Plantronics Voyager 835

As more Bluetooth headsets are released into an already crowded market, the distinctions between the various choices start to become fuzzy. In a situation like this, there are a couple of concrete factors that offer a huge amount of insight into which product is the best choice for you; manufacturer and price.

Plantronics has become synonymous with quality headset for telephones and computers. Their products are used in call centers all over the world. The ever expanding line of Bluetooth capable products continues to push the envelope and offer a variety of quality goods to consumers. The Plantronics Voyager 835 is reasonably priced for a premium quality headset at $69.95 (at the WMExperts store, the MSRP from Plantronics is a less reasonable $119.95).

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The Voyager 835 is a pretty sleek design. The ear hook is permanently attached, but can be rotated and flipped to allow for use on either ear. Plantronics included dual microphones that utilize “AudioiQ” technology, enabling the headset to isolate your voice from any outside noise. Both a car and home charger are included, allowing for flexibility. The main multifunction button is on the side of the headset while the volume controls are on the top (or bottom when worn on the left ear). The LED indicator is located beneath the multifunction button, giving a slick glow effect when the LED is lit. The earpiece itself is inflexible rubber that is shaped to funnel the sound into your ear canal.


Plantronics makes quality products, and the Voyager 835 is no exception. All of the buttons are easy to push, but not so easy to find (after a couple hours of use this isn’t an issue). My only heartburn with this device is the ear hook. The fact that the hook cannot be replaced, coupled with it being the most flimsy piece of the headset just makes me nervous.


Digital Signal Processing has become standard on many modern headsets. AudioiQ is a trademark of Plantronics that uses one microphone to listen to your voice while another listens to background noise. The headset then digitally subtracts the background noise from your conversation, giving you the clearest communication possible.


The Voyager 835 is another solid entry into the Bluetooth headset pool. With familiar controls, a sleek design, competitive price point and functional technological features like AudioiQ; Plantronics continues to impress.

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Ratings (out of 5)Design: 4Quality: 4Sound: 5Overall: ProsExceptional Sound QualitySimple Button LayoutConsEar Hook is Flimsy and not Replaceable
Dieter Bohn