Pinball FX2 for Windows 8.1 will get updated, but Windows Phone port still in limbo

Zen Studios has informed WPCentral that it has a big update planned for the Windows 8.1 port of Pinball FX2 that should allow it to add more tables that are currently available for its pinball games on other platforms. However, a once announced port to Windows Phone is still not on their agenda.

If you own the Windows 8.1 version of Pinball FX2, you may have noticed it had not kept up with the most recent tables found on other platforms, such as the Walking Dead table and the just released South Park table pack. We contacted Zen Studios for comment and got this response from their director of communications Steven Hopper:

"Regarding the Windows 8 version of Pinball FX2, we have an update submitted to Microsoft and once that goes through we will have the infrastructure in place to add more tables. However, we have no date for additional content for the Win8 version just yet."

Long time Windows Phone owners may also remember that a port of Pinball FX2 was announced way back in February 2012. However, no such port was ever released. We asked Zen Studios if they have any plans at all to release Pinball FX2 for Windows Phone and got this response from Hopper:

"Regarding Windows Phone, it's definitely something we want to do in the future, but we have no immediate plans or dates."

Considering that a port was announced well over two years ago, Hopper's response has to be a big disappointment for Windows Phone owners. Do you believe they should launch Pinball FX2 for Windows Phone?

John Callaham
  • We will have nothing.
  • I am not able to connect to my store on windows 8.1 it always says failed to connect to store whenever I open store although it gives me notifications of apps update. I have a high speed broadband connection still it happens please help
  • My data connection and internet connection stopped working, but I restarted my phone and this fixed it. Try restarting.
  • Not my phone one my pc
  • Maybe your windows is installed from a counterfeit dvd.
  • I'd imagine they're looking at the potential ROI and its not there yet. I have to wonder if Universal App development would help?
  • I have a hard time believing WP has a user base smaller than Wii U.
  • Good point. Mobile devs must have a whole different budget mindset. We should have many more games... :-\
  • UA apps would help of course, but then they have to re-write everything they have to convert it to a UA app. I also feel that MS changing the dev story every year goes more harm than good. I mean it's an amazing thing how they're slowly moving to one store and one OS, the future is bright in that sense. But since it's been such a long drawn out process it is tough for developers to get onboard. Start with a Silverlight app, then move to a XAML app, then a Universal App, next there's Windows 10 with one store. In theory that's progress, in practice it means lots of work and devs probably going "i'll wait 6 months cos it'll be easier then". Then 6 months down the line they hear that there's another improvement coming to make things easier, so wait again, and again, and again. By Windows 10 it'll be great, but by then so many people will have moved on, both users and developers. Considering how awful Android was until quite recently - both to develop for and also as an OS - it amazes me MS couldn't come out with an OS and developer story - given all their history - that would blow Android away long ago.
  • Predictable, sadly, like vlc player some good things for WP will remain in a limbo for a while
  • Except there's not as much a reason for it in this case.  For VLC, there's no open-source ARM toolchain for them to get the Windows 8.1 app onto Windows RT or Windows Phone.  For Pinball FX2, there's already an ARM version.  Theoretically at least, it should be a relatively simple port.
  • So the vlc situation is way more complicated isn't it?
  • Exactly.  That one makes sense to be in limbo.  My point was that Pinball FX2 shouldn't be.
  • YUP. What most people here on wpcentral dont get is, that vlc is based on the C98 programming language. Problem here is, Microsoft doesn't provide an ARM Compiler (that piece of software that translates code into "machine language") that targets C98. This means that the only solution to this problem is, to write a Compiler on your own. Thats exactly what the guys and gals at VideoLAN are doing right now and why this is taking so long.
  • Wow! Understanding this programming stuff is more like understanding Chinese
  • Also audiosurf..
  • This would be great - Would be nice to get discounts on tables I own on XB1 already too.
