Planet Coaster: Console Edition developer video focuses on expanding the experience to consoles

Planet Coaster
Planet Coaster (Image credit: Frontier Developments)

What you need to know

  • Planet Coaster is a critically-acclaimed rollercoaster-building simulator.
  • It's been quite popular on PC for years.
  • It's coming to consoles in Holiday 2020.
  • Xbox Series X should get the game around the time the device launches.

Planet Coaster: Console Edition was recently announced for Xbox Series X and it's coming to the system in Holiday 2020. According to the team, the game brings to life the fun and excitement of designing and running a theme park, offering all the depth, strategy, and customization found in the beloved PC game and allowing players to create and manage the ultimate coaster park as they strive for success.

Today, the team released a new developer diary detailing how they expanded the experience on consoles. You can view it below.

We've played the game on PC and it's quite addictive. It's one of the best simulators out there, so if you're on Xbox One or Xbox Series X, be sure to check it out towards the end of the year.



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