Pocket your Surface Duo in this super customizable Noreve pouch

Noreve Surface Duo Leather Pouch
Noreve Surface Duo Leather Pouch (Image credit: Noreve)

What you need to know

  • Noreve has a new leather pouch available for Surface Duo.
  • The pouch is very customizable, with different leather finishes, slots, engravings, and more.
  • The Noreve Leather Pouch for Surface Duo is available now starting at $49.

Surface Duo is slowly seeing more accessories hit the market, and Noreve is one of the latest companies to jump on board. The company now has a customizable leather pouch available for Microsoft's folding phone, with plenty of finishes on offer.

The leather pouch is different from a case, letting you tuck your Duo away when you're not using it. Noreve is known for making some high quality leather accessories with a variety of different finishes, and that's no different here. You can choose from quilted or unquilted leather, along with various different grains, synthetic, vegan, and other options.

Beyond the different leather types and finishes, you can also add things like card slots and grips to the pouch. There's the option for a belt clip, necklace holder, and engraving as well. Of course, there are a ton of different color options, too.

The Noreve Leather Pouch for Surface Duo starts at around $49 for the synthetic leather version with no frills. That can quickly go well north of $100 depending on what you want, though.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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