  • Honestly, it was one of the only games I actually looked forward to and feel that I would actually play often if it came to Windows Phone. I have PBFX2 on my laptop, tablet, PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One so having it on my L1520 would complete me.
  • Limbo limbo limbo! I was mimicking every app that came with the "soon" tag.
  • Did you bring your limbo stick?
  • Totally understand other ppl dont care, but mobile games is a big factor for me. PBfx is one of 5 games that would deter me from leaving WP. Possibly when Win10 is out and we truly see apps across all devices, then I would go back to WP. That and a Remote Play option!!
  • Im in the same boat. Lack of games and games focus (cough Xbox) is a big reason I'm probably leaving. The plan is to play around with an iPhone 6 for a while and come back to Windows 10 on mobile when Verizon and Microsoft decide to release a competitive, high end phone. I need my future Windows Phone to have universal controller support, widespread Xbox support and great games.
  • Come on dude. Hang on a little longer and don't move over to the dark side. Yes it sucks that we don't have as many games as IOS or android but windows phone is best platform of them all and the games will come with windows 10. Current WP flagships are superior to the iPhone6 in every way, and if you have an icon/930/1520 you already have a much better phone.
  • I can't say I blame him if games are important for him. The iPhone is the number one OS for games. Also there's not been a high end device for WP for a long time now, lots of people find the 930 a bit bulky, and there's no sign of a replacement for the 1020. The 1520 is the obvious choice, but feels a bit long in the tooth, so something like an iPhone for a year til w10 is out with some new phones & garners more game support is sadly a fair enough choice.
  • The resale value of an iPhone 6 is such that I could easily sell it and pay for the latest and greatest Windows 10 device at full retail. If I leave Windows it wont be for long ;P
  • I would play so much Pinball FX2 on my phone.
  • Yes, definitely
  • Sooner :P
  • Sad.. WP full blown OS with beta apps on it... Wonder why devs are having a hard time developing apps for WP... Why oh why....
  • I was surprised to find that Pinball FX2 wasn't on Windows Phone. I thought it would've been a given.
  • Likewise, I've never looked for it as I'm not a gamer, but it was there from the go on Windows Vista (?) so you'd expect it on other MS OS's.
  • I'd love to be able to play this more on W8.1, but they won't support cross-platform purchases with 360/X1 (I asked a while back on Twitter). Who knows though, maybe this update fixed that.
  • I've been a gamer all my life, and never cared about mobile gaming and its horrible iaps. Mobile games gamer is, to me, an oxymoron
  • Yup. I have gone so far as to try the PS Vita. If you thought the landscape here was barren, try the Vita. Sad, really, because it truly could have been portable console gaming.
  • You're somewhat right... Most mobile games are sucky. But there are a small handful that are worth it... Like Pinball FX. MS had to literally buy Minecraft before it even appeared for WP. And 2nd streaming device is a feature I want. You can play Wii U games on the Wii U tablet controller. A Steam PC can stream games to another non-gaming PC. Sony has remote play for Vita and Xperia phones. People say wait... For what though? MS has NOT announced any SOLID details or plans on streaming Xbox One games to a 2nd device. As a matter of fact, the most recent news about Xbox streaming anything was about streaming games online playable in a web browser, which would would mean if I wait long enough, I dont need an Xbox console or Windows phone at all. So might as well wait for that and in the interim, buy a console/device combo that does 2nd device today.
  • They should release it for WP as well seeing how it has x box live integration
  • No one will reply my comment
  • I bought all of my tables on the Xbox One it would be cool if I could port those to the 8.1 version
  • My Pinball FX2 got updated last night via Windows Update on my Windows 8.1 Toshiba Satellite Laptop.  After updating, I could no longer play free without having to watch full screen video ads prior to playing. I was playing free previously without these video ads. 
  • On October 24, 2014, an update to Pinball FX2 for Windows RT was pushed to my Surface RT. I love pinball and Pinball FX2 was one of the very first apps I bought for my shiny new Surface in October 2012.
    That was some update! Links to the store are broken so you cannot buy tables. All the tables you previously owned - gone. And if you try to reinstall you will get a pop-up - Sorry, this app is no longer available. Anyone know what happened?