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Poll: Upgraded to Windows 8.1, what are your thoughts?

Windows 8.1 has been out for a matter of hours and already many of us have bombed straight into the deep end and upgraded. But how has the process been for you? And more importantly: what are your thoughts on Windows 8.1? While some of us have actively been stressing the Windows 8.1 Preview, there are some handy new features and updates included in the final release.

So, feel free to vote in our poll, comment below with your thoughts and let's see how it's all gone for the first major update to Windows 8.

If you haven't yet upgraded and are currently seeking the download link, be sure to head on over to our Windows 8.1 announcement article for more details.

Are you mobile and want to take the poll? Head to to take in your mobile browser!

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  • Excellent so far..
  • I thought that the multiple monitor support was finally awesome rolling with three apps (browser, facebook, and twitter) on one monitor and my desktop on the other, but it seems that every once in a while "explorer.exe" crashes. When it happens, it continues to happen until I restart the computer...first chink in the armor :(
  • I would suspect a video driver issue. How up to date is it?
  • Maybe. I think it is the latest version provided by NVidea. I also have some weird issues with the locking frames around apps...but that might be related to the other problem.
  • I haven't noticed much of a difference to be honest. I do prefer the previous version of the store though. This new version is a cluttered mess and less metro looking.
  • theres always the option to use the website
  • I couldn't work out if they had unified the store? I looked at some apps i have on my phone, but it still told me to buy them. I thought they were unifying everything so you only had to buy apps/games once??
  • Answering the thread: I upgraded on my old P8600 with 4gb ram, and it flies. Windows 8 has given a new lease of life to this old laptop. Very impressed. Just bought windows 8 pro upgrade from tesco for 49.50 for my dell xps17 i7 with 8gb ram. 
  • Already upgraded my devices in september with my technet account
  • *Oh yeah I installed iOS7 in June on my developer account*
  • Bug off
  • Condolences...
  • Good, glad to know you're a part of the group of ios7 group that has been getting the BSOD report by the verge. This should a breadth of fresh air : )
  • Me too.
  • dont know, tried to go into the windows store to DL and it was stuck there forever, ended up having to leave for work.
  • What does the Disabled List have to do with it?...
  • Create a back up disk before updating. My co-worker threw caution to the wind and did not... Yea it bricked. Luckily we have a few others laying around to make the disk from (600 units)
  • I'd share my thoughts, but it seems to be stuck on the white screen with the spinning green dots...
  • Close the app and re-open it. You will see the Store now and ur update on the upper right corner (click on it to see the progress).
  • Thanks Jey, I tried it and its now showing me the slow-as-ever download progress. Now I play the waiting game...
  • I started downloading at 2PM. Just finished the update at 10PM. I think they need bigger Servers
  • I started downloading at 7 it was done by 7:25
  • Its all very mysterious isn't it. Around 9 pm the download suddenly speeded up and voila, it was done within a few minutes. Upgraded two machines without incident.
  • Bit disppointes with ie11 but 8.1 itself is perfect
  • What's wrong with IE11?
  • That's a very weird comment
  • Me too. Sites that worked fine before the update aren't rendering correctly since the update.
  • While googling on IE11 (I know, it just works better sometimes) noticed the results render all discombobulated. Thought maybe it was google but then again maybe just a kink.
  • I have problems with ie11 too. It freezes constantly. I open the application and click on a favorite or type an address and it freezes. Pretty dissapointing. Tried to disable addons and so, but it still crashes. I'm using the metro version instead, and oddly enough, works correctly.
  • That's funny, I've been running 8.1 since it RTM' d in enterprise environment without issue with ie11
  • have you disabled the GPU rendering? Im sure you dont, but if you do, it will probably stop freezing and crashless... I dont expect your gpu to be good for that anyway, even if you had a good gpu, some drivers make stuff work weird so go to advanced tools and use software rendering instead of gpu.
    even an old computer I use which is like 7 years old, runs 8.1 "fine", so I dont see how you wouldnt run it fine. of course and again, you should remove the hardware rendering and use software. it makes IE more stable.
  • I already had the software rendering box checked, but I'll admit that I did have to reinstall the graphic drivers (AMD RADEON HD 5 series) after the update. I'll try to do some restarts and see if the problem goes away. Either way, the metro version is totally fine, I don't know if they've done something to it, but I found it more usable now. Maybe is just my perception.
  • well then honestly if you havea radeon HD 5xxx, you can use GPU rendering. my dad has a HD5450 and it works nice with IE. only the start of the IE takes a little time, but after my homepage loads (bing) it will go normally fast. you could also, Reset IE, and dont delete your personal info, just reset some settings and stuff.
    because IE11 works fine in this old computer I have to use (my real pc broke sometime ago) and its like 8 years old or 7 or something, the videocard doesnt even have a Win7 driver so i had to use a vista one. and while it works slow sometimes, it still works fine, and IE rarely crashes, only if I load too many flash sites, since I run it in software so the processor being old and only 2 cores, suffer.
    its just weird when people say their IE crashes in mordern computers, when this old computers with vista drivers still doesnt see many crashes, of course sometimes its slow and its stressful but still it runs decently.
  • Found the problem. It was the adblock addon. didn't check it before because I wanted it to work, so i thought it would work. I feel a little stupid right now. haha. Thanks for the help Emi!
  • Unfortunately, I cannot upgrade due to some error. Why can't I just download like d usual windows update?
  • Same here. Dell XPS12
  • Make sure Windows Updates are completed, restart your computer and go back into the store. That's what fixed it on my XPS 12... Also a side note, do you ever have problems with the WiFi on your 12?
  • Yes, we have XPS 12's and 13's at our corporate office and their wireless is very susceptible to interference. Our Latitudes 6500's can get consistent 300 Mbps while the XPS get 24 - 160 sitting at the same table.
  • Damn it, that's what I expected... Koodos for upgrading to Windows 8 in a corporate setting also!
  • Windows 8 needs to be fully up to date first
  • It is.  I get error code 0x80070083.
    Not had much time to troubleshoot yet...
    This day and age and MS can't give me a better pointer to whats wrong than error code 0x80070083???
  • Had a similar problem. 8.1 Preview having developed quite a few bugs over time, I did a refresh first, then installed 8.1: it worked like a charm.
  • Refresh first your 8.1 Preview, then upgrade to the official release. Worked like a charm for me (originally had a similar error)
  • I never installed 8.1 preview.
  • you just need to locate the appropriate log file to search through. Try this...
    a. From the desktop
    b. Press Windows + R keys
    c. Type "wsreset.exe" (with out quotes) in run window and press enter. That will reset the windows store cache. See if you have any luck.
  • I tried that already too.
    I also tried a clean boot & a scan of the boot drive.
  • Same here.  My Surface Pro with 8.1 Preview gives an error of 0xc1900106 and states that there are firmware or updates that need to be installed first.  Except none show up when doing an update check.  I've reset Windows Update and the whole nine yards to no avail.  A few other people have had this problem as well. I was however able to upgrade a Surface RT (that has Win 8.1 Preview) and that's working great!
  • You can't upgrade from 8.1 preview! You must reset back to 8.0 first.
  • Oh really?   Then explain this.
