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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds passes a million players on Xbox, now free with every Xbox One X

In celebration of its launch, the publisher is offering a special holiday promotion where every Xbox One X purchase will come with a copy of the game. This promotion is available for a limited time starting December 17, 2017 through December 31 in select regions.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is a last-man-standing shooter being developed with the help of community feedback. Starting with absolutely nothing, players must fight to locate weapons and supplies in a battle to be the only one alive. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is a surprisingly realistic and high-tension title set on a massive island. The game has shattered every record on Steam and came to Xbox Game Preview this week.

Even though the game is quite rough in its current state, particularly when it comes to frame rate and texture pop-in, it still manages to capture the essence of what makes it so addictive. Knowing that you have to take on 99 gamers creates tension and gets that adrenaline pumping.

If you participate in the development process by experiencing the Xbox Game Preview version, it'll help the developer make the final version the best it can be. According to Microsoft, in the weeks and months ahead, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds on Xbox One will continue to receive enhancements, new content updates including a new desert map, and further optimizations. It's also pretty cheap, at just $30.

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  • Say what?!?
  • 1million already! I would call that a huge succesa
  • Was reading the reviews on this. Seems to be some issues/confusion with the download process. Anyone have any incite on this? Was looking into getting this.
  • Incite?
  • No issues downloading day 1 for me and a relatively small download too at 5.24GB. It has its issues that mainly revolve around performance right now but thats not stopped me enjoying the core gameplay. Be warned there is very little aim assist if you're coming from a game like Battlefield 1 or Battlefront but it does make it feel a little more realistic that you can't just spin around and nail someone, it makes open ground and close quarter battles alike very tense as you're never sure of the outcome. Buy it but remember its early access.
  • So, when are you guys changing your domain to That's basically all you post about these days. 
  • What else can they talk about? NPD of november? LOL
  • ****.
  • We're here to write about topics people want to read about. And guess what? They want to read about the hottest new game of the year.
  • an easy $30 million
  • Great way to piss off those who bought an X AND PUBG at full price.  You know, the ones who made it a damn good success in just 2 days.
  • Console deals are abundant. It happens all the time.
  • If it was $60, I'd be more annoyed at this.
  • There are so many deals for the X these days. Multiple games with X for 500 bucks. -50 bucks on european stores and on european amazon. 100-150 gift vouchers for every XB1x.  This for me shows that the XB1x isn't selling as well as expected. And when they do these deals or drop the price so early (around 1 month) after launch it's usually "fans" who bought the console day on day one that are screwed..
  • What if we already bought one?
  • You get to have an Xbox one x
  • As others have said console bundles happen all the time but it does seem a bit soon after release and in particular for an early access title. I bought the Scorpio the moment order opened and also bought PUBG the day it launched on XBOX so a little disappointed. An extra code for those X owners would be a nice gesture to gift to a friend would be a nice gesture.