PicsArt for Windows 10 gets a big design revamp, all clipart packages are free until June 30

The popular photo editing app PicsArt for Windows 10 on PC and Mobile has received a major update, including a design revamp and much more.


In addition to the new version, all of the clipart packages available for PicsArt are free to download for Windows 10 users until June 30.


Microsoft's blog post goes over some of the new features in PicsArt:

When first opening PicsArt, you will see the new Explore page where there's a constantly updated feed of inspiring image cards highlighting the latest creative trends happening in the PicsArt community, creative tutorials and more. Following that are the powerful editing tools of Picsart that enable you to transform your photos into works of art and share them online. Scroll down to find each section of your Explore page is filled with inspiring images, featured galleries, notable artists to follow and more.Across the top are the four main elements of the PicsArt experience including, My Network, Explore, Contests and your very own PicsArt Profile. We've also improved search to make it easier to find and follow specific hashtags and artists.

The app's profile page has also been revamped to show users their photos, followers, the people on PicsArt they are following and more. In addition, the app's My Network page now shows a constantly updated stream of images from each of the people that a user follows.

QR: PicsArt

John Callaham
  • PicsArt has showed an awesome Win10 support!!
    Hope more apps + services with the anniversary update!!
  • It's really the speed improvement that impressed me.  I always used this to blur images for my background.  The images are 1440x2560 since I'm using the lumia 950xl.  IT always took soo long to load, apply settings and then save.  Now it's almost instant.  That's a huge changed in my opinoin.  Now I can do images quickly without losing my patience.
  • I always liked this app, but the UWP redesign is just great.
  • Could you please tell me if downloading the PAID add ons (clipart packages) would be linked to our MSFT account. In case it's ever req to Hard reset my Lumia, will we get them back ?? :)  Thanks. 
  • I LOVE this app, I use it frequently
  • Don't need all of the clipart packages....but its free so downloading one-by-one!
  • This is nice.. But we need UWP and a redesign of 'Fantasia Painter' ASAP!!
  • Go on, contact the developers :) Posted via the Windows Central App for Andr... err... what?
  • Thank for the support! We've got the Windows Phone 10 redesign coming out end of this week. With some cool features that as far as I know are neither on Android nor Windows Phone yet - 3D objects! And lots of memory optimizations, QHD support for higher end phones. :) UWP will come after Android, Android is coming in a couple of months. 
  • Wow for a dying platform apps are really trooping into the windows store
  • love this app my one go to editor. Now i am ust waiting for them to add a squaring option for pictures
  • Amazing App
  • This is cool. A future upgrade could sync installs of clip art and fonts between the PC app and the mobile app. That makes me wonder if paid ones have to be purchased separately in each app. There are some fonts that aren't part of the free deal that I want, but I don't want to pay twice.
  • Yeah, that's what I was about to ask. I'll check and confirm
  • Same doubt here.  "  Could you please tell me if downloading the PAID add ons (clipart packages) would be linked to our MSFT account. In case it's ever req to Hard reset my Lumia, will we get them back ?? :)  Thanks. "
  • This is great. I hope they come out with some new clipart packages later as getting some of these freebies will have me using the app and I'd love to support these devs.