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Play as Bollywood star Salman Khan in the official Kick game

Kick) (2014) is a Bollywood action thriller film, directed and produced by Sajid Nadiadwala and stars Salman Khan in the lead role. As part of the promotions in the run up to the movie release, the producers have partnered with Indiagames to release the official game for the movie, KICK-TheOfficialGame.

In the game, you play as Salman Khan's character in the movie – a good-natured thief who steals from the rich and gives to the poor. As you go along, you need to steal from five different locations and get on a high-speed bike chase against the cops. You need to steal with your mind coming in like a storm, and escape with valor.

KICK - The Official Game

The game's pretty good, and not just an endless runner, as most promotional games are. The coins you earn can be used to buy new bikes, and get upgrades. You can't buy these coin bundles as in-app purchase, making it completely a merit-based game. The graphics aren't too great, but works. The game is ad-supported, and there's an overlay ad-banner that pops in between menus. It's annoying, but doesn't mar the gameplay.

KICK - The Official Game

Download Kick-TheOfficialGame for free for Windows Phone 8 devices from the Windows Phone Store. It's a decent action-packed adventure game, and should appeal a lot of Bollywood and Salman Khan fans. Give it a whirl, and get your kick.

Note: The game is region-restricted, so availability may vary.

512MB Supported

QR: KICK-TheOfficialGame

  • Please, kick yourself
  • Mod, please delete this comment. :P
  • < crickets >
  • I sent you a mail Daniel..?? Did ye consider a article on it??
  • Are you a real pirate?
  • I love India
  • That's another one keep your brain at home yeah...kick ...
  • I think this is the first game that Indiagames made available on Windows Phone. Am I correct?
  • No there are more!!
  • Chennai Express EFR too.
  • Okay thanxx I don't know about it because I have a WP7.8 (planning to upgrade as soon as possible). And if ChennaiExpress game is available then I will download it (when I'll buy my new phone) before this game because I'm a SRK fan and Sallu bhai comes third in my list after Sr. Bachchan.
  • Kick
  • Sallu bhai ki game! Kiya baat hai!
  • What's more annoying than Salman Khan Fans of Salman Khan
  • What's more annoying than Windows phone Fans of windows phone
  • Thn wht r u doin here?
  • @Nishant +100000000000000000
  • +520
  • #BhaiRoxx
  • I didn't know you used nail polish Abhishek ji :)
  • it was not abhishek....may be his wife or gf... ;-)
  • Hahaha same thinking !
  • Haha noticed well!! :P :P :P :P
  • Or might be his daughter?
  • Kick+
  • Comment of the week!! :D
  • I live in India still its unavailable maybe for the change of region..
  • Your running Cortana??
  • Yes..
  • Change your region back to India then download the game..After that back to US!!
  • It's only for Windows Phone 8.1
  • I didn't like the movie, lets hope the app will better.
  •'s an Indian version of Robin Hood?No offence Sorry,played the game,didn't like it much :/  Btw,Abhishek,it's only available for Windows Phone 8.1 not 8 :) P.S:-Please insert the 512mb ram supported badge as well,really liked it :)
  • Done!
  • I still can't see it Abhi!! And yeah also a badge of "8.1 only"!!
  • Why another badge? Eventually 8.1 is going to replace 8 in few weeks!!!
  • Yeah, it's still windows phone 8 written but I can see the 512mb ram badge :)
  • Not exactly Robin Hood... Instead he gets kick in helping small children who needs essential health care...
  • Seems that is for specific carrier / device. Says not available for my device.
  • Well the movie released today..And the Game as well!!
    WP is growing fast people!!
  • +820
  • Did you watch the movie? Is it worth watching? *curious*
  • No Gautam..Just pondering over 530/525........
  • Umm... NP bro, go for 530 if you don't game much otherwise 525 ;)
  • Not coming till 3rd week of August I suppose..Btw am also think about a 930 :p :p !!
  • That'll be too much of a wait...!
  • Yeah..But one of mah friend is getting a 930 soon..So I'll borrow it for the time being!!
