Pimp My Band 1.2 gets custom color option for your Microsoft Band

Last Friday, we featured the brand new app Pimp My Band on Windows Central. The app is the first of its kind, letting users who are lucky enough to own a Microsoft Band to customize the Me tile background.

Today, version 1.2 is live in the Store, and it brings a new feature: custom color palettes.

Now, after you choose a photo for your background, you have the option of picking the color of the Microsoft Band accent color. The three choices for the colors are:

  • Match picture dominant
  • Maintain Band color
  • Custom

Picture dominant grabs the most prevalent color in your photo and uses that for the Band. This option is certainly the best choice for most users. However, you can also keep it as is or, go for some contrast and pick your own through a gradient picker. We just tried it using an image from Windows Central and found it to be working as expected.

If you have not seen the Pimp My Band app in action, make sure to watch our hands-on video above. Otherwise go to the Store and grab this must-have app (also check out the excellent Band Sensor Monitor!)

Find more ideas in our Microsoft Band Forums, including this cool Star Wars one posted by user astell!

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Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been here covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics and ran the projectors at movie theaters, which has done absolutely nothing for his career.

  • Cool bring the band to Canada :)
  • Bring it to us in the US first lol we still barely have it
  • Yes do that too lol
  • For those living in or near CT, go grab them now at any of the two stores.
  • You've had some, it's someone else's turn :P
  • Now widely available in MS retail stores, I'd you have one nearby
  • Worldwide release?
  • I want a Band just for this.
  • Grande Fela Ameghino! Da Chiavari con furore, ITALIA
  • Olimex what is that fela ameghino? Doesnt mean anything to me! Saluti da roma!
  • Fela Ameghino is the developer of this App...
  • Bravo bomber, sono felice di non essere l'unico italiano qui! Qui la gente è dagli USA o indiani che chiedono quando arriverà sul mercato la roba da loro ahahaha
  • É PIENO di Italiani, il 14% del mercato wp ce l abbiamo solo noi :)
    W Fela, W wpcentral !!!
  • Really liking this developer for so quickly supporting the Band. Very quick update as well. Looking forward to more.
    I also really love the Star Wars pic. :)
  • Was going to say the same thing. Love that picture too.
  • I would have gotten a band but the battery life is too short when training or participating in a marathon.
  • Ya. Waiting for v2 or another OEM to make something with the SDK.
  • Weird. Mine lasts all day and than some. And it charges in an hour.
  • Really? It lasts like 2 days. You must have a very rigorous training schedule \ run multi day marathons.
  • Doesn't the band last for 5 hours with the gps running?!
    You need to run quicker :)
  • Haha!
    That's a major incentive right there :P.
  • Question: We know the resolution of the screen but do we know the file size of the stock wallpapers? And does Pimp My Band reduce images to that file size? I want to be certain this will not tax the Band and cause issues.
  • There are no issues, AFAIK, reported with this app or side effects.
  • No issues reported with the App, here or elsewhere. The Deb is really moving fast. This update included two features asked for over on microsoftproductreviews.com just 48 hrs ago, plus a couple more. Really solid work by this Dev!
  • I wish they would stock more bands. Finally make a good product bur can't make enough. Cool band option
  • seems faster
  • Seams smaller.
  • I love this app! While I liked the original, it was a 2-step process if you wanted to adjust the color of the tiles to compliment the photo. First select the limited colors from the Health App, then add a photo. This solves that problem and more. I love choices!
  • We need it in France !!!!
  • Yes you do.
  • EBay ;)
  • Good app. Really enjoy its utility.
  • This is a nice feature. Now if all my notifications would come through!
  • I Got mine in Italy! It took almost 20 days thank to customs... Now it looks like i Will force myself to wait till xmas night to enjoy it... It Will be my personal gift to ...myself! I bet there are not so many Here in Italy :) i Will make a review For the italian market soon after...i am so happy about it!
  • :) glad you got one. I want to import it to Canada but worry health vault isn't big here. So I want to see what they change for Canada. I don't want to buy it and find out it isn't supported with updates.
  • Love the update and notifications on the band are a lighter shade so they are easier to pick out!
  • Amazing app!
  • Where is the like button 'round here?
  • I find incredible that I'm seeing "Sponsored" ads in this app that I paid to be ad free?
  • This is off-topic. Also, no you are seeing a sponsored POST, not ads in the app. The latter would be pop-ups, taking up screen real estate as opposed to you know, just scrolling over an article you don't want to read. I realize life can be challenging in this manner, but we have to pay the bills somehow, unless you have $300k in employee fees you can donate.
  • As usual you rock dan!
  • Love this app but hate that it resets my quick texts after I customize it.
  • We'll forgive you for naming your dog Google ;-) 
    (watch the video).  Cool dog BTW. Thanks for the video.  New bands coming from Santa this year for my wife and I and these videos are getting me stoked for Christmas morning.
  • Nice! Now it will look better with the non default wallpaper.
  • Developers are supporting the Microsoft band. That's good.
  • Don't remember this before but alarm set on L1520 now notifies me on the Band! Generation 2 is going to be a BIG WINNER in wearables!
  • This is an option under the Microsoft Heath App. Maybe you played around with your settings a bit?
  • Can the band control any music yet?
  • Yes - if you have Cortana.  You can tap the Cortana Tile, press the action button and tell your phone what to play.  It takes several seconds to pass the infor to the phone, and then up and down to/from the Internet for the voice recognition but it works fine. Great when you are using bluetooth headset or speaker and your phone is in your pocket or out of reach.
  • That's fantastic! Can you also turn the volume up/down? Thanks for the info!
  • Feature request- like custom ringtones, can you add a "custom buzztones" feature, so that for example texts could be 3 buzzes and emails 2 buzzes?  Or even better can texts from my wife get her own buzz pattern?! 
  • The best Developer! Fela❤
  • Over at Microsoft Product Reviews they say its been updated yet again! to New color picking and a couple of other improvements
  • LOVE IT. BEST APP. Sooooooooooo Cool. Great job guys.