Poland-based Kruger&Matz is selling a Surface clone tablet, complete with keyboard cover

While we wait for Microsoft to (hopefully) announce the successor to the Surface Pro 3 next week, a Poland-based company called Kruger&Matz is selling its own Windows 10 tablet that looks almost exactly like a Surface product. It's called the EDGE 1161 and it's available for order now for the price of 1949 zł, or about $513.

edge 1161

As you can see from the images above, the EDGE 1161 could easily be mistaken for a Surface tablet; it even includes a similar built-in kickstand and an type cover. Inside the tablet with the 11.6-inch 1920x1080 screen there's an Intel Core M-5Y10c dual-core processor running at 800 MHz, along with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of onboard storage.

edge 1161

What do you think of this Poland-based Surface clone? Let us know in the comments!

Thanks to Piotr for the tip!

Source: Kruger&Matz

John Callaham
  • Legal or nah? I mean its damn dear identical.
  • It's probably fine.  Hard to litigate stuff like this. Will Microsoft get more Windows tablets in people's hands if they sell this?  Yes.  So it's a win. Will people buy it mistaking it to be a Surface?  Unlikely and in the EU where the consumer has strong protections, it's easy to return if they do.
  • it's easy to tell the difference: if it's available in your country then it's definitely not a Surface
  • Plus, MS's goal was to spear head a new form factor. It seems to be happening, even if their thunder is being stolen. If this is a satisfactory go forawrd and these types of devices take hold over the next year as a permanent piece (as opposed to say, those mini laptops of yesteryear) then I think MS is content.
  • For the price. This is pretty bad actually. Super low end CPU. And a slighly smaller screen than the Surface Pro 3.
  • Isn't is roughly on par with the non pro though?
  • Easy there ghost rider, the M type cpu is not SUPER LOW END, it actually falls between the i3 and i5 CPU"s so unless  you have personal experience with it, hold those comments to yourself!  I have been using a DELL VENUE 11 PRO (7140) with this same M cpu, 4gb of ram and 128gb ssd, great screen color and resolution and it runs with no problems at all, Dell also offers a REAL docking station available as well as a battery keyboard which extends the battery life out to 10-12 hours depending on use!  This being said, this "clone" of the Surface pro is more comperable to a gen 1 surface vs a SP3.  For many, it should work just fine, I for one would like to see MS offer a SP4 with the newer version of the M Type cpu, larger ssd options and a lower the price!
  • There's no reason for them to lower the price (besides the year over year price cuts as materials become cheaper). Ceaper clones dump something to justify their price, it's called options for different consumers. The Surface line already beyond justify their price tag, especially more than the new and inferior toyPad Pro and Pixel C. Cry to those overpriced toys for reasonable prices, then further lower prices, then come and cry for lower prices from already beyond-justified devices like the Surface line. I mean, the Surface Pro line is a full Tablet ($500), Wacom-Cintiq-Accuracy Digitizer Drawing Board (according to pro artists, $1000), and i5 SSD-equipped Laptop ($1000), selling for just slightly more than an i5 SSD-equipped Laptop ($1130 USD), how cheap can you get? If you're talking about it being more expensive in your country like it is here in Canada, that's not Microsoft's fault, blame your countries degraded currency and price inflation.
  • Don't forget the price includes 23% VAT, which you don't pay in the US. In Europe, everything not only comes with VAT, but is always more expensive than in the US. So, in the US, you would probably pay about 350-400 USD.
  • Ugh, that damn VAT... =\
  • First time I hear THIS! US don't get vat? F*#Ing hell...that is 20/23% more...that is why your products are always cheaper...this f*#k wasting money eu politicians.. Good for you anyway. USA is a great country once more
  • Chill guys. Yes, at UE we pay 20-23% VAT TAX for every good we buy. In US, there is TAX related to place of selling/buying. But still most of goods are advertised as it would be without tax. Like mine SP3 which i bought 999$ + 129$ keyboard but + 4% Tax at best buy i have bought it. There are some differences, and i think electronic equipment is still cheaper than in UE, but we can't say US don't have a VAT TAX. They do, it is related to the place.
  • Most countries quote prices including Tax (GST, VAT etc)... AFAIK the US is the only country with 1) different taxes in different states and 2) quotes all prices excluding tax (but still have to pay it, in normal cases)
  • canadian price normally also excluding tax or will say $xxx +Tax the reason for that is different tax rate for different sates/rpovince, so in Ontario, we pay 13% HST tax for almost everything, but across the border of Niagara fall in New York(state), the tax rate is lower.  So especially when Canadian Dollar was stronger, we very often go across the border to buy same thing for cheaper price and less Tax.      
  • Why is everyone comparing everything to SP3 and not S3!
  • Bring them on... as long as they run Windows 10 it's all good.  Remember Microsoft is first a software company and the whole Surface thing was to demonstrate the hardware possibilities.
  • This
  • I'm sure it is illegal
  • Believe it or not, but in the European Union you could get prosecuted for buying this laptop if it was illegal - not to even mention selling it. So no, it's not illegal. And don't forget you need to partner with Microsoft to produce such devices - I doubt you would get a licence for Windows, if you were trying to do something illegal.