  • Wrong! On a Surface RT you *CAN* upgrade from 8.1 preview to RTM. No need to reset. Read ->
  • Just an FYI, upgrading from the Preview isn't an officially supported scenario. Upgrading from betas is always a risky experience.
    That said, might be a driver or firmware issue on your system model that you need to get from the OEM first.
  • You said it best. Upgrading from a Preview is not very smart. Would me much better to refresh back to the original Windows 8 install and upgrade from there.
  • It is an officially supported scenario on Surface as the links in posts above yours confirm.
  • too..ie11 desktop version gets stuck....metro version rocks!!
  • Not done yet waiting, waiting have to do my surface RT and my desktop
  • Havn't had a problem with the store version although my msdn version (ISO) wouldn't accept the key for an upgrade on one of my computers.
  • As it shouldn't by design. Just FYI.
  • Update was fine, but I'm still having issues with Photos and music :/
  • So far so good ;)
  • My computer seems to have worked out whatever kinks I'd created over the last year. The plus side to annual major releases is it undos the damage we do during the year. Otherwise, I love the ability to better organize the start screen.
  • Installed easily. But now cant access WiFi access points. Even though worked perfectly in windows 8
  • Have this exact problem, among others. Can't upgrade yet without "activation key" even though I have one. Kills my wirelss.
  • If you have a Cisco VPN clinet installed, uninstall it, reboot, update wireless drivers, reboot - confirm it works. Reinstalling VPN clinet may work but I'd wait for a new release from Cisco if you can
  • Don't have anything cisco based.. Was all working in windows 8
  • i had problems connecting my wp8 device to public wifi(not ready to do hard reset) after gdr2 so its no surprise it doesn't quite work.
  • Why would that be relevant in this case?
  • Same problem here except I can tether my phone to the computer through it but can't get at the router. DLink btw and it was working on windows 8 yesterday
  • Yep. Mine was working, no idea what has changed as it was working in windows 8.0. Rolling back as we speak, thankful windows.old file is there :)
  • The update worked great on both my PCs. Not a single issue. Overall update is pretty sweet and I like it.
  • So far so good. Using the preview swiping back to the last page viewed took forever to be active ... Nice and quick in the final. Also the mail app is awesome now that folders are hidden until needed.
  • I'm still having the issue where swiping back takes forever after upgrading to RTM, that was the one thing I hoped would get fixed.
  • Can't complain! Really good so far. Installed 8.1 Pro with Media Center on my laptop and RT 8.1 on my Surface and both are runny smooth and quick. I had no issues with the install, had them both done quite quickly after release.
  • Is it just surface RT that get the update or all rt models?
  • All Windows 8 and Windows RT devices.
  • Planning to do this tonight when I get home!
  • Love it. Just waiting on my surface with 8.1 preview to update.
  • Don't know yet, clicked on it to download but it got stuck. Rebooting PC now!
  • Surface rt bricked missing file://BCD, ACER win8 works fine. Heading to Microsoft store now for RT repair they say no charge..
  • Love it
  • Upgraded my laptops and all is good except Netflix app no longer works
  • Got it on my Surface RT. I really appreciate not needing the registry edit to get 4rows of tiles and not needing the vhd to get Xbox Music to recognize songs on the SD card. Also, loving the rest so far. It feels much more polished.
  • Updated about 2 months ago. Using Windows 8.2 now. (Just kidding)
  • Stuck at 84% for way too long. Rolling back now. Will try again tomorrow.
  • My desktop did that as well, you just need to be patient and wait.
  • Hate the new search in 8.1.
    And don't get me even started on the stupid Xbox Music app, its like they are trying to make it worse with each update; I miss Zune.
  • Here, here. See my post lower down....My only complaint with 8 is the music app.
  • You don't have to use it..why do you hate it?
  • I subscribe to it. Have you ever used Zune? If you have there is no way you can call the music app as it presently is a good music app.
  • guess depends on the user... I like both more than before the upgrade...
  • I prefer the new update personally.
  • Totally agree, Xbox Music still sucks I used a combination of iTunes and Music Info (which doesn't work on 8.1, so I now just use iTunes)
  • +1 cancelled my subscription
  • Someone should find the key to the closet they locked their Zune developers in and see if any are willing to come out  in exchange for helping with XBox Music.  Don't know which would be more torture, but that closet must be getting ripe.
  • Its very good...but where's my programs?
  • On Surface it should have warned you that you would have to reinstall your programs after the upgrade was complete. On a desktop or laptop the start screen shouldn't be any different.
  • Still downloading! After 3 hours only 35% has been downloaded... No doubt that the 8.1 will be great, as I'm loving the 8. Just can't figure out why people wanted that start button back. So much faster just to type on the start screen and are there.
  • Its time to upgrade from AOL Dial up dude :)
    Just Kidding
  • Same here. I downloaded twice on my laptop (both failed to install) in about 30 minutes total. My Surface is taking hours at this point. Amazing.
  • Its a huge improvement over 8.
  • Love the update!
  • My thoughts are that I can't use the touchpad on my new Lenovo Laptop because the synaptics drivers are all jacked up, and nobody will do anything about it.. It's hard to enjoy W8 without gesture support.. Does anyone else have this problem, or a fix❔❔
  • Have you downloaded the vanilla synaptics drivers from their website?  They've worked for me since I first bought Win8.  There are lots of interesting features in the non-OEM version.
  • Upgraded.
    Notebool exploded.
    House caught fire.
    Now homeless with wife and five kids.
    But Windows 8.1 is great, I'm pretty sure. Thanks for asking.
  • T caught fire becaus of the hot corners in 8.1 are too hot.
  • You think so?
    So it's Microsoft's fault.
    Let me call my lawyer.
  • I like it but I am at a loss for how to search within apps like I used to in win8. For example, I need to find an NSF proposal my Prof sent by email but if I search "NSF" while in mail I can't seem to JUST search mail. It wants to search Everywhere which does me no good. Changing from Everywhere to something else yields no "search Mail" option. Any suggestions? Otherwise, I like it. Oh, and the modern OneNote can't handle the new side by side app sizes. What's up with that?
  • Try clicking the magnifying glass opposite the all/unread filter ;-)
  • When get the Lumia 920 the update
  • Different OS, Windows Phone 8.1 (Blue) won't be out until early next year from what I understand.
  • What is different about this verses preview?
  • I'd also like to know. I didn't notice any changed, other than the fact that it uninstalled all my games and programs.
  • Like it, love the new tile sizes and icon colours, annoying thing with the photo app though doesn't show the images if they are in folders for me. Also i wish i could remove the start button from desktop i don't need it and takes up space haha! I also like the tutorial showing where to move your mouse they should have done that with w8 that would have helped people more! One other minor point, on wp you can have a medium tile and next to it one row of small tiles with another medium tile under it, so medium tiles going down in one row if that makes sense, cant do that on w8, i like making patterns ;). Other than few minor points really liking it ooo love the slideshow feature and new store layout! So much to say haha
  • So i love the new zoom mode that fills the screen on my sammy t700 tablet at 200%. But again, ill repeat,. everything is a lot better and faster and smoother and my only complaint has always and will always be the music app. Until it has syncing and every feature Zune had(has) then it is only a music player not a full fledged app. MY question, why doesnt the app get updated every week until its finished? lame.
