Poll: What was the best thing shown at the Microsoft Windows 10 event?

We were hoping to be wowed by Microsoft's Windows 10 event yesterday, and it didn't disappoint. Desktop, tablet, phone, Xbox, your head, all got a look in and a demonstration of how things will be with the launch of Windows 10.

Now that the dust has settled a little and we've had time to step back and take stock, we want to know what you thought was the best thing shown off.

For sheer wow factor, it'd be hard to argue against HoloLens, the secretly developed Windows 10 computer you mount over your face. For the gamers among us, the new Xbox integration in Windows 10 opens up a whole new world for the console. And who could forget our first look at Windows 10 on a phone?

Or it may have been something more specific, one killer feature, that got you most excited. Whatever it was, hit up the poll below and jump into the comments with some thoughts!

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Richard Devine
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  • Hopefully I can watch the entire thing soon.
  • Windows 10 for pc is a great improvement to attract consumers but windows 10 for Lumia may it still be in quite early builds but not much has been done on it except unifying some apps :/ m expecting gr8 hidden announcement in future that catches eye of ppl :)
  • Yeh, I think there was a lot more to be said on various aspects of the phone version, but not enough time to explain it all.
  • But, out of what was said and shown, there were a few huge improvements. A mix on the keyboard for voice input anywhere on the screen, an "agenda" view option at the top of the calendar app, an expanded number of quick links at the top of the notification center, the new mouse nub like on a ThinkPad, and a completely new web browser. All of these things are needed.
  • Agreed
  • Don't forget actionable notifications :)
  • Actionable notification available?
  • Yes
  • Yes like a drop down text box to quick reply to a SMS
  • Agreed with u Paul but these are improvemens for we WP users .! How about making others attract to ur phone .! Like see I got actionable notifications with better option and the other friend congrats well I had it earlier XD.! So something more better like exploding tiles that LL be an awesome eye catch
  • Windows whole system maturing can only attract new users. And this is what we have seen.
  • A couple of other big improvements...actionable notifications, & 'settings>devices>keyboard' leading me to think they have added Bluetooth HID for true productivity (and with a bit of luck, we may also have USB OTG! Windows Phone is almost living up to its promise :)
  • I'll tell ya what, its just awesome to see history roll by.
  • Ah, nice spotting. I've seen others dismiss the keyboard setting because we already have it, but you've rightly noted that it's within the Devices section.
  • So tired of bitchimg about OTG and/Bt support. Oh, btw, my favorite was all the mac users.
  • First and foremost AMAZING EVENT! I think Microsoft has done the main thing that it needed to do - get PEOPLE EXCITED about the company and what it has to offer. They've actually  grabbed some of that elusive COOL FACTOR they've needed. DirectX12 gaming, Xbox Streaming - HoloLens! HoloLens -  hailing back to Star Treks HoloDeck or even Marvel X-Mens Holographic Environment the Danger Room - Hololens look to have some REALLY seriousapplications in both productive computing and leisure activities like entertainment and GAMING! (Which per MaryJoFoley, HoloLens started out as a peripheral for gaming until Satya had his input!) I love what Windows 10 looks like on the PC, Continuum, everything! Free Windows for everyone (on Windows 7 and up) who take advantage of that offering within a year is the wisest strategy for MS to take in my opinion to get as many of thier 1.5 Billion install base to Windows 10 and it's benefits. It's also the easiset way to move users and the market away from the negative stence and perception of Windows 8 (which I liked, not the stence Windows 8 :-)). I think, and I think MS felt that it would have been a PR error to require Windows 8 users who ventured into thier daring shift in OS UI to have to pay for an upgrade to ten;  ad quite possibly the only sure fire way to entice Windows 7 stalwarts who REFUSED to be move to 8 after all of the negative press, Word of Mouth and other coverage. After such a great Windows 10 presentation followed by the subsequent promotional videos and Microsofts web posts to the genral public, those tentative enterprise users and consumers who may think "Gee, that look really great, but..." may have still been battling with the negative thoughts planted about Windows 