft customers.)
  • When is this coming to Blackberry OS 10?
  • Maybe they followed the feedback though. I upvoted it recently,
  • Or maybe it's a deliberate change and they just accidentally released it. Perhaps they're using Windows 10 Mobile handsets to internally test UI choices for Andromeda
  • Possibly. No doubt the WM10 code will live on in some form or another down the road. UWP is actually a pretty neat idea all things considered. Apps are able to live on beyond a single form factor with little extra work from the devs.
  • The Photos app isn't Windows Mobile 10 code anyways, it's just the PC UWP version scaling. It's entirely possible they are just using WM10 as a beta platform for bug finding in preperation for Andromeda.
  • That's about the only thing that makes sense about this at this time.
  • This is targeted to "universal" in the appxmanifest file while the pc version is targeted to desktop. Also, the arm version of this app is 18mb compared to the arm version of the pc app which is 100+ mb. They're most probably testing this for Andromeda.
  • God, I just adore hearing good things about Andromeda! ;)
  • That was exactly my thoughts on it! Using remaining users as testers for app iterations.
  • Exactly what I thinking!
    They can't bring the previous W10M Photos app to Andromeda. So to bring PC Photos app to Andromeda, they need to optimize the UI first. And that's what this build is for.
  • wait what that great news.
    # someone decided to act on that backlog of feedback 🤔😏😀
  • Exactly lol. I've had feedback for this to happen for almost 3 years!
  • I upvoted for a similar feedback,
  • Re: aka "MARTY1774",
    May I ask, what are you trying to say? I think it might be interesting.
  • "If you are one of the few people still using Windows 10 Mobile".... Ok! we got it. You don't have to push it down our throats in every article. For some of us money doesn't grow on trees. We'll be on W10M till our devices die and we are forced to buy a new device. We can't afford to replace devices because they are not being manufactured or updated any longer. In it's current state, my 950XL does everything I need a smartphone for. And yes, any update to a universal app is welcome.
  • Well said
  • Jez just even did it three times in one short article. Such a pain. Apparently, UWP can progress, even without the OS. That's also how it should be. Eg. really hard to understand, why Edge doesn't get more updated via store, but only via OS updates...
  • Exactly.  The APIs are back ported right?  But Microsoft did not have to choose to push it to ARM32.  It was a concious effort, and one appreciated at that :)
  • @user-774 because edge is more deeply embedded than most people realise and this is not new, this stems back to the days of internet explorer. Which is why you can still load a website from any explorer window.
  • @sholokov, you are a wise man.
  • :D
  • I too am tired of "completely dead" "nobody is using it" "if you're one of the few" tone of every article that has to do with W10M. I have no intention of going to either of the other two non-options until the end actually gets here. Which is the end of NEXT year-not next month. I've lost a few apps here and there but not enough to go to the other two and still get updates on some apps. Still the best home screen of all three.
    So if WC doesn't give a crap why don't you guys just remove the phone section of WC app and get it over with?
  • Yeah, they were starting to get better with the whole "dead" thing and now this article. If only they could just report the news without the "commentary" that would really be refreshing (and much more professional)!
  • "Dead, dead, dead" makes me just want to stop reading the articles here. Just say "final development build" and "no future enhancements". The lack of vocabulary mastery in reporting is starting to make me want to seek out other news sites, and this is the one i check daily. Such a shame
  • In the beginning I'm pretty sure they used that type of terminology more but then every article people are like, "but what about WM?" and it's been easier/simpler just saying it's dead. I don't mind that terminology personally.
  • There isn't anything wrong with saying its dead, but there isn't the need for constant snarkiness aimed at people choosing to remain on this platform. It seems to be coming from everyone except for Jason Ward at this point.
  • For the most part it is, practically no new hardware coming. What will the Lumia 950 owners upgrade to?
  • The Surface not-Phone of course.
  • Are they ready to buy a $1500 "phone" that still requires a laptop?
  • So are you saying this Lumia phone I'm on really won't be working by the end or the year ?
  • I'd rather say that support will be discontinued by the end of next year. This does not mean your phone will magically stop functioning, just that there will be no support anymore. Not that that 'no support' thing is much of a difference to what the state of affairs are now.
  • Support has already been dropped. Some app updates are the best you can hope for.
  • Wrong as usual.
    Do you ever get anything right?
  • "Security" updates are pointless. No one is going to be targeting Windows 10 Mobile. That isn't "support".
  • All the more reason to keep using my Lumia!