  • That's cool!! He must be a hard WP fan. Usually, the people I know go for high-end Android or iOS but very few think of a high-end WP in my locality... BTW, you might hate to use any other low-mid-end WP device once you touch that thing :P
  • Yeah he lives in Noida and has some WP apps to his belt..He won a 930 in a contest though!!
  • Got it ;)
  • Yeah he IS a hard WP fan!! :P :P
  • LOL! Its going to take LOOOOONG before he gets that device... :P :D
  • Maybe they are toying with him..!! Or they were never gonna give it to him..!! Lol :p :p
  • They shouldn't! :O
    He's holding on his patience badly!
  • tch..little bub!!
  • Watch only if you are Salman Khan's fan...
  • In that case, I think I should skip. I only watch his movies if its an ultra big hit and the story is really good... like the "Bodyguard", thats the only movie I liked ...
  • Jai ho's story was also quite good..
  • Go kick yourself salman ghan...
  • Don't go looking for trouble dude..
  • Ghan?? Atleast curse the right person..
  • Salman ghanta?
  • "Don't go looking for trouble dude.."
  • Hehe... I know there are huge no. of Salman fans but I'm not among them that's why I teased :P
  • Not me either..Not a show-off sort of person's fan..And he ranks 21th in acting in India only,,Can ye imagine that??
  • Exactly. Now that I've finally found someone after all these years, who thinks similarly, I can freely express my thoughts about him: I hate him!!!
  • I +100 that
  • Thanks! Now feeling better...
  • +3310
  • +520
  • +520
    his last likable movie was Wanted...
    after that he is just making crap...
  • Looks good..downloading.
    Btw how many of you watched kick first day?
  • Not yet. Tickets booked.. :(
  • Watched it... One time watch... Not much actions as shown in trailers... Looking forward for BANG BANG!!!
  • Bang bang will be super duper hit, kicking the kick
  • Kick...waste of time.
  • Another game not available here in Brazil. Yay!!
  • It is a movie based app, the movie was released today, in India. I don't think it will be available everywhere other than some Asian countries.
  • Switch region to India then..Download the game then back to Brazil or US if ye want Cortana!!
  • So he should travel all along to India to download a game? :D
    Just kidding ;)
  • It's worth it!! :P :P
  • Trust me you would never want to play it...
  • Who said that I even downloaded it?? :P :P
  • I love wp.
  • As everyone else here...
  • As everyone will agree
    Basically, it was
    Kick=Dhoom 3+ some stunts from MI 4+ Jai Ho followup.
  • Kick is a remake of a Telugu film of the same name. The Telugu version released in 2008 and was comedy centric. IDK about this one though
  • Trust me, let it be at IDK, better wait for Entertainment. Fyi, I knew it was a remake.
  • Just a 5 sec scene of flying bike from a building does not makes it dhoom 3... Or just one jump from building with rope doesn't makes it MI 4 either... I guess you are one of those who judges movie by their action scenes and not stories...
  • 1st day collection tells a different story, all the haters
  • Nothing better in this world then whistling on bhaijaan's action scene .... :D
  • Sallu bhai!!!
  • Abhishek. I sent this tip on 23! Guess it slipped through the cracks!
    Edited~~ Please try again!
  • Can't open it!!
  • What? The link that I shared or the link in the screen shot. It opened when I clicked on it. I meant the screen shot. Not the link in it
  • It says "This item might have been deleted, expired or you might have no permission to view it..."
    My guess: Are you sure you shared the link publicly? I think not.
  • Check it once again brother!!
  • No coverage about Glasgow 2014 app? It's a decent app for the current sporting event...
  • Watching the movie today, what ya know. Sallu Bhai phir agaya!
  • Movie khatam hote he chala bhi jaega!!
  • LOL!!!
  • Collection sun ke Teri pehle fategi
  • Won't be surprised though. We mustn't ever underestimate the height of stupidity.
  • May be the height of fanaticism i think :P
  • That's the problem in India.. Some stupid movies like Dhoom 3, Krrish or A Salman Starrer film collects 500cr or 400cr but not movies like Bhaag Milkha Bhaag or Barfi..