  • Skype app is no longer opening in metro mode ..worked fine on win 8 version also shortcut on desktop mode 8.1 works...tried uninstall an reinstall with no success !
  • Same here. Skype doesn't quite crash but won't open either. Knocks me back to the start screen.
  • Yup ,that's exactly what happens to me.
  • Skype was updated along with the core apps, try checking for updates in the Store ;-)
  • where? i only see one skype app in the store and it does not solve the issue ....are u sure the skype app was updated to resolve that issue?
  • i also dont have any update of  skype in my store.
  • I get the blue screen of death with an IRQL_LESS_THAN_OR_EQUAL error. Some driver isn't compatible or something....
  • Do you have wireless adapter. Coz that is most likely the problem
  • Surface RT took about 1 hour. It feels like a completely different machine. Yesterday I probably wouldn't have recommended a Surface RT to anyone. Today, I would do so without hesitation. 8.1 makes that much of a difference.
  • Wow, really. Have you used the 8.1 preview? Is it much better than that?
  • Dunno. Surface RT crashed mid install, and the device can no longer start up. Fortunately Microsoft was nice and is going to send me a new one after I send In the broken one. Will take 5 days after I ship it out for the new one to come.
  • Warranty replacement? If so, that's not how it works.
  • It is if you don't live in the US, you box up the old one and send it back with the courier who delivers the new one.
  • Would like to tell you but it's taking almost 6 hours to install on my RT. Most underpowered product on the market
  • Mine took all day. I don't believe it is hardware related. More likely your internet download speed and server overload.
  • Windows 8.1 is awesome. Upgraded a few hours ago, but I have to say, downloading and installing really took its time, 3 hours... but it was worth it. I like most of the new stuff but I really hate it, that they renamed "computer" into "this pc" and that they added folders for documents, videos etc. which I don't want, since I use the libraries. What MS does to the Metro stuff is really cool, love that you can set a background image, the easy way to organize tiles it really worth it. These days where very exciting first GDR3 and now Windows 8.1, hope there will be more stuff in the next time.
  • PC, Laptop and Surface all updated fine through store. 8.1 seems slick. Pointless addition of the start button though.
  • Upgrade was slow but got there, eventually.
    What would be nice for WP8.1 (?) would be the 'universal' Bing search across the whole device.
    As for WIndows 8.1, let's try for a few days to decide.
  • Downloading for 3 hours now. I'm at 21%. every 10min I get 1% more. And I have a 50000 VDSL connection.
  • I think there should be an official WPCentral app for it.
  • It's coming
  • Easy upgrade...Surface RT, Acer W3, Asus laptop.
    Lost Office 2013 on my W3 though. Chatting with MS right now. Really dig how polished it looks/feels.
  • I do miss the people app that I could see who was online in messenger and facebook and pop me to the chat app .
    I don't really like the skype chat. I don't understand why they just couldent keep the messenger app and use the API's and not load the entire skype app anytime I try to chat with someone
    Other than that I really relly like windows 8.1
  • Been using 8.1 RTM since September 2013. Nice improvements, though I was a fan back in 2011. My 66 yr old mother really likes it and the touch screen laptop I leant her when 2002 XP PC died. I like the refinements and OOB apps updates and additions. A very welcome upgrade indeed.
  • I cannot tell anymore if my SkyDrive files have synced up or not as the green tick icon is no longer there does anybody else see this
  • SkyDrive has duped all my files. Nightmare
  • sigh....
    I really hope you read this...
    the point of Skydrive in 8.1, which was explained in channel9 its that they wanted to make a fusion between skydrive for win8, and skydrive for desktop.
    skydrive for desktop was stupid... because you HAD to synchronize everyfile in your computer, so it was pointless to have files online if you had to download them in your system. then they allowed to choose what folders you wanted to synnchronize but it wasnt enough.
    now Skydrive for Win8 was nice and all, but you didnt have offline files... so it was not useful in alot of scenarios, especially whenyou wanted to have your files offline and make changes and synch those changes to skydrive.
    why I tell you all this? because thats how it works now. now you are allowed to see your skydrive files and even open them, but without having to download all the files (imagine you have 20gb of files in your skydrive)
    now do this, go to skydrive folder propieties, and check how much space its the folder, but also, how much space its on the harddrive. and you will see Microsoft made some changes, so skydrive will download a smaller version of the file, and have thumbnails and all, but without downloading the whole file.
    now, right click on the file you want to synchronize and then you will get a "make available offline" yeah thats the new way of having your files in your disk if you want. also if you open a file it will automatically download the file. but then after you close it you can right click and "make available online-only". so you will be able to make changes to files, without having to download all the 19.9gb of 19999 files (for example) just you have to "download" 1 file.
    the point of the new skydrive its you will always have your files online, but you can make them offline. so they are already synchronized across devices everytime you are on your computer with an internet connection.
    if you see on details display in skydrive folder, you will also see a new row that will tell you if a file its offline or online. (it wasnt in the preview) and that way you dont need a green thing icon anymore.
  • I totally agree here, and I suspect this is why you can't post a photo to facebook from the photo ap now.  And that is my greatest gripe with 8.1.  Don't get me wrong, I really like 8.1.  I love the true universal search, the larger tiles, the snap features of the metro aps.  But the most handy part for me was the ability to be looking a photo on my skydrive and share it to my facebook page.  I can't even do that if I'm looking at a photo stored locally.  I have to go to the facebook site (since the offical ap doesn't support skydrive) and upload from there.  Guess I'll be posting photo's directly from my phone now.
  • Hi lancguy, I think this article explains why they changed things regarding your picture uploads let me know if it was of any use. Billy
  • Thank you _EMI_ for such a thougher reply it was well recieved, the only issue i do have though is that if i place some important files on my harddrive then i have to leave suddenely etc i would prefer to know that those files have backed up to the cloud before i left, just like i did in the past, i did a test yesterday and even though some files said avaible offline, they were not in my skydrive folder on the web unrill some time later, yes i refreshed screen etc but it didnt happen so the only real way to check now is to login to the online folder and check manually
    many thanks
  • Took ~30-40 minutes to download and install.
    Awesome sauce! Now its time to do my Surface RT and touch screen laptop.
  • Desktop, touch screen laptop, and Surface RT, all went well.
  • Wi-fi died on my Surface RT after the upgrade, but a restart resolved the issue. Working great now.
  • Update doesn't show up in the store for me.  Hopefully I'll have better luck with my home wifi (instead of work).
  • It completely hung up my laptop with some kind of activation key issue and disabled wifi completely. I've brought it back to Win8 twice now. Once I get my Surface Pro updated (taking forever to download) I'll go back to trying to figure out the HP and get it up and running. Otherwise, it sounds like it will be great once I get there.
  • Destop Skype doesn't work. It crashes on startup. HELP!!!! 
  • Takes too much time to download...
  • I still can't see it in the Windows Store. And my windows 8 installation is completely up to date. What's with that?
  • Maybe you're running Win8 Enterprise.
  • In my case, this is the cause. I'm running Windows 8 Enterprise, and not opt-in to 8.1 Enterprise Preview back then. So I'm not upgrading yet. I guess I have to wait for my main branch office acquire the 8.1 Ent update installation for Win8 Ent users :(
  • Let down, as I cant upgrade my netbook as it needs to go through the store app. But my desktop was fine but somehow I got malware and im stuck in a reboot loop.