  • I am sure you aren't using Windows PCs then. They are the most targeted devices.
  • I've already got all the apps I need on this phone. Don't care about snapcrap and that other stuff.
  • If you ok with an inferior experience, even in the apps you do use, that is your choice. I think it would suck being limited to Microsoft's poor platform. The smartphone is becoming the hub of our world. Everything from your car to your house is being controlled from your phone.
  • Well as long as this phone works I'll keep right on trucking. I've seen some others on Ebay, tempting to buy a spare before it's too late and I get stuck on iDread.
  • I use ld to visit this site more for wm10 news but lately don't bother. The attitude has gone down hill and alienates users. WC are now in the same league as mspoweruser!
  • Grazy1982.  that is because THERE IS NO MORE WINDOWS 10 MOBILE.  goddamnit fanboys.  wake up!
  • My attitude towards Windows 10 Mobile is an expression of annoyance with Microsoft rather than the community. The way Microsoft has treated Windows 10 Mobile and its fans is something I won't soon forget or forgive!
  • Me either Jez.   I spent alot of money and time moving to windows mobile/phone.   Only to be abandoned by MS.  At least with apple,  you KNOW you are getting support, future proof, devices.   Iphones are supported for 5 years with full OS updates, and therefore APP support.   As far as I am concerned the surface phone,  that's not a phone, but really is a phone is going to flop.  They will sell less than Essential sold the PH-1.   It's not going to take over the world like the fanboys here think,  it's not going to create a new "catagory" of device,  since it's essentially rehashing something already tried.   Everyone in the world are not going to just jump up and go,  My phone is crap gimme that!.   Sorry.   NOT HAPPENING!   What will happen is they will sell a few of them to fanboys and then cancel the entire project.   Keep on truckin with Win32 windows 10 and drop the rest for good.  That's whats going to happen.  Even Dell gets it since they are shying away from WoA devices since they got bit last time with RT.   Good move on Dell.   Smart leadership there,  If in a couple of years "IF" WoA does indeed survive Nadellas schizophrenic personality disorder he has,  then develop something.   Until then RUN FAR FAR AWAY.
  • Your post reflects my exact sentiments in regards to my 830. It does everything I need a smartphone to do and much more to boot. I don't have money to waste so that other people can look at what phone I have and wish it were their own. I personally don't care what other people think. I use what works for me, always have and always will.
  • It's not even about the money for me. I simply don't wanna give up my W10 phone experience.
  • Same here ;)
  • Omg.. You are in my mind friend... Every article same story: Dead dead dead dead dead dead... If WC want so much us to change our windows phone to an iPhone or an android, so give us back 500€ that we spend for Lumia 950xl or buy us a new android or iPhone.... Otherwise stop writing like an idiots. Do you ever think that we spend our money to buy the best MS phone and we haven't Kardashian's money ?
  • Well said, and for me it's not money that's keeping me from buying something else. I just hate Android and iOS. And more importantly by principle I am not buying a new phone within two years.
  • And that principle my friend, is long lost from Android and iOS users. I don't know what makes them throw away an absolutely good condition phone within a year.
  • Actually, I could afford a new phone. Not easily, but I could. But why would I, when my 650 is still kicking along? :D Actually, I even tried to switch to android, but the crappy UI, the endless process of disabling google services that I don't use or need, but mostly, the lack of UWP apps turned me away. I love setting up an alarm on my 2in1 or PC and have it sync to my phone. I also love being able to access all my podcast feeds, and resume playing on any of my devices any time without doing anything (phone, PC, Xbox etc...). I also love how all my photos are just there on all my devices in the photos app, thanks to OneDrive. And I also love, that all the options are at the same place on all of my devices in my apps. And yeah, using a YouTube app without ads and with a download feature, and not paying a ridiculous subscription fee every month is also cool. And the list goes on and on :D I don't care about all the android apps, because I still can do everything on my WP, and it works together with my Windows PCs and Xbox seamlessly.
  • It is 2018. Windows phones do not integrate any better with Windows PCs and now that it is dead, integration will decrease. UWP apps are few and far between and Microsoft hasn't been putting any effort into them. Android now integrates better with Windows and that gap is only going to get wider.
  • They know it's a good way to get us to leave comments. Clicks, views, interactions. That's the goal so they can charge advertisers. They use our passion for this platform to ignite the comments section. Anyway.. New photo app updates look like crap on my phone but will be amazing on my Andromeda! 😁
  •  Not all about money, I actually choose to use windows mobile lol, my work iPhone pisses me off, actually surprised I need to reboot iPhone every so often to clear things up!  More 'normal' than I thought!
