We covered Pixel Man a few weeks ago (video). The cool retro platformer game has a unique charm in its simplicity and we highly recommend either the free, ad-supported version (Pixel Man Zero) or the no-ad one for $0.99.

At the time we mentioned how the developer, Nick Gravelyn, had a bet with his customers: if his game was downloaded 5,000 times, he'd release Pixel Man 2. While he's just shy of that 5,000 (300 to go), Nick has made tremendous progress on PM2 and has been showing off some screenies.

As you can see, the game now has a 3D textures to it, making those always-tough jumps that much more interesting. There also appear to be power-ups as well as a few other "bonus" features yet to be added. Finally, the game will be available on Xbox 360 for Indie games, Windows Phone and he now looks to be adding PC support as well--that should pretty much cover those "three screens" we think! Anyways, we can't wait to see the final version. Pick up 'Pixel Man' (or 'Pixel Man Zero') here and here.

Source: @NickGravelyn