  • Had my XPS 10 upgraded in about half an hour.  Comcast(Xfinity) high speed internet rocks!!
  • How is the Xbox Music App?  At the moment (pre 8.1), Xbox Music only notices 235 songs from a collection of 10,000 songs.  All 10,000 songs are in my Zune folder.  So is it better?
  • All my songs were recognized. All 12K plus. And many more have been cloud-matched that were in version 8. So far so good. I miss the Explore Artist page and had a hard time finding the buy button too.
  • Let me ask you this, why cant we buy multiple tracks at once? And isn't that a feature you would like?
  • My Cisco VPN client freaked out after the upgrade on my PC. Other than that all is well. Kinda missing the "Explore Artist" page that used to be in XBox Music, but the overall layout is much better.
  • One thing I hate is that any modern UI app you open and when you close the app, they still exist in the ram and taking space
  • No, they're tombstoned and take no system resources. Their memory footprint is virtualized and may be swapped out to disk if other apps need RAM. But when you launch the app next time it can resume rapidly instead of starting up from scratch. Hugely awesome. If you wish to force-close an app, just pause for a second or two before you drag the app fully off the screen, and it will flip over, indicating that Windows has closed it.
  • Thanks for the force close tip, that was something I didn't know ;)
  • My old laptop to quite a while to finish updating to Win 8.1 Pro and Media Center. My Surface Rt was much faster updating to 8.1.
  • Updated and I love it! I just can't get Metrotube app working though.
  • Downloading now, have a 100 m/bit line so shouldn't be too long
  • Love it !
  • So far I've upgraded a Surface RT a touch desktop and a non-touch desktop.  I've had two hiccups.  The RT machine lost wireless reporting a driver or hardware failure when I clicked on the troubleshoot option.  Fortunately another reboot resolved it.  One of the desktops failed during the download the first time.  Second time was fine.  The other desktop went without a hitch.  Really no major issues with the process. 
    As far as 8.1 itself, I really like it.  Its not a massive upgrade in that there really isn't a whole lot I can do now that I couldn't before.  It is much more refined, however.
  • Upgraded my three-year-old Dell Inspiron One this afternoon.  No problems at all -- just left it to do its thing while I did other stuff, so I don't really know how long it took from start to finish.  About an hour, maybe?  Probably not even that long, come to think of it.
    No surprises as I've been using the 8.1 preview on a couple of other machines since its release, but Windows 8.1 is what Windows 8 should have been, in the same manner as Windows 7 was the fully-formed Vista.
  • Battlelog don't work with IE11
  • It wasn't working in IE10 on my desktop either, it wanted me to keep installing the plugin so I just installed Firefox and I now use that for Battlelog.
  • I have a question to those who have the update:
    Is it now possible to place a column of normal tiles in a group? In Windows 8 it always forced two columns.
  • No
  • You can, but you have to select the tiles you want and manually move them to create a new group.
  • The update itself was okay, took 2 and a half hours, but after I got severe problems with my internet connection, it would suddenly not work. Hopefully I fixed it but only time will tell.
    I like many of the new features, although I had to fix several small things that were changed. I also miss having the SkyDrive icon and seeing when it's updating without having to open the file explorer. I do not like the return of the start button to much, mostly because I have the taskbar on the right and therefor less space for programs and also it does not do anything that Win + X or a right click in the lower left corner does not do.
    The new start screen is very good, I like the new tile sizes, but I don't like that if I have the stroe tile as a live tile it will act like a ad tile showing off new app that I don't want. I also like the new app list. I am a big fan of the new way to have app side by side, my screen can have three apps side by side, it will be nice when more apps use this feature.
    Overall it a very good update but I do think Windows is starting to remove more of what is great for, choice. To have or not to have, the start button. To be able to hide Homegroup and Network from the file explorer as easy as with favorites and libraries. And not to have "Folders" in the new "This PC" window. Also, they should not have crippled the photos app, but it would not be Microsoft if they did not take two steps forward and one step backwards.
  • The internet connection problem returned, after failling to fix it as easy as last time, I tried to restart my computer. After a little while trying to restat it gave me my first Blue screen since I installed Windows 8(.0) almost a year ago.
  • Shocked that MS didn't fix this known bug.
  • how is Microsoft the one having to fix this? Im sure its a driver problem. if none of my computers have this kind of problem, not even this computer that is 7 years old, or with the usb wifi adapter i bought for one.. how is this a "known bug" or Microsoft fault? again, its probably your drivers, have you tested using other network card? or usb wifi adapter?
    did you install proper network drivers and stuff? if your computer worked with a usb wifi adapter for example, and not with your currect network card or whatever, then how would that be Microsoft fault? but I know you are just jumping and pointing finters at Microsoft saying they are the ones that have to fix it, without you first trying to check, if its Windows 8.1 or your network driver the problem one.  
  • you should read my reply to someone else about skydrive. now you dont need to synchronize files! they are online in your hardrive, skydrive only downloads a small part of a file. you can check in skydrive folder properties the difference between size of folder and how much it takes from harddrive space. the point its to have your files always online, but you still can make them offline if you want. everytime you open a file it will become offline so you can make changes, after you save it, it will sinchronize to skydrive online next time you have internet connection. and then you can make the file online-only by right clicking (you can also make it offline this way) why do you need a synchronize icon if there is nothing to synchronize? now skydrive doesnt need to download the whole files. if you have 20gb in your skydrive, you will have Access to them without downloading the 20gb (which made skydrive pointless before). its a combination between skydrive online-only win8 App (yeah you didnt have offline files), and skydrive desktop which had to download everysingle file you had in your skydrive (and then the "online storage" was ruined) so again, if you have internet connection, you can Access your skydrive files. if you want them offline you can do it. if you want to make them online so they wont use harddrive, you can turn them into online files again.
    so again, I dont see how having a synch icon is relevant now that you are "always" connected to skydrive.
  • Metro Skype is refusing to recognize my Skype account. Wants me to start over from scratch. Just opened my phone app and all my history is gone from there too. WTF?
  • There should be updates for Skype and the other core apps in the Windows Store that might fix the issue.
  • I updates it for my PC, and I'm LOVING it! Never thought I'd like the small tiles a much as I do.
  • Its 3.00 a.m. here in India. At last it got downloaded. In the process of installing essential apps. Very smooth going so far!
  • Surface RT done, laptop done but no PC as its on enterprise :-(
  • it took 6 damn hours to update but its worth ..everything is looking better and feeling snappier..cheers
  • I'm going on 6 1/2 hours. If the damn thing was round I might toss it outside like a Frisbee. Ugh...
  • Installed on laptop, surface rt and desktop. Loving the features and updates, but seriously annoyed with the lack of synchronization of settings and layout amongst the devices.
  • Turn on sync in settings.
  • Having an Internet Connection also helps as well ;P
  • Ohh yes, it is done and dusted... So far so good, having said that I might have to reinstall a few drivers, because 've noticed some strange behavior related to my GPU fan...
  • Well it won't let me upgrade because my user profiles are on a different partition from system... anyone have a solution without me.moving everything back to C?
  • Faster to navigate more productive! More sensible!
