Plague Inc. for Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 updated with new Neurax Worm

Ndemic Creations released its Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 versions of its popular pandemic-themed strategy game Plague Inc in May. Now both ports of the game have been updated to version 1.2 with a new infection called the Neurax Worm.

What is it? According to its official description, it sounds pretty nasty:

"This update adds the mind-controlling Neurax Worm - an invasive organism that burrows into the brain of its host to control them! Living deep in the jungle for thousands of years, human advancement into its natural habitat has brought it into contact with humans for the first time and given it the means to spread..."

The game costs $0.99, and each disease in the game can also be unlocked either by playing the game or purchased for $0.99, or you can pay $9.99 with an in-game purchase to unlock all of the infections in Plague Inc, along with any future expansions

QR: Plague Inc

John Callaham
  • The game is completely broken on my Surface 2. It started with an earlier update but this one made it even worse. High score list reset and nothing happens when clicking "new game". Same result after reinstall.
    Don't buy it. Not sure how it works on my phone, I bought it to play on tablet only.
  • I have exactly the same issue... It worked before on my laptop and phone. After this update it's broken :'(
  • Sounds like a nasty infection, best stay away from everyone else :P.
  • works fine on my phone. i guess i should not update it then.
  • Sorry this has happened to you - it doesn't seem to be happening to everyone. Can you please email and we'll look into it? Thanks, Tom
  • I bought it right away after it released for WP. Had been playing it's steam version in Windows.
  • Extensive hands on video? W10M 10149 ..
  • If it had achievements I'd be on it.
  • And it's people like you that keep more games off WP.
  • Paid games with in app purchases? Ridiculous
  • Complaining about things you're not forced to buy. Ridiculous.
  • Well you have the choice of playing the game, naturally it will be a longer grind to unlock the items easily available by an iap. Also the $10 unlocks further expansions. So it's not just solely based around iaps, well that's what it looks like in theory (giving the devs the benefit of a doubt).
  • Techfreak1 is correct. All content currently in the game can be unlocked by playing. Alternatively, you can pay to get the content immediately, or even to get all current and future content unlocked immediately. All IAPs are durable, so if you were to buy an IAP you would basically be paying for an expansion to the game, which you can unlock by playing if you don't want to pay. Hope that makes sense. Please feel free to email if you have further questions. Tom
  • Still not free --'
  • How often do you do your job for free?
  • It's free in android...
  • Doesn't matter. The guy did a job, ported the app to windows phone, he should receive compensation for it.
  • Does matter. If other people are getting the app for free and I have to pay to get it, it equates to I am paying for other people's stuff. is it fair? I know it does not work like that and the free version probably has ads. But it is very bad for end users and this type of  behavior actively hurts windows ecosystem.
    that being said, I will totally buy this game on the day an ad-supported free version is released, not before that. No support for feature discrimination between ecosystems.
  • The Windows Phone version of the game follows the same pricing structure as the iOS version of the game. It is true that there is a free version on Android. However, this is not the full game - it is very limited. You can't play all the content, you can't use Fast Forward, you can't use genes or mega-brutal difficulty, as well as there being ads in the game. If you want the premium version that is available on WP or iOS, then you have to pay on Android too. Hope that makes sense. Please feel free to email if you have further questions. Tom
  • Oh please, only now is getting the neurax worm? which means it still doesn't have the necroa or the simian flu, ah, wp being wp as always, even if an app is available, its version will always be inferior compared to iOS or Android, but don't worry guys, it will come soon. >:D
  • Dude, the developer is 1 guy. It's not like it takes an afternoon to do this. He now has to support 3 separate versions. I'd love to see how well you can do it.
  • As a consumer, i don't give a damn if the app is developed by 1 or by 1000, i don't give a damn if the developer's house catch a fire, that's no my problem nor my fault, as a consumer i will always go for the product that has better quality/price ratio, and the undeniable truth is that wp's version of plague inc is inferior, i don't give a damn if he has to support 1 or 10 platform's, he should hire help if needs to, specifically considerating that both android an iOS versions are superior to this one and also free. So if he's version is the only paid only of all, then it should at least be on same level quality wise.
  • Obviously you have every right to feel that way as a consumer, but it just shows that you have no clue how a successful software development company is run.