  • Exactly! I may sound rude and offensive but its due to overflow of huge amount of madheads all over the country. Other examples are Kites, Guzaarish, Life of Pi...
  • I would say, a movie is made for only one purpose - Entertainment. The term Entertainment comes from many things - a comedy movie, an action thriller, a scientific movie, an emotional drama, a musical storyteling, etc.. Even a masala movie like Dabangg, Chennai Express... etc... It is also a fact that people try to corelate things as per their thoughts and feelings. That is why, who like good stories, they don't value the comedy or masala end to a movie. Same is true for vice versa. SRK, Salman, Amir, Ranbir, etc... they work really hard to bring to you different geners of movies with which they are comfortable working. Appreciate that. Being a fan or not is an easy thing. But enjoying a movie, whether it is Barfi or Billu Barber, is the important thing. Yes, of course you can say your opinions, but please all try to give respect. I personally, am a fan of Sr. Bachchan. Still I go to theaters to see SRK and Sallu movies. Coz its only about being entertained. Note: If people keep saying this is good or this is bad, they will think like that for it, even if it might not be what they infer. Not a Sallu fan, I have also watched the Telgu version back several years. But I loved the movie. Just because, ENTERTAINMENT gives me KICK. :) ;) Long live WP, long live Film Industry, long live Entertainment. Kamal Karte Ho Pandey Ji, Entertainment se yaad aya, looking forward to watch Akki and his doggi :P Lastly, one comparision; just for fun: When Hugh Jackman made his own body double using a machine made by Tesla, in Prestige, we say what creativity. But if Amir has a naturally born identical twin, we say that it is a stupid movie. We only dishonour our own thinking ability. :P
  • You made me cry!! :P
  • Kool... At least we will have rain :D
  • I agree with most of your statements. BTW, I wasn't that serious bro ;)
  • I've seen the trailer and my first thought was "India doesn't need more superheroes" 
  • It's not a superhero movie though I too once thought when I first watched the trailer...
  • Yeah dunno what's up with these Indian movies, 1 Punch from the hero sends the bad guys flying ._.
  • LOL!!! Agree with you about the indian action movies and I'm from India.
  • Haha! True story! BTW you should watch south indian movies!! In those movies hero doesn't even require a punch! :D
  • Lol, many running WP8.1 DP with Cortana, and complaining the game isn't available for download. This game is only for India. You have changed tour region to US for Cortana. Change the region to India to get the game..
  • The movie got some hilarious critic reviews (on firstpost). And now a game on it!! Seriously Bollywood, what's wrong with you!!?
  • Play like Salman Khan, you mean running people over with the car while driving drunk. And hunting endangered animals. Thanks but no thanks
  • +1.. Hahah!! True!
  • So, I can download it by changing my location to India (restart), download the game and changing back to whatever my original location is (restart)? Righty? So: Why does MS bother with country restrictions in first place" to make things easier for us the consumers? Fuck corporations, we should boycott then all till they come back to their messed-up senses.
  • Want a game on super hit movie of 2014 "holiday-a soldier never off duty" akshay fan
  • Not in the US?
  • It's an Indian game I think, btw it sucks, no offense. Maybe it's because I'm not an Indian, that's why I didn't like it. But whatever.
    Also one thing I can say for sure is, that these Indians love WP too much xD
  • You're not missing anything special. "Dhoom:3 The Game" was a good indian movie game though! You might check it out: and you don't need to change your phone region to get this game :) (I'm from India)
  • I love how this has become a 98% Indian commented thread. it just shows what a massive support WP has over there and that's great. And when people (mainly Murcans to be fair) complain about you guys' India comments just remind them you're the future :¬)
  • I'm glad you're such an optimist, brother. :)
  • Hey Edogawa!
  • I don't like Salman but I like this game
  • I like this game