8. FREE. has a way of helping to tip the scales. Cortana on desktop also looks awesome! Some of what we saw I envisioned and hoped to see. Glad it made it in. There are other ideas I emailed to MS. Hope to see them come to fruition eventually. I transormed that email, a pretty comprehensive outline entitled, "Cortana Working Together on Phone and PC" and made it a post on my blog. What we did see on the phone was also great The Office/Outlook implememtation with full rich versions of Office(Ribbon and All) is a MAJOR step forward from the barebones Office we currently have. The onehanded keyboard is also a nice touch. I have a 1520, and that will certainly come in handy. I also like that little ThinkPad like cursor nub. Very nice touch. :-)  We didn't see a WHOLE lot for the phone and there is certainly a lot of time between now and launch so there may be more in the pipeline. With all spizz-zazz, pomp and fanfare and all that MS has done and should be applauded for, I do have a concern. Now we know that the Unified Code with Universal Apps and the unified store is meant to ultimately make development of apps easier for developers and app distribution to consumers more efficient. Ok. Suppose that works without a hitch and Windows suddenly has EVERY SINGLE APP that iOS and Android has. Great news  for us that are already here and using the phones BUT, for a deeply entrenched iOS(~17% of market) and android(~80% of market) consumer for whom his/her device already does EVERYTHING that they need it to do, the real question is WHY SWITCH if the only thing MS has acheived is now being able to offer to consumers the same app selection they ALREADY have access too. Now here's a thought. Most non-techie consumers care little for their OS. It is the app experience, "does my device enable me to accomplish the tasks I need to accomplish when I want to accomplish them?", that really matters. So it is the APP EXPERIENCE that matters. So how can Microsoft, while achieving app PARITY improve a customers APP EXPERIENCE?: INTERACTIVE LIVE TILES: "Microsoft: Live Tiles Yes, But Now it's Time for Them to LIVE!" More thoughts here : https://jltechword.wordpress.com/2015/01/21/microsoft-live-tiles-yes-but-now-its-time-for-them-to-live/    
  • This poll is unfair... I can't decide. :'(
    It was just awesome and unexpected! <3
  • http://news.microsoft.com/windows10story/
  • Subscribe to their channel. Link is the event. http://youtu.be/PY4z6FmxbDs
  • Hololens tied with Xbox streaming on PC. Best thing said was we will get a Flagship Lumia in 2015. Fingers crossed #Lumia1030 #Lumia1041 microSD, Glance and Sensorcore in 5"
  • If you can stream Xbox games to the hololens that would be the best thing EVER
  • Wow, this would be awesome. Even more so if it can offer you an 'Occulus Rift' experience in your Xbox game. I know that HoloLens is about AR rather than VR, but they have shown they can do VR with the Mars exploration demos.
    Though even without that VR experience, I'm still excited about the 'personal screen' feature of HoloLens where it can simulate a TV on the wall. You can have as big a TV as you want, watch/play whatever you want, and disturb no one with complete privacy.
  • I hope the AR isn't see through, because if it is you can't do VR, but if it isn't see through it can be perfect for so many things. The virtual TV is one of the things I'm most excited about!
  • I read the 'review' on Gizmodo. He got to use an early prototype and said he was impressed by how it could block out your vision without being see-through (except for some bright reflections). This was while viewing the Mars experience. And that was using a prototype. He also said that the glasses didn't cover your full vision so it wasn't fully immersive, but again it was using a prototype and the final hardware looks like it has lenses big enough for a full-vision experience.
  • Thanks for the accidental chuckle... "where it can stimulate a tv on the wall" and I'm glad that it can be done without disturbing anyone :)
  • Haha, I just noticed that and fixed it before seeing your comment :D
  • You can go to Youtube and watch the whole event hosted by CNET.
  • I am really hoping for the exploding tiles ...
  • My fuckin mind is blown, fuck the tiles.
  • The whole thing is on the Microsoft site.
  • I'm pleased the press seems to reacting positively.
  • Did I see anything that would make an iOS or Android person jealous, or even switch? Not yet. Most of the new features, including (sadly) the upgraded office, just bring WP to parity with experiences on other devices. Still missing call sharing with PCs and tablets (like Apple), or a killer "ha ha, I can do X with my Windows Phone and you can't" feature. Cortana is close...
