Plimpli Adventures is a colorful and challenging endless runner game

Plimpli Adventures is an endless-runner style Windows 10 game where you guide Plimpli and his friends across a dangerous obstacle course. The characters are bright and colorful, but don't let the cartoon appearance fool you. This free game tests your skills at timing, patience and concentration.

Available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile, Plimpli Adventures has eight different areas to navigate, eight power-ups to boost your chances of survival and five different bosses to get past. Controls are simple, gameplay challenging and all in all, Plimpli Adventures is a nice addition to the endless-runner style games in the Windows Store.

Plimpli Adventures greets you with a rather minimal primary menu that includes access to the game's settings, the game store and the standard option to start gameplay. The game store has power-ups available for purchase with the gold you earn during gameplay and in-app purchase options to buy gold and gems ($0.99 and up). Gems are also earned during gameplay and can be used to revive characters, unlock characters and more.

When you first jump into gameplay, Plimpli is the only character available to use. Additional characters are available for purchase using the gems you earn during gameplay. Prior to the first game of Plimpli Adventures, a series of tutorial screens appear to provide the basics for gameplay controls. The Windows 10 game supports both touchscreen and keyboard controls.

Your game character begins out hovering in the middle of the screen and tapping the screen kicks off the action. To keep the character in flight, tap the right side of the display or tap the space button on the keyboard. Forward progress is automatic and you control the vertical position of Plimpli and the other characters to avoid dangers.

Plimpli can also shoot some dangers to remove the danger. To shoot, tap the left or right side of the display or press the Z key from the keyboard. If you don't mind shooting all over the place, keep your screen taps to the right side that causes Plimpli to jump and shoot. This option makes it easier to concentrate on your flight path.

Plimpli Adventures

The other control available for Plimpli is a dash feature that allows your character to zip across the screen. A dash meter is positioned in the lower left corner of the screen and tapping that control (tap the X key from the keyboard) activates this feature.

The object of Plimpli Adventures is straightforward: fly as far as possible without dying. Plimpli can bite the dust by hitting any of the obstacles, being hit by a flying enemy or smashing into the ground or top of the game screen. You only get one life and if you want to cash in on a mulligan to revive Plimpli, it costs you a few gems.

Plimpli Adventures

As you progress in the Windows 10 game, the environments transitions between eight different settings, along with day/night scenes and weather events. The latter is a nice touch to keep things from growing stale. Another nice feature to keep the game interesting is the five different bosses you must defeat and pass.

My only nit with this Windows 10 game is that it can be a little unforgiving. The slightest glance against an object can send Plimpli to its fate. There is a health meter that should allow you a few strikes before death, but the meter can be exhausted rather abruptly.

Plimpli Adventures is a free game, available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile. It is a surprisingly difficult game to master and you should not let the colorful, cartoon graphics fool you. The game is a nice test of your skills at timing, patience and concentration. Look away from the screen for even a moment you'll easily slam into a pillar, the ground or get struck by an enemy creature. All in all, Plimpli Adventures is a nice addition to the endless-runner genre of games in the Windows Store.

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