  • If there are no iOS required apps for you to run to be able to work, consider getting a Dual Sim Windows Phone. You would no longer need to carry around dead weight.
  • How do you know that apps he needs for work?
  • You do understand the phrasing of "If there are no...", right? I was not at all implying that i know.
  • Leave it to him, he's not the sharpest knife in the drawer :D He has proven it over the years :D
  • Buying a Windows phone for work is the biggest mistake. The chances that it has the apps you need are slim to none and you almost certainly won't have the new app you need next month. The app gap is a much bigger deal when you need them for work. Windows phone isn't an option for work, especially now that even Microsoft isn't going to be building their own apps for it.
  • The App Gap is what killed Windows Phone/Mobile.  Nothing else,  Not marketing,  not crappy devices,  APPS!   Simple.  If I could have every app I have on my iphone on my 1020,  I would still be using it with ported 10M.   Best device ever,  ruined by No vision, no follow through!
  • my theory is that author is  trying to clickbait and try to get a emotional response.  but well said @sholokov.  I like Microsoft still updating and testing a few things.  
  • WC journalist have to eat too.
  • "But why?"
    What a silly question!! (No offense)
    UWP means you have an app with all the features and you add as much of these features as you can to every device if it can handle the feature.
    This update means that they apparently could get these features to work on mobile.
    They added the features because: why not??
  • Broke on my 650 stuttering all the time
  • Do you recommend against installing the update??
    Is it unstable??
  • If you turn on battery saver the lag will disappear
  • Oh man I totally didn’t believe you but after doing that it’s smooth as butter on 650. I guess it’s because battery saver kills all background processes and the 650 has an aweful processor...anyway thanks a lot!
  • change DPI / or you can turn on battery saver
  • Can see a light in the future of windows phone / andromeda device..
  • Wow that UI looks really awful.
  • Surprised They gave any love at all. Better than nothing
  • I left fast ring on Mobile to release preview
  • Wait, so if the Mobile Fast ring has updated apps, then it's not dead.
  • Microsoft actually never said the insider program for mobile was ending or has ended. WC reached that "conclusion" on their own in response to a tweet from Microsoft's Brandon LeBlanc that simply said no new mobile insider builds were coming. That tweet was in response to a "what about mobile" question after they released the new PC build. Clearly the program is still alive based on this article contrary to WC's previous proclamation of its end. App updates are continuing and serve as evidence that WC reached the wrong conclusion and the program is indeed continuing. I think WC should correct their mistake and issue a correction or retraction.
  • Wrong. Microsoft told us the Insider Program had come to an end for Mobile. We were talking about Insider Preview builds. Not app updates. Even so, we have it on good authority that this Photos app for Mobile was rolled out as a mistake. Microsoft is no longer focused on Mobile.
  • Then why is the pushed update a slimed down version of the pc photos app? And the targeted devices in the appxmanifest file of the app is not for desktop? It was clearly not made for PCs. The arm version of the pc app is 100+mb compared to this which is 18mb
  • Then why is the pushed update a slimed down version of the pc photos app? And the targeted devices in the appxmanifest file of the app is not for desktop? It was clearly not made for PCs. The arm version of the pc app is 100+mb compared to this which is 18mb
  • Then why is the pushed update a slimed down version of the pc photos app? And the targeted devices in the appxmanifest file of the app is not for desktop? It was clearly not made for PCs. The arm version of the pc app is 100+mb compared to this which is 18mb
  • Then why is the pushed update a slimed down version of the pc photos app? And the targeted devices in the appxmanifest file of the app is not for desktop? It was clearly not made for PCs. The arm version of the pc app is 100+mb compared to this which is 18mb
  • Zac, I went back and reread your article claiming the insider program ending for Mobile and nowhere does it say Microsoft said so. All they said was that no more new builds were coming; that's far from confirmation that the entire program itself has ended. Do you have another unreported source at Microsoft that has stated officially that the program has ended? You also admit that you were not talking about app updates, but aren't app updates a part of the insiders program too? When I belonged to the program on Mobile I received the occasional app update for testing before general release. Has there been any confirmation from Microsoft that app updates are being discontinued? You also claim you have it on good authority (an unnamed Microsoft unofficial source perhaps?) that this update was sent out by mistake; unfortunately the article doesn't say that, only that "it's possible." Your response only further suggests speculation about the state of the program in the absence of official confirmation. Finally, I think we all fully understand by now that Microsoft is not focusing on Mobile based on Joe Belfiore's tweets, but that doesn't mean that Mobile has been completely abandoned. Only when updating of the OS and Mobile apps stops will that be the case.
