RPG fans are in for a treat later this year, as Pillars of Eternity will make its way to Xbox One and PS4. The previously PC-only game will hit consoles on August 29 as Pillars of Eternity: Complete Edition (via Kotaku).

Pillars of Eternity started life as a Kickstarter project from Obsidian Entertainment, and carries a classic look and isometric view reminiscent of games like Baldur's Gate. The console version has been appropriately revamped with TV-friendly menus and a control scheme suitable for console controllers.

As the Complete Edition designation suggests, the console release will also include all of the DLC content that has been released for the PC version already.

If you're a fan of other epic RPG adventures that recently hit consoles, like Divinity: Original Sin, then Pillars of Eternity might be worth looking into. The game won't hit streets until August 29, but you can preorder on the Xbox Store now.

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