  • A synced experience across all my phones, tablets, and laptops is something iOS and Android can't do. Throw in Cortana to tie it all together and it's unbeatable. Also, holographic Minecraft! Hey-oh.
  • IOS and OS X can use continuity, but it's still not the same as having windows 10 on both a phone and a computer, which is actually better, with universal apps
  • I suspect call sharing via Skype wont be far behind with SMS synchronization.
  • That's just playing catch up to Apple. For a CEO boldly stating his priorities are "Mobile First", the product after a year under his leadership is frankly, unacceptable. Either drop the saying, or get serious and deliver something special to your customers.
    Where's the flagship phone?
    Where's the killer feature?
    Why does Apple and Android have better Office apps? .
    Why was Snipp3t an Apple exclusive?
    Yesterday brought Cortana to the desktop, cool. A new meeting board, nice. An AR solution, very cool. But has Satya delivered with a "Mobile First" priority for year? Not much.
    Hopefully, they are hiding a bunch of massive surprises for the MWC.
  • You realize when he says "mobile first" he doesn't mean Windows Phone specifically. He means mobile in general, hence the superior apps on android and iOS. Mobile is their focus, windows phone is only a portion of that.
  • Thank you, that's the point I was trying to make.  We were hoping he meant Windows Phone, not iOS and Android, but you're obviously right.  Windows Phone is at 3%, and unfortunately dropping.  Key media advocates have recently, and vocally, left the platform.  Now, some important apps are leaving, so the app gap may be increasing.  To fix it, I don't believe they can give it just a portion of their mobile focus while ensuring iOS and Android are given preferential treatment.  This needs to be an "all hands on deck" emergency.  I do not believe universal apps are going to fix the app gap.  People use apps on their phone, but often use a browser on a PC, or nothing at all.   (For exmaple, I check scores on my ESPN app on my phone, but I go to espn.com on a PC.)  That's why many (not all) key and popular mobile apps, do not have a desktop app.  Some don't even make sense on desktop.  Since that is true, then a universal app does little to encourage those developers to make universal apps for Windows.  Universal apps may help some, but its definitely not a magic bullet, and won't help at all for at least a year anyway. I was against it at first, but I believe they need to allow Android apps on Windows Phone.  Even that won't instantly close the app gap completely, because they will still need to be submitted and hosted in the new Windows Store (like Amazon).  However, it would be a huge step forward, and shut up most (not all) of the deadly app gap talk.    
  • Don't worry some ass fucker at the verge will start throwing wrenches in the machine.
  • Windows 10 for phone obviously!
  • +RealSlimShady
  • But, they only showed the tip if the iceberg... WC asked what was the most interesting thing shown, not what are you most interesting in seeing... Lol.
    I usually would say phone too, but other things definitely put WP on the backburner this time around.
  • Haha exactly ! they showed us nothing on phones !
    Just punch of new apps and some features, which could have been a GDR2 thing....
  • Yeah, I wonder if they'll have a Windows 10 on phones event around MWC?
  • Why not at Build 2015 ? :) Last year they announced WP8.1 at build
  • It will definitely be at Build. Though Insiders will get it earlier, it seems. Just like they got W10 for PC before it got it's big event.
  • That tip of the ice burg was also amazing you have to admit!
  • Can't wait to see the ice burg itself! xD
  • Yes!
  • I was really impressed with the Universal App efforts and how that has translated to impressively consistent experiences for Office, Calendar, Notification Center, Cortana etc. accross Phone, Tablet, etc.  Plus, the fluid jumping from device to device is going to give Apple's "Handoff" feature a run for it's money. So while I found the WP bits very cool, and the HoloLense blew my mind, I think the real star of the show was Universal Apps.  That's because Universal Apps will be the backbone of the entire ecosystem that should lure developers to support EVERYTHING in the ecosystem.  We should see an influx of Universal apps, which have a double whammy of closing the app-gap on WP, AND creating an unrivaled consistency accross device form-factors that we haven't quite seen anywhere else.  And that incluces being able to run these "2D" apps alongside 3D holo apps on HoloLense! And yes... THANK GOD they spefically called out that they will be doing flagship phones (1st and 3rd party).