  • Its thick yooh....
  • 800 mhz?  Come on.
  • With 4gb of ram. Weird.
  • It turbos up to 2Ghz when necessary. It is about 50% faster than the atoms in the surface 3. Not a bad CPU at the $500 price point this is. Core M 5Y10: https://cpubenchmark.net/cpu.php?cpu=Intel+Core+M-5Y10+%40+0.80GHz&id=2316 Atom x7-z8700: http://www.cpubenchmark.net/cpu.php?cpu=Intel+Atom+x7-Z8700+%40+1.60GHz
  • The Core M cpus are all really low base clocked. They turbo up, but some have throttling limitations. It'll be fine for most people but its not as good as the i5 from even the surface pro 1.
  • The year of the surface clone.
  • Law suite! Just kidding!
  • you mean, aw sweet! lol =D
  • As long as it runs Windows, it's fine.
  • Yuck
  • Just as ugly as the original... Who cares?
  • Troll
  • I'm sure you use apple products. All of which are children's toys.
  • Fisher Price?
  • 1800 mHz, or 800? Heh. Big difference.
  • Hmm... that's strangely suspicious... Microsoft has patents on the Surface design... so unless they are paying royalties, I doubt this will fly.
  • I think Microsoft would only pursue lawsuits with non-Windows devices.
  • Wow, Microsoft sure impressed and inspired lots of manufacturers with their innovative Surface design. The list of imitators just keeps growing and making loads of options for consumers :D Hope Microsoft doesn't go extremely greedy suing the competition for being inspired by their innovation. Excellent Job Panos Pannay! Still loving my Surface Pro 2, can't wait to see the Surface Pro 4 next week, my money is ready if it's coming with a Thunderbolt 3 port :D
  • Oor they might be inspired by Apples "innovation". What took them so long? this started after Apple introduced its iPad (or iPod. whatever). Google made Pixel C, HP (or was it Dell) is making one, now this.. about dozen will come from China too (they copied all iPhones)
  • Do you really think this company, Google, hp, or Dell in less than a month after the Apple event were able to design, build new devices and have events and announcements about them ? Do you have any clue about development time?
  • I do. I read it takes about 8 months.
    1)Design is copy-paste-resize,
    2)HP/Dell hasn't announced its yet, still developing (?)
    3)I think it's near impossible but Apple & Google could have worked together (against MS). Look around what Google and Apple have shared with MS (apps, programs, anything). we still have people that cry about official YouTube app not being available for WP
  • Apple's innovation? You mean this half-assed ripoff of the Surface that's just an XXXXL iPod touch with equal price tag but inferior capabilities? That video is probably a good representation of you...
  • Good one, idiot. Check my first comment again..see innovation is in quotation marks. I have never owned and so far have no desire to buy any Apple products
  • is the Surface available in Poland? if not, this is a totally fair move from then. Microsoft is just the worst at going global.
  • It isn't available here unfortunately. I had to import mine.
  • Exactly!
  • if they pay royalties im fine
  • I don't know about royalties, but they definitly pay windows license fees.
  • Wow! The Surface design is a hit big-time! People love that design.
  • Mmm.. I love the smell of lawsuits in the afternoon!
  • Sadly for you, you ain't smelling one this or the next afternoon.
  • I like that 2 tone type cover
  • Translation in case interested. Starting at the windows key and working counter-clockwise: Windows Key Speaker Front Camera Back Camera Volume control Sleep button Notification LED Memory card slot Micro HDMI Microphone Power Micro USB USB 3.0 Kickstand Earphone plug Touchpad Keyboard   Oh and the title translates roughly to "One Setup. Many possibilities."
  • Interesting that it has a Notification LED...
  • It won't be too long before the entire wold is totally filled with surface clones if it goes at this rate.
  • Today Poland. What's tomorrow, North-Korea?
  • I won't doubt it.
  • Kruger & Matz does not deliver good quality products in general so comparison to Surface is strongly theoretical. In Poland there are many products looking almost or just identical to good branded products but with much worse quality and / or technical worse parameters.
    It is not a competition to Surface but it shows that Microsoft inspires a lot of people with Surface and trials to copy this not only by Kruger & Matz but also by Apple means Microsoft succeeded!
  • It's a Polish brand but basically they're Chinese clones rebranded as Polish.
  • o kurwa!
  • Cool. For those who scream "Lawsuit" this is exactly what Microsoft wanted for OEMs to do when they built the Surface.
  • Just the fact that it's Polish is bad enough for me. Also, I hate how they copied the Surface that much. I guess they couldn't replicate the keyboard entirely.
  • Crappy
  • Wouldn't mind seeing some surface clones make there way to australia.
  • I would like to know if this machine uses the same type of "magical" hinge that the SP3 has. Does it allow the device to recline as far back as the SP3? (I've always thought those little hinges were mini-marvels of industrial design)
  • I'm an old 3.1 user after countless computers and software I keep wondering "why do we still use windows?" Get an android and you'll ask yourself too, less space, faster response, less ram needed, no need to re-boot, countless apps running without crashes. Better than dos 3.22 when it came out. Joke !
  • Now can Polan really into space???
  • 800 MHz? Lower than the cheapest and lowest mobile phones.
  • read cpu specification before posting complete BS - http://ark.intel.com/products/85234/Intel-Core-M-5Y10c-Processor-4M-Cach...