Is Samsung DeX for Windows 10 something you would use? (poll)

Samsung has released its new DeX app for PC and Mac (opens in new tab) that turns any computer into a DeX workstation when a Galaxy Note 10 device is connected. That's a big deal for DeX, but it's a feature that I've seen many people online call "useless" and "unnecessary." So I'm curious, what do you think about the Samsung DeX app? Would you use DeX in place of your native operating system on your PC?

I think a lot of people branding the DeX app as useless assume it's designed to outright replace Windows or macOS on whatever device it's installed on, but that's not what it's for. Samsung DeX for PC and Mac is designed primarily as another way to access your phone while using your PC. The DeX environment lets you run any Android app on you phone directly on your PC without needing to remote in to the device.

Hands-on with the new Samsung DeX app for Windows 10

It can also prove useful for when you have documents or photos on your phone that you want to view on your laptop, without actually transferring the files off of your phone. With DeX, you can open the document, and edit it in an environment designed for the larger screen with a keyboard and mouse, without having to manually transfer the document or photo to your PC first.

I do think DeX's use case is for a niche audience, but I don't think it's totally unnecessary. It has its uses, and that's why it exists. What are your thoughts on the Samsung DeX app? Answer our poll and let us know in the comments.

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

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  • With the Your Phone app supposedly getting device mirroring soon, there is no reason to use DeX. It's no more useful than when Windows Mobile did the same thing years ago.
  • Screen mirroring and DeX are different. DeX will give you a desktop UI instead of a small touchscreen UI.
  • How do you know what YourPhone will do?
  • Considering it would have to resize and manipulate other apps in order to any other than device mirroring, and the device mirroring has already been shown off to some degree, not to mention Microsoft's glacial pace so far with the Your Phone app, there's no chance it's anything beyond simple device mirroring. DeX is totally different, and requires a lot on the device side.
  • Microsoft and Samsung showed off Your Phone. Also, it's a feature you can use right now.
  • But by definition, if using a Windows PC, I've already got a very good desktop UI, I don't need another, all I need is to run Android apps on the PC, if the emulators that are available are any good, then I wouldn't need Dex.
  • yes!
    all android apps on windows AND Mac
    and use 500GB of storage on my phone instead of cloud.. I use windows and work and Mac at home.. and I can use DeX on both environments.. seems worth it!
  • No. I view Android as more of a toy than a tool
  • I don't even give Android that much credit. At least a toy is entertaining. Android and the apps are grade A crap.
  • I've had DeX on my phones since the over 3 years. I NEVER once used it. Ever.
    That being said, the main reason for it was that the experience was unbelievably cumbersome and limited with the need for docks and adapters and all of that. I will definitely give the new DeX a try once it's available on the S10 line with the Android 10 update. We'll then see how useful it is. Currently sync between the YourPhone app on an S10 and Windows is already nearly instant (let's say I get the notifications on new emails etc faster via YourPhone than I do via the Windows 10 native apps) so I might not see many added benefits.
  • If/when it comes to S10, I'll give it a whirl.
  • This feels like Diet Continuum. If it were Windows, sure. But as a Samsung skinned Android based experience, I don't see any real value.
  • How does it get more more "diet" than Continuum?! DeX runs circles around Microsoft's half-baked Continuum.
  • Microsoft hater has moved here? It was so peaceful and respectful.
  • How is describing Continuum half baked either aggressive or disrespectful to you? Just because you don't agree it doesn't make make the person a hater.
  • I think it's more due to the person posting than what he/she is saying. Bleached has been here a long time essentially only writing negative things no matter what.
  • Meh, You're probably right. I just don't see the value. You're plugging your phone into your computer to do what exactly? Phone stuff on a bigger screen? You literally have a computer in front of you. With YourPhone and/or OneDrive, what is the point? I'd rather see Microsoft allow VM setups on our OneDrive that we can access anywhere.
  • Considering Continuum, in regards to Windows Phone, is on the endangered species list, and never made it much past demo, I'd say Dex wins here. And I was a WP MVP, and currently still have a 950XL with a WP Dock, hooked to a monitor with BT keyboard and mouse, still set up.
  • I mean the whole Cshell thing is the evolution of continuum and in that sense it hasn't "died." Theoretically with it Microsoft could eventually go back into mobile phone market and it would be as if dex/continuum is completely built into the OS.
