Piezoelectric, a Windows Phone platformer game with potential

Piezoelectric is a fairly straight forward platform game for our Windows Phone.  You guide your player through a maze of platforms, dodging various dangers and fatal falls to find the exit that will take you to the next level.  

Graphics are simple, game play a little frustrating but the game has potential.Piezoelectric.  The game just needs a little fine tuning.

The main menu for Piezoelectric has options to start the game, select a completed level to re-play and view the credits. You do have a mute button in the upper right corner but no help section.

Piezoelectric Menu

The game screen for Piezoelectric has your movement arrows in the lower left corner and a jump button in the bottom right corner. While the graphics are rather basic (maybe retro) they do grow on you a little. I did find the orientation of the directional buttons did get in the way a little but you learn to curve your finger a little so you can see where you're player is.

The jump button will allow you triple jumps for extra height (just triple tap the button) and you'll need the extra hang time. The jumps vary from those with a very narrow landing pad to those where the landing pad will take some effort to reach.

Piezoelectric Game Screen

Gaming controls were decent but at times your player would be on their last step on a platform but the jump button wouldn't register.  It was really hard to judge the jumps resulting in your player falling to their death.  I found myself inching my way to the edge of a platform to make the jump, which really hampered any hopes of a more fluid game play.  Luckily, you have infinite lives with Piezoelectric but how many lives it takes to complete a level is factored into your final score.

Piezoelectric has potential but the controls needs a little tuning to provide more accurate jumps. It's a challenging game but when you're constantly over jumping platforms, it can get a little frustrating.  

All in all, Piezoelectric has taken a nice first step and could be a fun game to pass the time with. It is a free game for either Windows Phone 8 or 7.x devices and you can find Piezoelectric here in the (opens in new tab) Windows Phone Store.

QR: Piezoelectric

George Ponder

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  • First. :P
  • Here let me send you a medal to show your outstanding achievement.
  • Second
  • Those red graphics are going to hurt our eyes for sure. Pleasant colors and I would have at least given this a try. Platformers should look pleasant, like Rayman Jungle Run. Best game on WP
  • The developer of Piezoelectric is a friend of mine. All feedback is welcome for the game. It was almost an abandoned project, as it was started long ago, however I helped persuade him to continue developing the game so others could have a shot at trying it out. Yes, the controls are somewhat imperfect, the game may not have the most astounding, AAA graphics behind it, and there are no hints or tutorials but in perspective, the game is exactly what it set out to be - a really fun, pet project developed for the express purpose of having fun playing it. It's worth giving a chance and you may get over the red background with time. The music can help you concentrate on jumping. By the way, when you press the jump button is explicitly limiting to the distance and height you may acheive. It varies and getting the combination just right is often the challenge. By the way, the game has hidden cheats. They're hidden in plain sight, so have fun looking for those while you're at it. ;) Also, the level names can be hints in and of themselves, so keep this in mind while leveling up.
  • I wish someone tweets developer of minion rush to port the game on WP! We would not mind even if it is paid,right?
  • When will someone port Tentacles to 8. Sooo miss that game.
  • Also, thanks WPCentral for your coverage of Piezoelectric! There have been over 1500 people globally in the past month who have picked up their phones and played Piezo and it is an honor to see official coverage of this game on the site I visit most often! Last check showed Piezoelectric at the #16 spot on new+rising Platformer games on Windows Phone. Not bad at all!