  • As I understood it, backbone of the entire ecosystem is OneDrive. ; )
  • Especially if it's easy to make apps universal for holo lens, this would make grest apps appear very fast for holo lens, unlike what happened with Google glass.
  • This ^^^ I mean, holographic compatibility is a landmark, no doubt, but the leap our phones got with those announcements were strategic and meant a lot for a bigger market as of today. Hololens would still be part of an incipient niche? Besides, I'm totally in love with Windows 10 for phones! Lol
  • Satya's vision!!
  • Satya is awesome, but if someone watched yesterdays announcements they would never think "Mobile First". Mobile seemed a secondary, or even tertiary concern.
  • Mobile doesn't just mean smartphones. It means being able to be mobile with everything you do, which was a clear focus yesterday.
  • mobility means synced data between devices. yesterdays evsnt was more a devices event. Microsoft did indirectly meant that about mobile first. and cloud events and work has already been done previous year about azure,SQL server, dynamics,intune etc
  • I did enjoy the Hololens
  • ^^ That and a little bit of Windows 10 for phones.
  • I would say Universal Apps. Compelling reason for developers to get onboard. 
  • I just hope they jump onboard...
  • I will, promised :). As a developer, I hope to take advantage of every opportunity there I for development moments, just cause its a hobby and I make revenue as well. Just need to wait for //BUILD/
  • What app(s) have you built?
  • Mainly music based applications and side apps for religious tools. I am currently working on an anticipated client app for Windows Phone in which I need testers for.
  • PM me and let me know what you're testing...I might be interested.
  • Me too -- if it's something I'd use I'm happy to beta test (I'm a developer myself so I know quality bug reporting).
  • Thank you :D
  • True dat.
  • I voted "Other" for Cortana in the desktop. I think it's going to change the way people use their computer. Voice commands are the future, the near future
  • I vote for everything they told us. Now lets wait for what they did not tell us.
  • Cortana is gunna be great on PC. The only downside I saw, and maybe there's something they can do later, was that it seems like you can't truly multitask with her. I'm a PC gamer and I have two screens that I use constantly. Being able to have a show playing while I play a game or an article to read on my down time is nice. I'd love to have Cortana be able to do stuff like that for me while I'm in game on my other screen. If I could dictate a note to her while I'm playing without having to pause and alt tab, that would be sweet. I know it's not something widely used and needed by most desktop users, but it's something MS has never really expanded on. They've always been focused on "active screen only" stuff. I can see why, it's hard to do with only a mouse and keyboard, but now with Cortana on PC it should make it easier to give people a second set of hands.
  • Didn't Joe B during his presentation show how you can keep typing in Excel, Call up Cortana with "Hey Cortana" and dictate an email at the same time?  
  • Yeah, Cortana on desktop gets 'Hey, Cortana' support. Time will tell if that takes focus away from your current app though.
  • Yea I wasn't sure if he was able to type during his dictation for that. It would be really nice if you could. It would open up a lot of really cool things that they could do with it. Being able to fully control your PC with Cortana using multiple commands would be amazing.
  • Hololens...and also the ui of windows 10 for the phones...its neat and less cluttered now
  • There was way to much but has to be HoloLens
  • Cross platform gaming.
  • Yeah this is pretty understated. It could be really big! Though I wonder if it works when you buy on another gaming network like Steam. Some games will be quite interesting, for instance FPS which is much more accurate on PC. I wonder if we will start seeing dedicated 'Controller-only' lobbies.
  • HoloLens for sure, hands down, no doubt about it, no ifs ands or buts, questions, NOTHING! HoloLens quite literally blew my mind. Think of all the possibilities! To be honest, I feel like the Windows Phone side of things was the least interesting (thats not to say it wasn't interesting). All of the what they're doing is pretty flipping sweet, but that HoloLens man, tooooooo futuristic! Ahh, I'm psyched!
  • Yes, Hololens is such an awesome leap into the future that it is literally amazing!
  • I totally agree. I'm a big Windows Phone fan and I want to see something new that will convince iOS and Android users to switch to WP.
  • Windows 10 for phone of course!!!
