Plex introduces Plexamp, a standalone music player for Windows

Fresh out of Plex's new experimental Plex Labs (opens in new tab) division is Plexamp, the company's take on a dedicated music player. built off the back of nostalgia for the days where Winamp reigned supreme, Plexamp offers up a slick, standalone experience for playing back your music.

Whereas Plex's main offering is focused on playback your whole media collection, Plexamp sets its sights on playing back music and music alone. The miniature player works with both Windows and macOS and supports native playback controls. There's support for playing nearly any music format you can think of, and Plexamp can even be used as a companion control for other Plex players you may have running.

On top of basic playback, Plexamp throws in a number of other niceties, like gapless playback and soft transitions. And for anyone pining for the days where Windows Media Player reigned supreme, Plexamp includes visualizers at which you can stare intensely while jamming out. Plexamp also sports some intelligent features like loudness leveling to normalize playback volume, as well as different types of library stations to create radio stations out of your tracks.

If you have a large local library of music and haven't chained yourself to one of the streaming giants yet, Plexamp looks like it could be an interesting option to check out. That's particularly timely for anyone currently going through the exodus from Groove Music who may be on the lookout for another player.

If you'd like to give Plexamp a try, you can download it now from the Plex Labs site (opens in new tab).

See at Plex Labs (opens in new tab)

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • If it doesn't work on the Xbox One and mobile as well as PC then it's dead in the water for me just as Groove is.
  • Groove works on all of them.
  • Still like grove as a local player. Never needed streaming service so won't miss it.
  • Trouble is that Groove doesn't see local music on the Xbox One and it doesn't support .flac format on OneDrive, hence I am using VLC on everything even though it's flaky on the Xbox One, no choice really.
  • Going to give a shot
  • Note sure if im using the right player? But mine Plexamp is not standalone. You need Plex server running. Doesn't work with local files.
  • Groove doesn't see local music on Android anymore it seems either. Sure doesn't for me.
  • Don't think it has ever worked on Android so no need for the anymore bit. But VLC does, really a shame that VLC albeit a bit flaky and not as good as Groove supports local music on MS's Xbox and also manages it on Andriod yet Groove doesn't and doesn't support .flac over OneDrive, it's also a shame this new Plex program isn't a UWP app that would run on mobile, PC and Xbox One.
  • I love GMMP for playing local files on Android. Lots of great options.
  • Please keep the Store articles coming. Help boost store popularity!
  • I don't want Groove to die. It had got so far. 😔
  • I will prefer it as an app in windows store. As standalone music player, I'll keep my Groove.
  • Will wait to download until it drops in the MS Store.
  • That's particularly timely for anyone currently going through the exodus from Groove Music who may be on the lookout for another player.
    Groove is still there, works locally + play your mp3 from onedrive ... what's no more, is the streaming service groove music pass, and this plex player doesn't offer an alternative to it