Plague Inc. spreads to Windows 8.1 with cross-buy support on Windows Phone

In Plague Inc., you're tasked to oversee the life and mutations of a plague with the goal of wiping out humanity. The game has millions of positive reviews across other platforms, and now joins Windows 8.1 as a universal app with cross-purchasing support for Windows Phone users.

This version of the game only supports devices which have touch screens, but if you're keen to try this out on a regular PC, you can pick up Plague Inc. Evolved from Steam or wait for the Xbox One version, coming later this year.

"...It's great to see Plague Inc. in on Windows Phone. We are working hard to add expansions to the game, but players have also been asking for it to be a universal app. Thanks to the Windows universal app development programme, we have been able to bring Plague Inc. to the Windows Store!Plague Inc. is now available on the Windows Store, for touch screen devices only. As it is a universal app, anyone that has bought the game on Windows Phone will be able to download the game for free.We will be releasing regular updates for both apps to add several expansions to the game. The first will be the Neurax Worm special disease type - an invasive organism that burrows into the brain of its host to control them!The Neurax Worm is a brand new plague type with new graphics, music, events, and victory conditions - requiring very different strategies. Living deep in the jungle for thousands of years, human advancement into its natural habitat has brought it into contact with humans for the first time and given it the means to spread..."

Be sure to check out for our hands-on impressions with Plague Inc on Windows Phone. The app is a direct port to Windows 8.1 and plays very similarly on a Surface Pro 3.

QR: Plague Inc for WP8

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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