Pocket Physics and Pocket Mathematics are useful ready reckoners for students

Pocket Physics and Pocket Mathematics are easy-to-use, educational apps that cover common formulas and concepts of the two subjects.

The two apps are particularly useful for students to refer to while doing their homework or last minute revision while appearing for an exam. The content is suitable for all levels of physics and mathematics - from high school to university. They are also pretty handy for physics or mathematics enthusiasts wondering the exact equation for a function or solving a projectile motion equation at work.

Pocket Physics

The two identical apps are in no way an alternative for a proper textbook, but serve as pretty handy reference guides. The developers promise to add more content in the upcoming updates. The user experience of the apps is pretty straightforward and the design is neat and simple.

Pocket Mathematics

Both Pocket Physics and Pocket Mathematics explain concepts in brief with concise descriptions with equations and diagrams. All the content is arranged in different chapters covering specific topics. The app's free, and ad-supported. Give it a whirl, and let us know how you like it.

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Abhishek Baxi