  • I'm still on W10M and will be until my phone die. I see no reason to switch, especially on such a buggy-laggy-virus-ads garbage bin 🚮 as Android is....
  • I understand the sentiment. I have a perfectly working Lumia 950 XL and I switched to Android for one reason and one reason only. Windows 10 Mobile does not have the Uber Driver app. If it did, I would still be using it. I just couldn't continue to pay for additional phone service, just to drive for Uber. I tried it for a few months, but my refusal to let go of my beloved 950XL just didn't make sense financially. With that said, I ended going with the Note 8 and it's a great phone. From my experience, the Android OS is far from laggy. As for adds, yeah, that can be a bit annoying. However, that's how devs get payed for their free apps. I get it, I wish I could continue to use my Lumia. But, all isn't doom and gloom on Android... I say this with a heavy heart.
  • Isn't Uber evil? I really don't know.
  • I think they will rename the site, from windows central to something else since they have been pushing android and ios on us. I guess they are missing the point, we are not stupid, if we want to know about android and ios, we know where to go, we don't need your help with that. Windows central, Windows news please.
  • Not only that!... My Lumia 640 got an update last week:  2018-01 for ARM mobile devices, or something like that. And I guess, Microsoft Edge is more stable and apps are not closing all of a sudden after that update. Thank you guys at Microsoft that are still supporting our Windows 10 mobiles. <3
  • Now, if they would only release the Photos app for Android.
  • Amen to that, the Gallery on Android is horrible. It makes accessing pictures a nightmare since it puts EVERY picture file (including those for the OS) in one long list. Smfh
  • "Gallery" is specific to your phone, it isn't the same on all Android phones. Use Google Photos or another app if you don't like the stock photo app on your phone.
  • Just FYI, I was looking through my One Drive app for a file and realized that it has a decent photo app built in. Now, it's not as feature rich as the one on Windows 10 Mobile, but it is a better option to view photos on Android. It syncs all photos taken on the phone and One Drive can be password protected. Now, if they add the same features to One Drives photo section, I would be fine with having this option.
  • I'm so happy we are still getting updates. Just got a Lumia 550 and I am planning on using it until it doesn't work anymore. 😎
  • This website is becoming a horrible joke. Windows-sell-me-an-iPhone-or-Android-Central. We are not visiting your website to read about those platforms, there are plenty of websites out there that actually have expertise about those. Stop mocking on window mobile users already. I'm not buying a new phone just because Microsoft ****** up. This thing still works fine.
  • Here, here, Windows Central is my "go to" for Windows Phone information however I am getting tired of the negativity. Us users rely on sites like this to keep the pressure on Microsoft to look after those of us who continue to be loyal users. Please remember your reader base when you write your various articles!!
  • Windows phones are dead. There is nothing wrong with them posting about phones that work with Windows.
  • Re: aka "bleached",
    Dead? Respectively, I wonder what is the purpose of promoting ignorance of the language? If an object or person, still works, is alive, at all, they are not dead. Obviously. Typically, I think such total riduculas exaggerations, "figures of speech", are trying to serve a selfish interest or I suppose it could be just ignorance of the language. Thanks for reading. "I might be unhealthy, but I'm not dead.".
  • RT is ALIVE AND WELL then!  RT and windows 10 mobile are one and the same now.  BOTH ARE DEAD.   Yep you can still use them,  but there is nothing moving forward!
  • How do you define dead? Last time I checked, Microsoft is still providing security Updates for W10M.
  • Dead means no more hardware and no more new software features. Security updates do not imply "life" to a platform. Sorry to say.
  • To quote Yoda - "That is why you fail" :) The IT community would strongly disagree with your definition, as would Microsoft themselves and all users of Windows 7 Service Pack 1, Windows 8.1, and older versions of Windows 10 for PC, all of which are still supported by Microsoft, either mainstream or extended. To resort to an analogy: the patient on life support is still technically alive, wouldn't you agree?
  • Not if there is no brain activity.
  • 😁 👍 Good one!
  • Security updates are still support. Apps for phone getting updated is support. Dead is when it no longer functions. Dead is just the wrong word to use in this case. There has also been 5 or 6 new apps added but no talk about that.
