Pick up free albums from Nick Jonas, The Pretty Reckless, and more on the Windows Store

As it has done in over the past couple of weeks, Microsoft is once again offering up some free albums on the Windows Store (opens in new tab). This week, you can pick up a total of 7 albums from the likes of Nick Jonas, Yg, and The Pretty Reckless for absolutely free.

Here's a look at the albums that are up for grabs:

In previous weeks, these albums were intended for U.S. users only, but that restriction could be bypassed by manually switching to the U.S. Windows Store. Keep in mind that these albums are only scheduled to remain free through today, December 15, so snag what you want while you can!

See at the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

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  • The j balvin link does not show it as free
  • None of them show as free for me
  • VPN solves the problem. I live in Europe and grab the interesting albums for free. :)
  • Thank you! You reminded me of Opera's built in VPN and it worked. :P
  • Thanks, forgot about that option, it worked :)
  • Me neither - I'm in the UK but always use the US store. I was able to download all the last 2 weeks' free albums but non of todays are showing as Free for me. Oh well, it was good while it lasted!
  • VPNme.me is very useful :)
  • Garbage.
  • maybe I'm getting too old, I don't recognize any of the names... I was going to ask if any of them were any good, but I guess you already answered my question  lol
  • Free? Ha. You'd have to PAY ME to listen to any of that 'music'.
  • Exactly! haha
  • Yay free stuff!
  • Let me guess.... US only??
  • You're not missing anything...they would have to pay me to listen to some of this stuff.
  • I have very specific preferences.  Sadly, none of the above artists fit. I don't generally find current pop music to be appealing.  Now, throw some contemporary jazz in the mix, I'd be interested.
  • Well, 2 for sure aren't pop....
  • Okay, I over-generalize.  They AREN'T jazz or contemporary Christian, for example.
  • Is there even any Jazz on the windows music store?
  • How sad, they should have gotten your approval before making these available for free. Your tastes and listening style are all that matter, and by them not asking for your approval first, they have shown how much of a fail Microsoft has become. Please, please make sure they know that their actions of not contacting you personally for your opinion will no longer be tolerated and we will abandon Microsoft in droves until they include you in every decision that is made in that company.
  • You need to have a groove subscription for it to bee free.
  • I don't have a groove subscription and was able to download for free.
  • How?
  • The direct links in the article take you to the album where it gives the option to purchase the album or Listen for free +. The + indicated that a Groove pass is required. The button to purchase currently shows that the price is "Free." I also searched for Nick Jonas in the Store on my Windows phone. The album on this offer shows the price as "$11.99 Free" (the dollar amound should have a strikethrough, but that formatting tag doesn't seem to be working once the comment is posted). The "Free" price may depend on your location. I'm in the US.
  • Worked for Canada
  • I dont have groove and I just got them all for free.
  • False....
  • Thanks for clarifying something the article didn't.
  • I have a Groove subscription. It's pretty useless to me.  I have our entire music collection on OneDrive (roughly 250GB worth at the moment), which is how we primarily access it. Some stays on our phones (we live in an area where wifi is not generally available outside of the home and data costs are very prohibitive) while we stream the rest.  We purchase music we want, period.
  • No Jazz. /sigh
  • I feel you. One would hope with this being a US exclusive, Microsoft would also honor the original American genre of Jazz. Plenty of great Jazz albums to choose from in the store, but never promoted. Sad that is.
  • They had that last year.
  • None of these artists are worth downloading.  Great job MS!!
  • I downloaded The Pretty Reckless. I liked their first album enough to check this one out for free.
  • Outside US? Use browser Vpn extension and you can get them. I did. J Balvin is good. :)
  • Glad I clicked on the story. Love me some 5FDP!
  • those albums aren't free I've tried a few links was fine with prior to these but tory lanez album link did work to the point of a blank options
  • Only interested in 5 Finger Death Punch. They have had good songs in the past.
  • I appreciate the free offerings, but sadly these artists are not something I would listen to even for free.
  • I must be old. None of that looks like it is worth clicking.
  • A bunch of geezers in here complaining about free stuff. Man you are some sad individuals.
  • I love Five Fingers Death Punch!!!! Pretty Recklles is good. I downloaded the two albuns!!!! \o/ \m/
  • Subscribe to Groove Music?😅
  • Tory lanez album is the clean edit...yeah no thanks guys.