  • Games and Cortana
  • Halogens!!
  • Studied too much chemistry, bro???
  • Hololens for sure! Everything they showed was awesome yesterday. But Hololens is on another level!
  • Cortana integration in Spartan browser.
  • HoloLens is going to change the way we use computers.
  • Microsoft is getting advanced....many of human won't evolve that fast though!!!
  • I have two things
    The holographic gaming eg-that Minecraft game and universal apps.....
    And i have a question too... Is it that developers just have to write one code for their apps for all the platforms like phone tablet and PC???
  • I think the idea is that 99% of the code is the exact same for each version of the app for the different platforms. The remaining 1% would just be things like tailoring the app to a different screen size (ie 5inch phone vs 20inch desktop) and different device capabilities. But it makes it a hell of a lot easier than writing code for several different apps.
  • That is truly a great thing done by microsoft.....
  • Hey don't get the wrong idea here I'm not wanting Windows Phone to be exactly like Android but Android does that "tailoring the app to a different screen size" part just fine, I can install an app on an Android phone, take that exact apk file and install it on tablet, the app will fit perfectly on both screens, so I'm sure Microsoft is capable of allowing that to happen
  • I didn't see windows 10 for phones -_- We want a full review
    20mins + And windows 10 was awesome in every way !!!
  • http://News.microsoft.com/windows10story/
  • I think the free 7/8 upgrade to 10 is important. I work for a bank, and we were still on XP up to spring 2014. Pretty bad. Getting everyone on 10 is important from a fragmentation perspective. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android on my BlackBerry Passport
  • +1
  • +520
  • Spartan.... Hololens...
  • I think hololens could be great but we don't know when it will be released for use to the average consumer do we? And what about price? For me Windows 10 for free to Windows 7 and 8 users is the greatest because it brings in a new era of microsoft OS computing and hopefully will get people to give it a shot that might pass otherwise.
  • I voted for HoloLens, but I'd add Cortana on the PC as honorable mention...I signed up for the Insider program just for that.
  • Everything they showed yesterday were all game changers!
  • Windows 10
  • Everything!
  • Hololens.... I'm just worried that MS won't make a huge deal about them to the average consumer.... I'm worried that they won't heavily market them... But, if they did market them properly they would definitely do well.. Those videos are simply amazing.
  • I know that you are unequivocally and irremediably obsessed with marketing, but I believe that hololens will be something like the microsoft band. People want it and it has been barely marketed at all. In my case, Hololens is the only MS product that I have proactively started talking to other people about. It is that awesome!
  • All of it... all about windows 10.
  • Both desktop and mobile UI really was the point for me, and how all it dynamically work. I hope all that experience be the same in my hands...
  • I was really thrilled with the whole presentation. All of it. I am probably most excited for xbox streaming. That is huge for me. Depeniding on HoloLens price will determine my excitment level. I am excited for it, but will I ever get hands on with it? Hoping for a 299/399 price. If it falls in that range (highly doubt it will) then that is what i am most excited for. As of right now, i know xbox streming is on its way and i dont have to buy anything to get it going.
  • This. Here is hoping i can continue playing games while my wife watches tv. They would do well to make it work both ways as well, so that you could project your tablet or PC screen onto the Xbox One. This should be a new selling point for the One.
  • The thought of playing Halo 5 from my PC while a lifesize holographic Cortana guides me throughout the universe
  • I never thought of that... Pairing the Holographic PC with a regular PC or the Xbox for gaming could be epic...
  • Even from the toilet
  • WindowsPhone 10 teaser
  • Holo lens, windows phone is for later. But as of now, the future is very very bright for Microsoft and windows fans.
  • Not that I'll use it very often, but definitely Office. It was a long time coming though. I'd also nominate Spartan, but I haven't seen enough of it yet. That annotation bull is a gimmick.
  • Really disappointed by JOE for not showing much of window phone straight away he started with the universal apps
  • Because that's for another event.. Wouldn't you rather them focus on WP, and give us a full rundown of its new features❓ They aren't ready to show the interactive live tiles yet.
  • They're likely holding a lot back for MWC and/or BUILD. The preview should be released in a matter of weeks though, so we won't be in the dark much longer!