  • Security updates for a platform that doesn't need them isn't really support. The last thing Windows phone needs is security updates. It needs apps, features, services and even hardware before "security" would ever be an issue. If that is your definition of "alive" for a mobile platform, your standards are really low.
  • Zac Buddy,  No need to try to use LOGIC here my friend.   
  • The platform is not dead until there's a single W10M user with a device fully capable of running it. It's what he wants not what he's taught to not want it because of the current trend or standards.
  • A family member uses Instagram and they just came to me wondering why in the Photo app the Share button no longer works. Sure enough. It does not work on the 640XL and I tried it on my 950. SHARE button DEAD. The work around (to post a photo on Instagram) I tried using the OneDrive app, select picture, Share, Instagram. That works.
  • I can't edit my post above so I've pasted it again with edits related to my findings: A family member uses Instagram and they just came to me wondering why in the Photo app the Share button no longer works. Sure enough. It does not work on the 640XL and I tried it on my 950. SHARE button DEAD. The work around (to post a photo on Instagram) I tried using the OneDrive app, select picture, Share, Instagram. That works.
    Reboot my 950 phone. Now Share works.
    Reboot family member 640XL. Share button is still not functioning. I believe the 640XL is off the list of supported phones for latest build.
  • It worked on my L650 just three days ago.
  • Yep, has changed alright, but a little boggy. See what happens, but this looks like preparation for Andromeda.
  • may want to change your DPI. work good so far on mine
  • Has changed on my X3, not on my 640xl, thank god. And on my 950xl, 950 it has changed to p.c format. If it has been done on purpose as opposed to a mistake it's half baked at this stage. ☹😎
  • Got it, nice one.
  • I really could use the "straighten" function available on desktop. Filters, basic color and brightness adjustments are welcome too. I hope they make this official!
  • Well the app itself will no doubt run on Andromeda devices.
  • Like
  • Thanks Microsoft!
  • Of course I am still using it! I'm using my 950XL until Windows 10 has a SIM or an eSIM.
  • crop & rotate problem,others smart.
  • I love my Lumia/w10m. But the caption of this article reflect 'negativity' about w10m.
  • Smart move Microsoft! Hopefully they pay attention to the feedback and get it running smoothly. I always wanted the extra features on mobile!👌
  • Why they bring this feature after sun set of this os
  • when this update will eventually roll out for public? Is it compatible for  nokia lumia 735 ( phone without Creators Update )and will we get all the editing  features  which are on pc? 
  • Why would this be an error? With Surface Phone coming, these apps need to work on this and Windows on Arm.
  • It doesn't have to be a mistake.
    Any app updates on Win10 Mobile will benefit Win10 ARM
  • It is looking like they will not be running the same apps. "Universal" only in name, not in practice. Why else would Microsoft not be putting a ton of effort into W10M apps?
  • Miss windows phone
  • I hope this isn't the only update that gets pushed out and hopefully it makes it to all users too as it will benefit them in the long run.
  • hmm, I didn`t seem to get this update on myL650 insider fast?
  • Windows Central should update their WM10 app. It freezes like a *******. I rarely read it anymore because of this annoyance.
  • Delete cache. Works again.
  • They should make Apprograms.
  • Dead balala. The only thing dead is the inspiration here to start an article regarding WP different for once.... jeez
  • Well its nice to see all the extra features. The app is totally unusable mind but hey! Sharing button doesn't work; can't edit pics in other apps (just crashes); editing pictures using the in built tool is impossible (the editor window takes up all the screen space leaving such a tiny preview of the actual image you cannot possibly see what changes you are making; the edit menu doesn't work in portrait (only landscape). Basically I cannot now do 95% of the tasks I used to be able to or indeed should be able to do. Hoping there is a fix v v v v v v quickly
  • Because your fatalistic half quack 🦆 speculative quasi-journalism didn't kill windows 10 mobile 📱 completely. That is why!
  • Why just put program store on Microsoft Store on Windows Phone/Mobile and computer? Just like apps but it's programs on Windows 10 computer.
  • It's call Apprograms.
  • An update for the Photos app (2018.18011.13532.0) rolled out today. It reverts back to the original app format. While I liked the new layout and features of 13438, the app was VERY unstable with bugs in the Edit feature and Album display (portrait mode). I was hoping today's update was to fix those issues. Unfortunately not.
  • Sane here. The new ago looked good, but I'm glad i can actually use my pics again now!