  • SuperFantasticBubblePlastic! Windows 8.1 is the best tablet OS and the best PC OS! The best of both worlds! Mission accomplished!
  • WP 8.1 = IOS 7. Apple got lazy.
  • Last weekly update bricked my desktop so I started a system restore before work today.  
    First problrem was with the Windows 8 apps not being able to connect to the internet.  rebooted the system again , and the Microsoft account failed to authenticate or something and opened up a blank screen on the desktop and start screen.  Good times.  
    I'll try to upgrade again after work.
  • I updated my HP Envy x2 and so far I'm loving it. Still have to do my desktop though. The apps do seem to be snappier. I particularly like the new look of the email app.
  • I heard I'd have to reinstall all my programs and apps if I got the preview so I didn't do that. Went from 8 to 8.1 on a year old HP laptop and a Surface Pro. I checked and updated first. It went fairly quickly and without a hitch on both machines. I haven't had much time to explore, but I like what I've seen so far, particularly the mail app.
  • Updated my Surfact RT to test out 8.1.
    So far, I like it. The new customizations are welcome, and above all, the Start Button on desktop. Sure it's not the ideal Start Button people were requesting, but the long press brings up the advanced controls I needed from the old menus for so I'm good.
    Booting up on desktop is also very welcome as I won't want my PC to boot on the Tile Screen just to have to jump to desktop for everything else. I'm going to give 8.1 a couple of more weeks of try-outs before replacing W7 on my PC with W8 and subsequent update though.
  • I like being able to switch Command Prompt for Powershell on the right click menu for the Start Button.
  • Really like the new search, how it's incorporated with bing. The new store design is much better and also more user-friendly with the search bar actually inside the store. And just like that there are more colours being used throughout. Nice update.
    One issue: had to re-enable the scaling option, Windows had unticked this box and messed up my resolution after the update, had to google it after spending an hour pointlessly reinstalling graphics drivers.
  • My upgrade went buttery smooth... Except my tablet doesn't let me enter portrait mode any more. I suspect its a driver issue...
  • My thoughts are the same about XBOX MUSIC. Actually, I hate it more now. Unless I'm wrong, you can't view the pic on "now playing" screen fully. 1/3 of it is left for the playlist. I would be ok with it, if I had the option to get rid of it. For ZUNERS, I still think Zune is a superior product.
  • I updated 8 surface rt's two of them had the preview installed (which required an extra step because I had to find how to upgrade them ( dot com/en-us/windows-8/update-from-preview) [i dont understand why we can't include links here] so see the dot as . ;)
    I did notice that region must be correct and you MUST have the latest firmware but all of them run fine now.
    My pro was a breeze and works awesome after the update.
    1 thing i did not like on my pro and my desktop ate work is that office was gone and I had to re-install it through dot com/accounts
    I am really happy with 8.1
    (7 more rt's to go :)
  • The metro part of the OS is no other thing that Windows phone 8 . It has the same functionality. Resizing, if you swipe up you see all your apps, if you swipe to the side on the phone you see your apps. It even has the arrow. Start button has the same functionality like in the phone, brings you back to metro interface. Most of the things are from the Windows phone 8
  • Downloaded on my Surface RT without a hitch.  I'm loving the upgrade.  For a .1 upgrade, this is pretty amazing.  It makes my Surface feel brand new.  A+ Microsoft.  It's been a great week!
  • Having issues installing. Working on it.
  • Its upgrading now at home while I'm at work... Hopefully the mail app will work. Hasn't worked on my surface since I got it..smdh
  • Awesome!!!!
  • Xbox Music took 10 steps back in 8.1 when they removed tops songs, top artists, new single releases, featured music
  • I love how much faster the UI is! Everything is just so fast!
  • For a traditional desktop user it does not add too much. It's a nice touch that you can have your desktop background as your start menu background. All the applications on my start menu are traditional windows applications, and for them, 8.1 seemed to add a little Tile BG Color Generator so now it's looking actually a bit worse than before I think. I didn't care for the added start button but it does seem to give some nice shortcuts when clicked with right click.
    I just wish Blue would hurry up on my phone, cuz it needs it ;P Having random old Kik Messenger notifications actually right now and today I got notification of a message 1½ day ago on whatsapp. Seems like the background service system as it is now is a bit messy. Though at least the facebook messaging seems to be working again finely!
  • My experience was Great... All the new features are awesome ... Love IE11(people need to upgrade their sites to work with it).
    The only downside... Long ass time to complete the process....
  • Install went without a hitch.  The only problem I seem to be having is with the Music app.  It didn't recognize 90% of my songs on my hard drive, proceded to "download" .wma copies of the cloud-synched songs from my collection, then decided to indeed recognize my hard drive collection, leaving me with duplicate albums all over the place.  I delete the "downloaded" version of an album (and keep the one on my hard drive) and it deletes both, including removing the song files from my hard drive.  While the new app looks better, it seems to operate no better or even worse than Music in Windows 8.
    Thank goodness I have a backup.  Just going to have empty my music folder and start all over.  :-/
  • Smooth upgrade of my Surface Pro while at work, waiting till I get home tonight to upgrade my desktop.  It seems quicker and brighter, but I haven't quite figured out all of the customization options yet.   I tried a default-to-app view instead of tiles, and have been really surprised to find I missed the tiles!   
  • I had trouble getting started. Had to download updates on Win8 just to show the icon in the Windows Store, then cutting in and out on the download many times (expected since it is launch day). Still waiting for the download and hoping it gets done by the time I'm off work to update completely. Woohoo! Btw, you need a specific update installed if you can't see it. KB 2871389...took me awhile to see that one myself. :) c'mon download!
  • How about, I've been trying to download it for a few hours. The rate it shows going, I'll have it by Sunday. 
  • Still waiting to get off work so I can update my desktop and the two Surface RTs in our household...*sigh*
  • Stupid exam is tomorrow for me... Gotta study then I'll upgrade -.- Don't wanna spend too much time tinkering away :P
  • While downloading i get a 0x8007005 error? Has anyone a solution for this error?
  • Yes, it went butter smooth, but the audio of my Thinkpad T420s stopped working!
  • Juniper VPN support on Surface RT.  AWESOME.  Surface 2 will be mine.
  • I love the SkyDrive integration, but I think I'll miss the messenger app.
  • Update went fine, but i need to activate windows with a product key again. The problem is it doesn't accept my product key, now im contacting microsoft to help me out. :(
  • 21 apps to update and 8 windows 8.1 updates already.
  • This sucks big time. After update my wifes' Asus x202e wont pair with her L820 nor with my  L920. I conviced her to update and now  lady is pissed at me  :(
  • a few months ago my install of 32bit pro got corrupted by WU & haven't had a chance to reload it. so im just using 7Ult.
  • I was a bit reluctant to update and I should have known better because just like when I first upgraded to Windows 8 I am having so many problems to the point where I'm probablly going to have to reinstall Windows 8 and wait a few weeks before I update again to 8.1.
  • I take back what I said ealier, unlike the transition from Windows 7 to Windows 8, the problems I got this time were minor and there's no need to reinstall.
  • On my Surface RT it just took 1.5 hours. I'm surprised at all the difficulties I'm reading about.
  • I've had it since September. Love it.
