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Photos of Smartphone Beta Test advertising on New York subway

Nokia has been a relatively busy bee when it comes to promotion, especially when you consider the scale of their global campaign. We've now got some photos of the advertising madness in action at New York subway stations and the promotion material appears to be everywhere. The Smartphone Beta Test is being slapped on walls, pillars and even staircases with the recently launched AT&T Lumia 900 by its side.

As well as this advertising push, we've also had a live performance by Nicki Minaj take over Times Square and the Lumia 710 launch by T-Mobile - you can safely say it has been a blast thus far. We've seen Nokia also take the "Amazing Everyday" to Madrid's Estación de Ópera, a fairly popular train hub in Spain, as well as handing out cupcakes in Belgium.

Taking a look at the photos below (as well as the remaining shots in the SkyDrive album) we can see that the advertising material is certainly eye-catchy and is perfect for those tired travellers who would give anything for their eyes to feast on some colours.

Check out the rest of the photos on Kamal's SkyDrive. Thanks Travis for the heads up!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • An army of Lumia's is fast approaching. I for one welcome our new supreme smart phone overlords!
    Its almost like subliminal messaging! Joking aside, Nokia have done a great job on promotion, their budget must be endless!
  • The beta  test is not over till I  get my windows phone 8 upgrade. :)
  • Actually it's not over until I replace my hd7 with a Pureview Apollo device.
  • And yet still nothing in Canada. I walked into a Rogers store and didn't see the 900 anywhere. When I asked about it the sales rep said he would grab it from the back. He came out with a static display model.
  • I did see real Lumia 800s and 900s on display in a Super Store kiosk earlier this week. I asked if they were selling and he said "we have sold a few". It's a start because before the Lumias you would be hard-pressed to find evidence of WP being sold anywhere in Canada.
  • I actually sold a Superstore kiosk rep on a TELUS 800! It will be replacing his iPhone 4. (could be a 4s-I didn't ask)
  • This is an incredibly ill-conceived advertising campaign. The Smartphone beta test is over? Really guys? Spend more time showing off your products instead of trying to denigrate others...While slowly going out of business.
  • Whats with the hate? Do you expect Nokia to release adds on phone features in a subway station that would just piss people off.
    Nokia will show off the Lumia over time. They aren't going to flood their entire marketing campain right away look they have the Galaxy S3, HTC One X, iPhone 5 to compete against soon.
    Every month they should release new adds debuting the features but during the first couple of weeks after launch they should just try to obtain as much mindshare as possible get people to realize "HEY Nokia is back with a beautiful phone at a affordable price" and right now they are doing just that.
  • Don't hate congratulate...Nokia is doing what it has to do. As long as they are selling the 900 I'm fine with it. Same people don't complain when McDonald's and Burger King go at it.
  • looks like someone was personally affected by this ad..
  • I got $10 that says you're a Linuxboy:)
  • LOL at you.
  • Nevermind the fact that the Lumia still appears to be something of a beta test itself.. 
  • No phones release without problems. Atleast Nokia has minor bugs for a launch this big and they addressed it with 100$ credit and firmware updates.
  • They'd have to pay me more than 100 bucks to get a smartphone with a camera that terrible. 
  • I'd hate to see your kind with a Lumia... Get a dslr and a Nokia Navigator and you'll be well off;)
  • so you dont have a lumia 900 and you talk crap about it? go away troll. you dont even know the phone or camara quality or anything,
  • The data connectivity was not a minor bug, it was a Sev 1 show stopper! Not to mention the purple screens, the camera button not waking from sleep and millions of other things. 
  • Is your glass always half empty?
  • Love the beta test campaign. I keep ribbing friends with their iPhones how their test phones are doing. The Lumia is an undeniably beautiful design.
  • Exactly... Its fun:)
  • iPhone just looks so old... Seriously, more and more it looks like its design is 20 yo or something, it's boring.
  • Some of those are really funny lol.  Scroll through his skydrive album.  Its worth it.
  • Went through his skydrive, holy crap.. Those ads are awesome. Looks like operation rolling thunder is underway.
  • Many thanks to the owner of Kamal's Skydrive :) Love the photos!
  • "We are not saying your current smartphone is an unfinished testproduct.
    We are writing it."
    i lol'd.
  • I do like this campaign a lot and I'm a massive fan of WP7. My family is still rocking our original Focus phones. I can't help feel that this tagline would have been better used for WP8 though. In my opinion the whole WP7 product has been one very careful (and well executed) beta experience for MS leading up to WP8. It has given them a chance to rollout market places to many countries in a staggered format, monitor and upgrade their server infrastructures, continue development cycles through their controlled update program, and complete a steady and phased rollout across the globe. This, I am sure, is all considered beta for the release of WP8. Product launches like these have a strategic plan and rollout plan that spans years. That is why MS will ultimately succeed with this new mobile OS. To launch with a full onslaught of a new product without having the opportunity to slowly and steadily build infrastructure would have been foolhardy.
  • Here, take all my internets, you've earned it.
  • Lol.....
  • Agree but I do think the beta test was over when mango hit. WP8 is beyond any smartphone integration capability today. So in that sense WP8 is a whole new upgrade.
  • I concur. Very well put, btw.
  • lol , just lol....
  • Not to put down the advertisement or anything, but I do find myself cringing a bit when these commercials come on and they talk about the camera. Granted, I don't have a Lumia 900. So its just going by the many complaints I hear on these comment sections.
  • Well it also makes me cringe somewhat when I see an iPad commercial that glorifies that new screen, but doesn't mention that it fries your testicles if you keep it on your lap... Or a commercial for an Android phone that is still using Gingerbread.... There are equal or worse examples out there, just sucks cause WP7 doesn't yet have the incredible rep that Apple and Google currently have (although the latter has been taking some heat lately hah).
  • I haven't walked into Rogers yet but I went to wireless wave and saw it. My only complaint is that they should not have the black model as a display dummy unit. The cyan should be the poster child. What happened to that talk about all phones being black and grey. Nokia needs to check themselves in that regard. Stand out and don't blend in.
  • I think Rogers only carries the black version at the moment. It's too bad really.
  • I think they are either not aware of its campaign or just couldn't care less what colour should be on display. Their problem, not Nokia's.
    At least at the Nokia store from where I'm from (Malaysia), they have a black Lumia 800 demo unit on the counter for people to try it out and the units with different colours (blue, black, red and white) in the glass case.