Pinball FX2 for Windows 8.1 will get updated, but Windows Phone port still in limbo

Zen Studios has informed WPCentral that it has a big update planned for the Windows 8.1 port of Pinball FX2 that should allow it to add more tables that are currently available for its pinball games on other platforms. However, a once announced port to Windows Phone is still not on their agenda.

If you own the Windows 8.1 version of Pinball FX2, you may have noticed it had not kept up with the most recent tables found on other platforms, such as the Walking Dead table and the just released South Park table pack. We contacted Zen Studios for comment and got this response from their director of communications Steven Hopper:

"Regarding the Windows 8 version of Pinball FX2, we have an update submitted to Microsoft and once that goes through we will have the infrastructure in place to add more tables. However, we have no date for additional content for the Win8 version just yet."

Long time Windows Phone owners may also remember that a port of Pinball FX2 was announced way back in February 2012. However, no such port was ever released. We asked Zen Studios if they have any plans at all to release Pinball FX2 for Windows Phone and got this response from Hopper:

"Regarding Windows Phone, it's definitely something we want to do in the future, but we have no immediate plans or dates."

Considering that a port was announced well over two years ago, Hopper's response has to be a big disappointment for Windows Phone owners. Do you believe they should launch Pinball FX2 for Windows Phone?

John Callaham