  • Has anyone tried out the DPI-scaling in combination with PhotoShop on a Surface Pro? I'm still updating
  • They really need to make the upgrade process faster. I started it at about 8pm last night, woke up this morning and when I left for work it was almost finished - So about 10 hours (Yes, for the very large majority of that time you can still use your computer which is a very good thing). I'm sure part of that was just microsoft's servers getting hammered but they need to work on this.
  • Mine took 1 hour 50 mins
  • To me it's an OS that doesn't know what it is... is it desktop is it modern Microsoft should make it all one way I think anyway it's a good OS stay with it
  • Download + Intsall took longer than i expected but was pretty hands off.
    -i did not think i missed it but having a start button feels pretty good, even if it only jumps to metro
    -like the new search functionality. Xbox music integration is really handy.
    -like new snap mode and tile sizes. Snap mode needs allot more refining though. netflix not compatible :(
  • Everything went grand and smoothly. Only one thing that won't work is the photos app won't find any of my photos. Love the new customization options,new X Box music is great too and finally has all the album art too.
  • Hey, I can't watch porn on my, RT anymore. What the hell!!!!
  • The update is not showing up in the store. How can I tell how the Preview was installed? Pretty sure it was from the store. Thanks.
  • Go to and there should be a link to download it. Its great, but no more porn. Sends me to a damn mobile porn site. Sucks!!!! I have the RT.
  • This is crap, we can't take the poll using the app. Link doesn't work.
  • My thought so far is that 3.6GB is ridiculous and the fact this is made available through the app store in place of Windows Update is even more ridiculous. Oh, and the download is progressing at half the speed of smell, which annoys me further.
  • haha yes I thought i was back in the days of dail-up
  • 8.1 is all that and a bag of chips
  • Need... ISO.... Clean install.... Why Microsoft?
  • Well, it seems like it took forever and now I have an error message "Control Center is incomplete and requires reinstalling" everytime I boot up that I did not have before.   8.1 is nice but I am not estastic.
  • Feel so much better about spending a small fortune on a new laptop 2 months ago. 8.1 is solid.
  • It was easy and painless. My Surface RT had the preview build. And my desktop was running stock 8. Both of them are humming with delight right now.
  • Xbox Music doesn't see all my files, Nokia Music works perfectly, every file shows up in my music. C'mon Microsoft, catch up.
  • oh yeah, forgot to add that to my list of gripes. i now have several artists/albums being listed as being done by placcido domingo. funny, i don't recall him singing "heart of glass" or "walk like an egyptian".
    hate to say it, but i am going back to 8.
  • Wow...this 8.1 really sucks hard, and i am a fan of Win8.
    Since the upgrade, none of my broweser extensions work, NIS is kaput, several media streaming sites no longer work, and IE is sluggish as hell. the only bright spot, if you can even call it that, is that the FB app is a dead-ringer for its WP8 cousin.
  • I recently finished updating my laptop to windows 8.1. Everything is working fine apart from the Store. I cant access the Store. Its displaying the message "This version of Windows is no longer supported by Windows Store. Get the newest version of Windows." I restarted my laptop twice  and its still displaying the same message. What do I do?
  • Finally updated and so far so great :D
    However, opening apps for the first time seems to be slow still, and Store was super slow in loading, perhaps because it's congested due to update delivery? Took me forever to download the new FB app.
  • I picked "unable to upgrade due to countless issues", but there's just one issue - the download is taking   f o r e v e r   .
  • Likes: more customization of the Start screen, official Facebook app(!). Dislikes: no more Messenger app. :(
  • <p>Wonderful update. &nbsp;Brings users back to why they like Windows, what they are familiar and comfortable with. &nbsp;Boot to desktop and the background wallpaper on start brings back the familiar feel while still maintaining modernity and touch screen functionality with the metro start screen.</p>
  • I LOVE that the Modern IE now has Favorites folders! I am also very happy with Reader View and Reading List.
  • Had to reinstall my Radeon video card drivers and my Soundblaster xi fi titanium HD drivers, and all seems well.   One issue and maybe it's just me, is that sometimes the web content text doesn't seem as sharp or crisp.  I'm running 1920*1080 resolution on my 27" IPS panel.  I don't have touch capability on my desktop, but just playing around, i do like the options to run multiple windows side by side and the large tiles in metro is cool.
  • Well I updated my surface and it erase everything. And wont connect to the WiFi. So you could say I'm pissed off
  • Install went fine, just the store has frozen a couple of times so far and sound strangely isn't working (gonna reboot and see if better).
    Not a fan of make the Start Screen menu background same as desktop since the desktop tile gets lost (couldn't find a way to turn off its live tile (odd thing).
    Liking the new store, though still requires too much scrolling to find things. Microsoft must think people love to scroll.
    Nice surprise seeing official Facebook app and it works pretty well (live tile may be broke as shows nothing).
    Like the new sizes for icons but WHY OH WHY am I forced a certain way with them. I can't alternative small and large the way I can on Windows Phone. Win 8.1 makes you have gaps and it is difficult to put where I want. They still need to work on the Start Screen.
    I also dislike that by default apps don't install on the start screen. I loved that as it made it easier to just move the tile where I wanted it or delete it if I didn't want it. Now I have to go to All APps and find it and manually pin it. Lame.
    I dislike the useless Start Button (have a key on keyboard for that why do I need a stupid button is beyond me, but it isn't a dealbreaker.
    The problem with Win 8.1 is for all the good there is still so much bad.
  • Very happy so far.
  • so far so good
  • I'm unable to move the Start Screen to my secondary monitor anymore (In Windows 8, this was accomplished by "Win +PgUp/PgDn")  That's a huge bummer.  I prefer having the Start Screen on my secondary monitor, so I can use the Store Apps while playing a game, or using some other full screen application on my primary monitor.
    Did this feature really go away?  (i.e. Is anyone else seeing this?) Or is there a new setting, etc somewhere?
  • It looks the same but now my computer is so much slower..and now the pc has crashed....time to get the windows 7 pc out of mothballs and use that again at least it function properly.......update its been 5 hrs now and still stuck on the boot up screen with the spining dots
  • Anyone else experiencing problems with bing search in the IE11 address bar? I can't use it. I had to add google and use google search instead to search from there. Bing does not work.
    EDIT: This only happens in desktop. It works fine on the Modern IE.
    EDIT2: Had to reset everything... suddenly worked.. but it's really weird that it happened.
  • Lousy poll.  Where is the option for "it went smoothly, but Windows 8.1 is causing problems", or "we don't like it?"  
    I have had repeated problems since upgrading this morning, mostly with browser function.  Every time I walk away from my computer now for more than 5 minues, all of the browser tabs I have open go blank and will not reload.  So, now I have to close the browser and reopen it everytime the computer goes into hibernation.  In addition, I can no longer use the full version of my employer's outlook web app but am relegated to the trimmed down version, even when using IE. 
    So far, 8.1 is a crap sandwich.  
  • All in all, I'm pretty happy.  Update went through on 2 desktops and a laptop with little issues in dealing with the update.  However, on my main desktop, I have an SQL server running and it totally messed up the instance.  Luckily I backed up the database and am working on the restore now.  But I do like the new split screen features for metro aps, the larger tiles, and I absolutely love the true universal search powered by Bing.