  • Definitely hololens,the it's the seamless integration of Xbox being able to be played on tv,PC,tablet,phone
  • Hololens period
  • HoloLens is the nearest we can get to Iron Man's Tony Stark's Holographic computer!
  • Which is pretty amazing. I am so stoked about HoloLens, it has really shaken me to the core on how I think about computing, just since yesterday.  Next step is to be able to reach into the holographic glove and work it like in the Iron Man movies.  Back in the 1960's, a computer that could do far less than what a dumb feature phone can do today was bigger than my house. Now we've got something like HoloLens that you can wear comfortably. Blows your mind when you think about how far things have come in the last 50 years of human history.
  • Hololens and Windows 10 for phones
  • The xbox streaming had to have been the thing that piqued my internet. The wp10 id rather not think about(sgh-t899m L929 owner)
  • I voted for the hamburger UI of course! =) This period shall be called, the great "Windows Phone" purge!
  • Two things actually. 1: Windows 10 for Phone which I can't wait for! 2: Microsoft HoloLens which I think is the next step for a greater world without any wires attached! This year and the next will be freakin AWESOME!
  • HoloLens and new Photos App
  • Xbox streaming to PC. Windows 10 and DirectX 12 on the Xbox.
  • XBox streaming
  • Excited about the moveable keyboard
  • HoloLens looks incredible, but it doesn't seem like anything I would be interested in buying or using in the near future. That Xbox stuff is great though--especially the game streaming!
  • HoloLens. I want to try it! And of course, Windows 10 mobile :D
  • The desktop music app even thought it was skimmed over looks pretty epic. You can upload your music to OneDrive and stream to whatever device.  Hopefully they finally fixed the sync experience between the desktop / tablest and windows phones.  
  • The integration of all devices
  • Windows 10, hologram and windows 10 for phones
  • I love what they have done for W10 across the board. I would guess the phone side will improve and be polished over the coming updates. I can say at this point I'm happy and proud to own a Surface Pro 3 and Lumia 930. Looking forward to future awesomeness :-)
  • It's ALL very exciting, but everything-- including HoloLens-- is driven on Universal Apps. And remember, Universal Apps will mean NEVER requiring Carrier Approval for updates. Settings? Phone/Messaging/People? Alarms/Calculator/Email/Calendar, etc... ALL Universal Apps now. Imagine the joy of getting new features without an OS update... and only waiting on firmware for limited hardware improvements. Universal Apps.
  • Hololens & Cortana integration for PCs!!
  • The best thing?? Undoubtedly,
    Windows 10 for Phones
  • Universal apps. IE on my 920 isn't accepting my press of vote button while logged in.
  • I loved everything. Reading tech articles around the web everyone seems genuinely shocked at Microsoft. And in a good way. Leading us into the next millennia. If I had to pick a single thing, it would have to be Hololens. Simply surreal.
  • Exactly. The reason everyone is so "in a good way" shocked at Microsoft, is because NO ONE saw HoloLens coming, and it blows your mind. It is such a big game changer that if Apple can't catch up on it it could spell doom on the horizon. Catching up will be near impossible at this point, as Microsoft wasn't going to let it out of the bag until it WAS TOO LATE for competitors to catch up.  Google Glass is now officially garbage. Everyone hated it, and complained about the privacy issues because the camera was the central deal for it. Something a company that spies on people's business for a living sees no problem with. Occulous Rift at this point will need to give up and join efforts to just create Universal Apps for HoloLens, because they will be unable to compete with something this major. The best they can do is to pay royalties to use MS patents to try to copy it, and there would be no other way to copy it.  Finally, people will have to say something good about Microsoft, or just shut up. No more of this, "Microsoft can't come up with anything new" garbage. Even though, I saw quite a few comments from people who stated "everything they showed was so last year. Everyone else already has it." I'm like, "Who's had HoloLens, your full of it." Apparently the people making those comments never watched the event.