  • I work as an IT consultant and have recently started using dex as my main platform for work. I understand my case isnt common, but the ability to seamlessly transition from working in a desktop environment to mobile and back again on my unlimited LTE line has proven quite useful to my work. The addition of DeX on Windows has allowed me to purchase a low power ultrabook and use that for DeX on the go. I wish it offered better resolution support for more productivity focused monitors without the need for a samsung pad/dock. That was a lame money grab on Samsung.
  • I'm curious what ultrabook are you using to get to DeX?
  • DeX is a good feature and remind me of continuum. But I honestly don't know if I would use it on Windows. For example, I use a lot for word documents on my phone and on my pc, but with onedrive they're always in sync, so I wont need DeX for it. I think DeX is more useful for me in a similar way continuum was, using it on a TV outside home for some word document editing with keyboard and mouse. At home I can simply use Word for windows + onedrive. I think that this works even for who doesn't use Microsoft ecosystem, people have Google Cloud and iCloud to do that file sync job.
  • I heard the best use case for DeX the other day. Someone mentioned how they don't want to log into their personal accounts from their work computer, because they don't entirely trust the work network's security and occasionally switch between work computers. Having your phone and a USB-C cable being the only barrier between you and your accounts seems like an incredibly simple way to allow you access to all of your apps and services without having to stop everything to check your phone whenever you get a message. If DeX for Windows/Mac allows for drag and drop interactions with files on the phone/computer, this would be a huge boon for interacting with services on work and personal accounts simultaneously.
  • That's assuming you can install the DeX client on a work PC.
  • If my note 9 could use it yes but I'm not buying a note 10 just so I can use it.
  • I'm sorry, I don't believe those numbers.
  • Has everyone just completely forgotten about the almighty USB cable? So many fancy programs to do such a simple thing. Plug it in and get access to everything as if it were a flash drive. Edit as you wish.
  • Considering most things you do on your phone aren't file-specific (interacting with email, messaging apps, news/video apps, etc), this seems like a pretty senseless comment.
  • I can see the use cases for DeX on Windows 10/macOS but it seems that they are almost all business oriented (which I'm guessing is how Samsung sees it as well). Beyond that DeX seems like it will always be a hobbyist or edge case for the consumer space. Ultimately if I have my Surface Laptop out there is little reason for me to dock my Note 10+ to a very capable laptop. If the use case is being able to access data on my phone between DeX and the OS then I can just use OneDrive to move that data. I will tinker with it in reference to the Note 10+ and a NexDock 2 combo making my Note 10+ my only computing platform for my personal world. It would fit many of my needs though it would be lacking in others (namely games to which I mostly live in old school 90's games so that is probably still workable).
  • I can’t believe we are still having this conversation when it comes to Samsung Dex I use it all the time. I have been a user since it was first released with the S8/+ and in that time it has never let me down. My use and experience with Samsung Dex is not a casual one for at times Samsung Dex has been my only PC user like experience for 30 to 45 days international trips, and again in those cases, it never failed me. During one of these trips, Samsung Dex was my PC for a series of online courses that required a lot of virtual lab work, and again Dex never fail me.  I have had the full experience with Samsung Dex from the puck like dock, which I still use from time to time. Hey, it has an Ethernet port. With the Note 8, I purchased the flat dock, which I eventually gave to my girlfriend, and she uses it a lot of times in class while teaching and it has never let her down.  With the Note 9, I moved onto using Samsung Dex via an HDMI cable talk about a blessing in disguise and again no let down. Has it been all peaches and cream with Samsung Dex of course not? However, the few issues I have had with Samsung Dex have more so do with Android, and it’s limitations than Samsung Dex itself. Plus because of Samsung Dex, I have begun to dabble around with Linux what could be better?  For me Samsung Dex gets the job done, and I’m not going to say Samsung Dex is geared more towards business users because I am far from that, but it is a great tool when it comes to getting things done. 
  • Needs a wireless option.
  • I want dex to work without a computer needed in the middle
  • ? It does. It works with no PC, phone just hooked to peripherals. This client implementation on Windows or MacOS is in addition.
  • What do you hook it up with
  • It does just plug into a monitor.
  • Not at all.
  • As I've seen on several Samsung DeX reviews, the app support needs to improve greatly and the many bugs need to be adressed, sooner rather than later. Is Samsun is serious about DeX it needs to work very well out of the box, not do this rapid prototyping consumer feedback stuff. It's otherwise a waste of productivity and time, spending more time on workarounds and debugging, rather than actually getting a job or task done. Take a page from Microsoft and Continuum.