  • Give me one good reason i should care about how a successful software development company is run. All i see is a product which is inferior compared to other platforms, i am not a software developer, i'm a paying costumer(i loved plague inc so much that i bought the iap, in android, because it was worth it, specifically the necroa virus ) i pay for what i believe is worth it, i don't give a damn about the effort it cost you to make it. This guy is asking money for a product that is free on other platforms, has less content, and for what i've read in reviews is full with bugs, or to simplify everything, a lesser quality version, tell me why should i buy wp's version and not android(i have both wp and android)? why should my money go to the quality inferior wp version instead of Android?
  • Where as Axmantim obviously runs a successful software company so can tell you how it's done. Jesus man, reading through this thread you have a sarcastic, negative comment for everyone....... Have a read back, then give your head a shake.
  • And that's relevant how? do you really think a consumer should care about it? Now tell me this: have i lie? it isn't true that wp's plague inc is inferior to both Android's and iOS? plus is paid only? tell me why should i buy the wp instead of the Android or the iOS version? you sound like the developer of the wp version is making a favor to us by selling an incomplete, buggy product, so i gonna say this again: as a consumer i don't give a damn about a company, I'm paying for they product and i will always go for the best offer. Another example of this is Halo: Spartan Assault in both win 8 and wp the game costed 6$ the last time i checked, and it had iap, and MS made goddamn sure you would have to buy some unless you wanted to spend days ys for a few weapons, and the you know what happened? Steam version. what's so special? no iap, yep. For the same price in steam you get the same game with no iap. Shame on you MS. This seems the general panorama with wp: even if the app/game is available, it will almost always be inferior to other platforms. Heck even Microsoft own apps are better in android/iOS. "Oh but that's because most of the apps in wp are attached to the OS and can't be individually updated". Example: Onedrive is not attached to OS anymore and can be, has been updated. The android version of Onedrive just got updated with native chromecast support. The wp version? i maybe soon™.
  • dude chill i don't give a fuck about any thing you are saying game is good updates will come and go a week or a month after droid and ios i don't care game is paid no problem im not that cheap as to be trolling for 0.99$ or 2,00$ or even 5 throw your lumia get an Iphone and be the Isheep you sound like because your a shame for our community as a whole thanks for reading have a nice day
  • And your way of thinking is the reason why wp is such mediocre OS, from what you wrote you can tell that you love you wp so much that you stand before anything MS or its developers do, even if it's nonsense, YOU are the shame to the wp community that tolerates any b. u. l. l. c. r. a. p MS throws at you, i haven't say all this just for trolling. From what i have seen developers actually read comments on this site. I wrote all this with the hope the developer for the wp reads this and get his s.h.i.t together. This never was about the money, it's about how this guy is trying to sell you a product that is free in other platforms and also inferior quality wise, that's what i'm complaining about. The game/app could have been 1$, 5$, 10$ or more, i don't care, if you're trying to sell an incomplete or inferior product of course i will complain at also let people i know all this so they don't buy it. "game is good updates will come and go a week or a month after droid and ios i don't care game is paid no problem" This is in part, the reason why wp's are so mediocre in comparison to other platforms. Do you know what you just did? You basically give the developer green light to do whatever he wants because you don't care. So go on, keep promoting the mediocrity through wp, keep conforming with worse products. You're the one behaving like an apple fanboy. " don't give a fuck about any thing you are saying " You care enough to reply me (¬‿¬)
  • Dude buy an android phone and be happy with your free version of the game. We support WP and since there aren't enough users to pay back the work of the developer with an ads pay model game, we know we have to pay the game. It's not a question of fairness it's a question of awareness that 80%+,of the market helps android...but I happily am a mobile user free of privacy eating bloatware from google and to be that I have to accept small compromises like paying this game. So hard to understand?
  • Actually I've been with quite a successful software company for quite a while now. I can tell you that spreading yourself thin to get a product out on a different platform is a sure way to fail. If you don't like my comments, that's fine, it doesn't make them any less true.
  • I work with Axmantim. And his department is responsible for all the internet porn links you get. His keyboard is really sticky too
  • Broken on surface?
  • It is working fine on all our devices (including Surface). It seems a few people are having issues, which we are looking into. Tom
  • I play on my nokia Lumia 635 and have absolutely no problems with the game
  • Lol porn links
  • ​ Any idea ​ when the other special plagues might come out :) went ahead and paid to unlock them all and I've breast the work and can't wait to play some zombies and apes. ​
  • *Beat the worm. Auto correct on my Windows phone is delightful