  • I'm proud wife of one of the designers behind Hololens. Untill yesterday I, like everyone else, had no idea what he was working on. It was that secretive. We watched the event together and I was mind blown. I think the reaction of the journalists there was so hushed because they too were surprised and didn't know how to react. My husband says that people still cannot grasp the importance of that technology for the future of computing and the possibilities that it offers. You have to actually put Hololens on your head, to understand how incredible it is. That's why the tech writers reaction, after tey tried it on, is noot only positive but today everyone loves Microsoft.  
  • I have a pretty vivid and creative imagination. I can't see it all, but I see uses for it that have not yet been mentioned. Imagine: training police in scenarios, firefighters, EMTs, Military training. Also imagine training future doctors in medical schools with the ability to do a "live" walkthrough and surgical explorations without having to use real people. The advances in medicine will be great, to say the least. I want to take a moment to say "Thank You" for being patient with your husband, who could not even tell you what he was doing for a living. That makes it difficult on a relationship at times, when you can't discuss what you've been doing all day. He has helped to bring something wonderful to not just Microsoft fans, but to mankind as a whole. This will help to bring future advances in so many disciplines at a much faster rate.  Today, the world seems a little brighter and has a little more hope.
  • Windows 10 free for Windows 7 users!!
  • if you upgrade within the first year of release
  • Hololens
  • Hololens
  • Everything
  • HoloLens!
  • I'm hoping that Outlook in its multi-platform state, especially the contact manager within, will be as rich in features as the current desktop version.  Currently I'm using 3rd party software (Companion Link) to sync my contacts from my desktop to phone.  I know I can sync from 2013 to Outlook.com, but I lose so many features in the process.  I'd love to have all my contacts in the cloud or synced across my devices without all the extra work.  Hopefully Windows 10 will answers those prayers.
  • I'm a very happy man as of yesterday 12pm ET
  • Actually everything was fantastic, but Windows 10 for phones quite disappointed us with not much visual overhaul and no info was provided regarding APIs for phones.....
  • The main thing I was apprehensive about prior to the event was that they might change the visual look of the phone with Windows 10. I was so relieved that there was only a minor change in the looks department !
  • This was a hard choice - I really like Windows 10 on phones, but I think the HoloLens is the coolest thing I've seen in some time.
  • I love all the things  
  • The windows 10 Lumia is awesome but damn release denim first
  • Its released already
  • Windows 10, windows 10 fr phone and halolens...!!!
  • I was hoping to see windows 10on xbox
  • Overhauled Onedrive ,Hololens and the xbox game streaming via Windows 10.
  • Outlook and office.
  • Undoubtedly hololens
  • Holo lens
  • I was keen about Windows 10 for phones, but the Holograms were freaking awesome ! They will surely boom in the markets.
  • Hi everybody. as nice as the Hololens is. I noticed that most of the new important hubs and programs that will Unify the Windows 10 experience use UNIVERSAL Apps Programs. this is the key programming technology that will make all Windows devices work together. This will define Microsoft Windows devices for decades to come.Apps makers and developers I hope will make their Apps and programs Umniversal apps so they can be used across the many Microsoft Windows devices. The Microsoft Surface Hub big screen device has promous too if it is made cheaper with Cortina controling it and an over the air digital TV turner is added to it and gets XBOX game and video services. The Apple TV will no doubt be simular to what I just said the Surface Hub device needs to be a great HDTV TV for People to have intheir homes.  
  • As I was tightly engaged in the project since the beginning of the Idea, Introduction of it (HoloLens) was the best gadget appeared there.  
  • I'm only interested in MS finally fixing tier broken music app. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Hologram
  • One thing surprised me.... That's obviously hololence.... Feeling excited....
  • Obviously windows 10 for phone. Am waiting for the developer preview
  • Y no love for Surface Hub? Or Cortana on the desktop? Or the fact that it's a FREE upgrade (for consumers for the first year)?
  • LOL! People are carried away by Hololens which will take them years to get one...
  • Universal apps (even though we knew it was coming) offers the best hope for Windows Phone's success.  It will suddenly be much more attractive for developers to support our platform of choice when their work will almost directly translate to tablets desktops, even XBox and more. Regardless of which you think is the best, it was an amazing event with major surprises.  I'm truly amazed that nothing leaked out about HoloLens or the Windows 10 support for it prior to the announcement.