  • I've been running 8.1 from Technet on my desktop for a while but I didn't update my Surface RT to the 8.1 preview and I've been regretting it. I've been rocking 8.1 on my surface RT all day with no issues except the video app allows to add folders to the library but they aren't showing up after I add them. Besides that, its been working great on wifi and connecting to my 920. I really do wish they would update their video app!!!! 8.1 is pretty awesome, I get annoyed whenever I get on a windows 7 machine, I feel like I'm getting on a dinosaur as rediculous as that sounds.
  • Finally finished installing. Not too happy about being forced to sign in with a Microsoft account there by converting my perfectly working and by choice local user account. I under stand (now) that there was a way around that by clicking the back button, but that is hidden and a very shady thing to do, IMO. Unless you know about it, everyone is going to be coerced into logging in. I can deal with the account login requirement on my 920, but I refuse to cripple my PC by tying my user account and files to the cloud. Tomorrow I will be creating a local account, moving everything over and deleting the original account that I was tricked into converting. Pretty dick move on their part...
  • I am getting the error 0xC1900101 0X4000d when trying to install the 8.1 Pro with Windows Media Center on my old laptop. I had upgraded this machine last year with a new SSD. It previously had Vista. It is getting about 85% through, and then it reboots and reverts to Windows 8. Any ideas? I am thinking about uninstalling Windows Media Center and trying again, but not tonight. I read that this problem occurred for some installing the preview. It might have something to do with Windows Defender maybe. Ironically, my Surface RT upgraded with a problem!
  • Windows 8.1 is definitely causing issues with the clarity of my IPS panel. reinstalled drivers, and adjusting clear type text is not helping. It's driving me crazy, so if anyone knows of a fix, please help.
  • Windows 8.1 is OFF THE HOOK!!! Thanks Stevie B!!!  You Da Man!!
  • Love Love Love it!!!!
  • All working great. Live the new options for tile sizes and having my desktop picture on the windows 8.1 start screen. Music has got some surely needed improvements, alot better. Very happy so far.
  • Seems like a big improvement. New search seems awesome, Xbox Music is much easier to use (still kinda weird though), resizing snapped apps however you want is sweeet. Basically, this is how Windows 8 should have been. It's cool though, it's here now!
    I did have one glitch, which was that my computer couldn't play sound through any of the Metro or desktop apps (just regular system sounds would work). I'm on a Lenovo Yoga. I did a quick search and others of course had the same issue.. Fixed it quickly by disabling "enhancements" to my speakers in Control Panel. Hooray!
  • right-click crash !!!
  • Installed it last night. Everything was fine until the apps locked up. Somehow the restart option was still available from the lock screen. Except for that one hiccup, it looks great. It looks more like windowsphone now. Music, Video and Games work flawlessly. All in all, awesome update. Also, SkyDrive and Skype are much more smooth
  • I love it to be honest. Got a nice new little Start screen setup, and finally got used to it so I can ditch Start8. It was slow for the first few hours, almost unbearably so, but it sorted itself out. The only thing that bugged me was the way Microsoft hid libraries. As a photographer, my photo library pulls all my external drives in, which is a must.
  • Iv read that 8.1 has miracast natively - is/will wp be compatible?
  • no toughts ! 12 h trying to install windows 8 on my hp probook 4540s  to windows 8.1 no lucky. After app is preparing to restart it gives error 0x80004005 all the time ! All recommended updates and latest drivers has installed .. still nothing.... Last thing i did was reset your windows and stil now nothing new... all the fucking same error... 
  • Freaking good the new email .... Holy yeah ! Loving it !
  • Well am from INDIA, i updated to windows 8.1 and installed some updates through normal windows it very smooth. Windows tiles are awesome :)
    go ahead and get it :)
  • I hate the new way in which the start menu is controlled.
    It's now easier to do with the mouse, but more annoying with touch. Why the hell did they disable swipe-select?
    I now have to waste a few seconds every time I want to move a single object on my tablet.
  • Warning: AdBlock Plus has a problem with IE11. It breaks the address bar.
  • I like the new search and the smaller/bigger tiles but i dont get the idea of closing modern ui apps in such a complicated way. i wish they fixed that
  • Got home from work and started updating my hp envy touch screen my Samsung ativ tablet and surface tablet , all running preview, all updated no problems. Big bonus my hp boot time went from 37 seconds to 11 seconds woo hoo loving the finished product . Not that any program is ever finished. Btw love resizing tiles now.
  • It's all good
  • Can’t update because I got BSOD when Windows 8.1 starts 1st time. Tried several times. Tried to detach extra hardware – no luck. Does anybody know if it is possible to install windows 8.1 from scratch? Especially I’m worrying about activation. Can I use the same windows 8 key to activate freshly installed 8.1?
  • Upgrading my Surface RT took a long time, but worked well, and is up and running..
    My PC is another story.
    Says, I need to activate windows... this is not a boodleg copy of windows. I have had this installed since last november.
    Help tells me the error code indicates the activation key was used on a previous PC. Which is not true.
  • IE 11 just won't even start (get blue splash screen, then closes)- going to try re-installing 10 after work
  • Still no CalDAV and CardDAV suppor for the Mail, People and Calendar.  Argh...
  • Loving everything about Windows 8.1 they've added, but just annoyed about everything they've removed! One thing which is INCREDIBLY annoying is Copy and Paste. In Windows 8 you could tap on text and use the sliders, then afterwards tap the sliders to either Cut/Copy or Paste, now you can't even tap it you've to hold down to mimic a right click!
  • I did the update and I am now testing some applications. I like the labels on top of the squares... And the Windows button on the Desktop
  • Upgraded fine from 8.1 preview, both desktop pc and surface tablet. I'm loving it.
    Good stuff MS crew.
  • Can't find the download link in the windows store on my computer. Where is it?????
  • I've noticed no difference other than a msg on the desktop telling me SecureBoot isn't configured correctly; my bios wont allow me to configure it cos my GTX570 isn't win8 certified...what a crock of sh*t.
  • The update process couldn't have gone smoother. I updated the copy of Windows 8 I have on a vmWare Fusion virtual machine so far, and it wen't very smooth. My desktop will have to wait until I do research in upgrading from the release preview to the RTM 8.1 version. 
    So far, running W8.1 on the Fusion VM feels a little bit quicker on its feet. It was fast before the update, and there is a noticable improvement after the upgrade. I'll see how things go with running heavy applications like Visual Studio. That's my personal measuring stick for performance :D. I liked the search capabilities from the original Windows 8, and the 8.1 version works even better. The application snapping ability is awesome, now that I can control the sizing of the snapped applications. It would be cool to snap applications horizontally in addition to the vertical orientation.
    One thing I'm hoping for is the ability to see "missed notifications". Other than that, the live tile system is awesome. I'm hoping in the future more functionality can be added to the tiles, such as specific application functions that can be initiated from the live tile system directly.
  • Wow, first
  • Love it on the Surface RT Tablet.  New, refreshing, fast, fluid, fun. No problems here at all.
