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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is now using Microsoft Azure instead of Amazon Web Services

Previous, the game was running on AWS as stated numerous times on the title's website. The switch to Microsoft Azure was revealed during Microsoft's quarterly earnings call where they announced the agreement. Nadella stated the following.

Gaming pushes the boundaries of hardware and software innovation, with some of the most CPU and GPU-intensive applications and content, giving us a huge opportunity in the cloud. As one example, PUBG Corp., with the hit game PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, is not only partnering to make Xbox the exclusive console at launch, but is also running on Azure.

Microsoft hopes that the focus on gaming will be a substantial way to expand its cloud business. Offering great deals in exchange for console exclusivity may not only bring more customers to Microsoft Azure, but it may also result in more exclusives for Microsoft's gaming platforms.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is a last-man-standing shooter being developed with the help of community feedback. Starting with absolutely nothing, players must fight to locate weapons and supplies in a battle to be the only one alive. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is a surprisingly realistic and high-tension title set on a massive island. Be sure to check out the game if you like competitive multiplayer experiences.

Additionally, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is coming to Xbox One soon and is expected to be enhanced for Xbox One X. The title will launch in Xbox Game Preview. Xbox Game Preview allows developers to sell unfinished games to the Xbox community in exchange for valuable feedback which helps guide the development process. Many popular games like Conan Exiles have launched into the program recently.

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  • Really looking forward to this, for some reason the game crashes my desktop PC but I'm loving the battle royale format on Fortnite at the moment, that has base building, this has vehicles and will no doubt look awesome on my XBOX One X when it arrives.
  • Game looks very interesting, cant wait to play on xox
  • If Microsoft continurs to screw over its consumers, its not long before those consumers in their business capacity abandon Microsoft as well; plus AWS is far superior to Microsoft cloud offerings, and Nadella is kidding himself if he thinks they can beat Amazon in Cloud computing.    
  • You are naive to think that businesses will abandon Microsoft platform they offer far more capability and security than the competition and if you think otherwise then you really need to do your research.
  • Research? Trolls don't need no stinking research :-)
  • Who has gotten screwed over? You mean the miniscule, inconsequential handful of consumers who bought their mobile phones?
  • Anybody who bought a Xbox, paid for a groove subscription, anyone who bought a windows phone all got screwed over. Microsoft is a non trustworthy company
  • I understand groove and Windows phone in your list but why Xbox? Xbox is thriving and coming out with new features all the time and improving. As for the other two yea they gave up but that's just business and poor marketing which has never been MS's strong suite.
  • He could be referring to the Kinect there which Microsoft abandoned and had the potential to be a great addition to Xbox.
  • No one was buying the thing or wanted it with their console. Numbers don't lie most people just wanted the console not a bundled Kinect. Groove was not cost effective at all especially with all the competition in streaming. WP same with Kinect no one was buying it so why support a product no one is using?
  • @Annullator I think games are more important than features when it comes to consoles.
  • Oh, hi, it's John20212 again beating the same old drum.
  • What are you even talking about?
  • This is nothing new they did the same thing for the first titanfall.
  • Difference being this is the hottest new game of the year with an absurd growth. Ching ching for Microsoft.
  • This is not such a great advert. PUBG server performance is not great. 17 tick rate leads to many wtf moments.
  • Sony is announcing 7 new exclusives games next WEEK!
  • Are they any good? Considering I have a ps4 which I hardly use except MLB the show.
  • You do know that game quality is subjective. What can be said though is that most PS4 exclusive or console exclusive this year has been highly rated...
  • You know you're hurting company "fans" when your comment that praise the competition gets load of downvotes and zero replies... LOL Keep the rage on cowards... LOL
  • No game quality is a combination of subjective and objective.
  • And in what way is quality of games based on objective criteria? 
  • Objective statements on the quality of a game would generally reference broken game play, mechanics, graphics and essentially not doing what it said it would. Statements of fact over opinion.
  • @Jombib  Yes, if the game is TOTALLY broken/unplayable. But that's the only thing.  
  • Exactly as jombib stated. Subjective criteria would be things like graphics, story, etc. I can literally throw a game together in a couple hours and be sure that objectively it is not a good game.
  • Ok, if the game is totally broken/unplayable or not, but it basically means that if a game is not broken, it's quality is 100% subjective. But tell me, initially the talk was about PS4 console exclusives this year. Were any of these broken or unplayable? No. So it doesn't apply to that comment? Why do you think the comment got all the downvotes?
  • Not true. Obviously, yes, broken or not is an objective statement but that is not the only objectively bad thing that can be in a game. Lack of balance in a competitive multiplayer game, making it impossible/incredibly difficult for one side to win is bad. Basically any conscious design element that performs as designed but detracts from the game is objectively a bad and can make an objectively bad game.
  • Most PS4 models sold are the plain one. As people upgrade to 4K HDR TVs, which 4K model you buying? You'll get 4 years with this new machine, and your PS4 will still work. The X it's far greater overall, you can buy games from every Xbox generation, plays UHD Blu-ray discs, and is obviously more powerful with 4K HDR.  I have a PS4 Pro, and my X will be here next Tuesday. I'm an Xbox gamer, and bought the Pro earlier this year for MLB. I own 3 other must own games. That's it. Everything else I play on Xbox.  4K HDR is unreal, and I'm beyond excited for the X. I'm already downloading 4K assets for games as they are ready. Gears 4 is done (which I've waited to play on X). Gaming is going to get intense. Graphic superiority is pushed for everyone. We all benefit. 
  • LOL Do you really think Sony is upset? Their console is still leading in sales and the gap will keep increasing no matter what the XB1x does in NA...
  • But on average more Software is bought by Xbox users.
  • Also that Microsoft and Nintendo have announced that Xbox and windows and switch players can play online together and only PlayStation is left out.
  • @saket87 Yeah, for what? 1 game? LOL Oh and there are more PS4 owners than XB1 and Switch combined... 
  • @xfatalx zero Do you have proof of that or are you just aking it up?
  • I think there was a wc article about it written a while ago, or maybe I read it somewhere else but that sounds familiar.
  • The funny part is that I often hear company "fans" make that statment but when I ask for proof no one has EVER provided me with proof...
  • Cool fact though when PUBG releases on PS4, MS will get revenue through azure. Awesome eh. But no, you keep fighting the console war.
  • Cool fact. I DON'T CARE if MS, Sony... makes money!!! Unlike you guys I don't celebrate when company makes money... LOL I'm a gamer. My priority is games... :)
  • How is it you're a gamer and everyone else is some corporate fan? Maybe you should take a break from labelling everyone that disagrees with you and just enjoy games.
  • It's really funny because you're the first one who branded me by saying "keep fighting the console war".  I guess if you can't handle it, don't take a shot at people... Someone is making a statement about sales, I ask for proof. You then reply me with some random PUBG stuff that has nothing to do with the initial comment and take a shot at me... LOL I didn't know asking for proof can trigger people so much that they'll take a shot at you... 
  • Can someone direct me to comparison between AWS and Azure?
  • This article is wrong. A simple IP look up will tell you PUBG is still running on AWS, not Azure
  • Please show us what you found so that we can verify it.
  • I wonder how long will the Azure agreement will last and how easy it will be for PUBG to transition from AWS and back to AWS if needed.