South Park tables coming this week to kill Kenny on Pinball FX2 for Xbox One and Xbox 360

Zen Studios will add two new tables to its Pinball FX2 game for Xbox One and Xbox 360 consoles this week based on South Park, allowing its fans to interact in an all new way with Cartman, Kyle, Stan, Kenny and many of the other characters from the long-running animated TV series.

The two table pack will consist of:

  • South Park: Super Sweet Pinball - Team up with Cartman, Kyle, Stan and Kenny in this ultimate South Park pinball experience! Let your balls fly with classic South Park moments and characters…even ManBearPig. We're super cereal.
  • South Park: Butters' Very Own Pinball Game! - Hey fellas! It's Butters' Very Own Pinball Game! Join your favorite 4th-grader in this epic pinball adventure. Take on the Coon & Friends as Professor Chaos, steal the Future Telling Device from the girls, and save Imaginationland as the Chosen One!

The Xbox 360 version will be released on October 15, and the Xbox One version will follow on October 16 and both will be priced at $4.99. There's no word if there will be a way to transfer the purchase of the Xbox 360 table pack to the Xbox One version and vice versa.

Source: Zen Studios

John Callaham