  • Finally got Windows 8.1 installed on my Asus VivoTab RT on the second try. First, it takes a couple of hours, first to download the 2.1GB of the update, then to plod through the actual install, which is mostly automated. The first attempt failed when I couldn't sign in; I tapped the text entry box but the keyboard wouldn't pop up. I thought the screen had crapped out and did a hard shutdown of the tablet. When it came back up, it automatically went into recovery mode and backed out of the upgrade, returning to Windows 8. I went back into the Windows Store and started the upgrade again, and thankfully it didn't have to download the update again, it just started the update process right away. And then I waited...and waited...and waited...and went to sleep (I was doing this late last night). This morning I woke up and checked it again, and it was at the same place as before, waiting for me to log in, but I couldn't bring up the on-screen keyboard. Hmm. Luckily, I happen to have the add-on keyboard, which was in the box on the shelf in my home office. So, I get up and go get it, and plug the tablet into it. Lo and behold, I can type in my login! Some more waiting and some 'Next' tapping, and finally it's installed!   First impressions: The interface is the same, very little change, but a few improvements I wasn't expecting; With Windows 8, I had to install a registry hack in order to get a fourth row of icons, basically lying to the system to make it think the screen was bigger. With 8.1, there is a switch that will let you do this without resorting to a registry hack.   Swiping from the bottom edge of the screen won't bring up the full list of apps like before; it brings up a 'Customize' button, which will allow you to move around your icons, name your groups, and change the size of icons to the new smaller and larger sizes. To get the complete list of apps like before, you swipe up from just before the edge of the screen. It took me a few tries to figure it out, so not sure why they changed that. The full list of apps also will show 'New' under the app name if you have just recently installed it and not opened it yet.   The Windows Store has some improvements. Apps you have already installed will now show 'Installed', so you can ignore them instead of having to tap on their icon to see if it's 'In your collection'.   The Mail app has been improved. It's a little bit faster opening up, but not much. My one big gripe was that in Windows 8 if you had a lot of folders, they were all open, which meant you had to scroll down a long  list to find a folder. Now, the folders default to closed and you can more easily navigate a large IMAP folder tree. There is also now available Outlook 2013 as a desktop app for Windows 8.1 (RT), however it is only useful for those who have an Office 365 account, or an Exchange email account from your employer or an ISP. I haven't yet connected my work email; doing so, as on Windows Phone (and other platforms) allows your work to do remote wipes in the event the device is lost or stolen, or you terminate your employment. Or if the Off-shore Indian tech support guy clicks on the wrong account.   I look forward to exploring Windows 8.1 more tonight when I get home. My work doesn't have wi-fi, and my tablet does not have 3G/4G.   Overall, so far so good!
  • where has my ui bing app gone!????
  • I keep getting error code, an upgrade cannot continue...nothing is plug to my laptop, and all drivers and updates are updated....any clues
    0x20017 code :-\
    Anybody please reply with resolution...thanks.
  • Very upset, my Samsung smart PC pro 700t loses touch capability after a random duration of time
  • Overall, I like it, upgrade process was easy, but there are a couple things that annoy me: Not a huge fan of the new search experience yet.  It's taking me a little time to get used to switching to in-app search buttons instead of the using charms search.
    Apps don't seem to actually close when I swipe down on them anymore.
    And my custom RSS feeds in the Bing News app don't work anymore.  Looks like I'll have to delete and re-add them all...
  • Why all the answers for the poll are positive or neutral?
    Where is "Updated fine and it made windows worse" ?
  • Anyone having crashes with the Netflix app or streaming video?
  • Windows 8.1 appears to have rendered my lumia920 near useless, ive tried every fix i could find and win8.1 refuses to see my phone as a storage device..meaning i can longer get music/photo/video to or from it.
    Hooray, all it took was removing all storage drivers, turning off my firewall, rebooting windows and the phone and then searching for new hardware...clearly win8.1 and wp8 are made for each other 
  • Upgraded and got rid of Classic Shell to force myself to learn as much as I can on how to navigate and TRY not to want the classic Windows 7 Start Menu.  I thought of a tool though that really might come in handy.  Its called God Mode.  Its a folder that contains ALL the settings that are configurable for Windows 7 and Windows 8.  to set it up just right click on the desktop and create new folder. right click on the new folder and rename it to EXACTLY what is in the line below this text:
    When you double-click that folder you will be taken to a very long list of control panel settings and configuration wizards, separated into sections.
    You can leave the GodMode Folder on the Desktop if you'd like, but if you right-click it you can Pin it to the Start Page so that it has its own tile.
  • I've been running 8.1 for awhile as I got it through my schools Dreamspark membership; but really since I run Start 8 the only big difference I see is my desktop background on the Start Screen.
    What I really really want with Windows 9 is the start screen removed, just put Live Tiles on the desktop, live tiles are a good idea, using previously dead space for useful information, but you shouldnt be relegated to a crappy full screen phone/tablet setup to get them.
  • Think you're onto something there. Better yet, just keep the taskbar on the start screen.
  • My net is pretty slow just 1mbps. its been 4 hours and 48 % ? how much will it be completed 80 % just like the apps do or full 100 %
  • MS would probably say not to but i have the 8gadgetpack installed so i have my win7 style widgets on the right edge.
  • My surface pro was super fast to update to 8.1, the desktop...a 8gb, quad core pentium 4, was a lot slower and i had to have a 2nd try to complete the update, but all in all, surface pro, butter smooth, desktop, frozen butter...:p
    I had instaled the preview and a RTM, so i already known what to expect from the final release. Some let downs, lack of facebook and flicker on the pictures app...and its still impossible to index the libraries to an external drive, this on the surface pro, is a major problem since the 128gb are not enough for all the media i have, having a 64gb micro sd card helps, but not able to index that card to libraries is a major pain, i would like that they added that feature that was present on windows 7.
    ...and skype app, still lacking facebook chat integration...why? if we have that feature on the desktop app....!!!
  • Works solid, but I don't have a product key so I won't be able to tell for sure until I activate it.
  • I rage-installed Linux instead. Finally feels like a real desktop PC now. Thanks
  • I upgraded 2 pro tablets, it went smooth and fast after the download, overall all better expierence but..
    i was really expecting to see the auto keyboard pop-up working in desktop mode....still waiting
    dont really want to write a script or hack the registry just want it to work like it should.
  • Two times I came back to my computer and it was at a "select your keyboard" screen where it then went to the option of shutdown or troubleshoot. Upon shutting down and restarting the computer booted up in 8.0 with a message that there was a problem and 8.1 couldn't run. After the second time I ran the upgrade assistant and removed the one program which wouldn't work with 8.1 (Avast AV) and rebooted. I got the same error only this time it would not boot back up in Windows 8 like before. I decided to see what would happen if I disconnected the second drive of my RAID 1 boot logical drive and then the install finished just fine. It looks like Windows 8.1 has a problem with RAID 1 on an AMD SB7xx SATA Controller.
    After installing I reconnected the second drive and rebuilt the RAID. It seems to be working fine now.
  • My live tiles STOPPED working after the "upgrade". Now they just show the generic icon, and a little down arrow on the bottom right corner.
    And this happened to both my computers.
    Tried removing the tiles and puting them again, reinstalling the apps, and nothing works.
    way to go microsoft!
  • it crashes while annoying especially when doing some research. hope they will do some updates to prevent it from crashing....
  • oh one more thing, it's a bit slow on browsing as well..Windows 8 is better, no problems with it. hope they will fix the bugs on 8.1.