  • The whole package is the best thing. This is a step in the right direction for microsoft. Being able to do one thing at my desktop and doing exactly the same on my mobile. Whats to stop your mobile phone becoming your desktop... Windows 10 will hopefully be the successor that the public have been waiting for. And i mean what to say abot HoloLens, theres no limitations on what we can create.
  • They should have added "All of the above" as one of the choices. In any case, I loved everything they announced at the event so I chosed "others" LOL!
  • Hololens...
  • Zune coming back. That would have just topped I off for me.
  • ^This Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • I wish I could vote for both universal apps and hololens. Hololens was the most innovative product for me. And the universal apps on phones was what the doctor ordered. Will someone do an in depth review of the new action center. Is it everything I dreamed of? Can I read a summary of a notification and reply from there?
  • Windows 10 on all devices was the best thing. Continuum would have to be 2nd best, IMO.
  • hololens yes it amazed me and coming to WP 10 its just to catch up with android at least or its a android copy leaving virtual joystick.
  • Not impressed with windows 10 for phones. Shown very less features
  • I was looking forward to the Xbox integration and universal apps, but Microsoft has been working on both for years so we already knew they were coming. The best thing about Hololens is that nobody was expecting it. Having good news hit you that hard is a rare treat.
  • Office on windows phone
  • I think hololense is the best one.....
  • hololens
  • Forza Horizon 2 for PC ^^
  • It was a great event. There were a lot of little things that were said our announced that seemed to get missed, such as soon we will be able to have all our music at OneDrive and that it will soon support playlists and such. The Xbox Music app now on phone will be replaced by the Xbox Music app from Windows 10. The Lumia story telling apps becoming a Universal app now that Cortana can index and sort by location and date and other meta data.... And who designed and manufactured the HPU in the Hololense? How does that fit into system architecture. Do they have a patent on that?
  • Windows 10 on phone is defiantly exciting, but Cortana on the PC and everything following you from device to device is the awesomeness of the Universal Apps. No wonder the media, IOS and Android are Scared. This MS giant is moving fast, and I attribute that to them implementing a robust Developer Feedback system to build all of its latest technology. It's brilliant, 1st you have a ton of people giving input. 2nd they all feel valued and emotionally invested, because they feel like frankly, we built it.
  • HoloLens BY FAR. Hopefully the experiece that gets released commercially is at least somewhat close to what they've demostrated.
  • Going away from swiping. I know there is more to come so I'm waiting to see what the start screen future holds
  • I liked email with rich text editing. Word looked good too ability to move the keyboard anywhere on the screen and resize it
  • When Hololens comes out it could make everything else obsolete... Think do you really need a cell phone if you can have a holophone in your hand?
  • I liked the universal apps
  • Now WP will be popular among people on a large scale..app development will attract many users now... Expecting a new high end device running on Windows 10 soon!!
  • I hope that hololense would be stand alone device....
  • No need to hope, It is :)  
  • Hololens was a complete new feature ...well done Microsoft!!
  • I was on iPhone for 2 weeks and even just the keyboard on WP made me send the thing back. Keyboard solution in IOS is hideous! Now keyboard gets even better. Was blown away by the calendar app too! Outlook client way better than actual one. Can't wait.
  • Personally, I think bringing back the universal messaging app is the best feature. I can't wait to easily toggle between SMS, Facebook, and WhatsApp.
  • Will win10 phones need virus scanner? if that is the case, I have to go to android phone
  • Super like for w10p....
  • I was expecting more about window 10 for phone but unfortunately they showoff just a bit ,but for yesterday event i'll give thumb up to the hololens .That's crazy. The future is here.
  • I was disappointed with everything announced except: Cortana, Surface Hub, HoloLens.
  • I really like surface hub..84 inch 4k display running with W10
  • For me its the Cross-platform party-chat for Xbox Live. Why? Because it allows me to use my computer to chat and thus manage the audio there. I'm hearing impaired and most of the time the volume can't go high enough and i need to pay really close attention to what everybody is saying. The ability to use Kinect made it a bit easier (to play over speakers as there is no option to force it to) and i also can connect my current headset wirelessly, so i don't have to deal with any wires. For me thats a huge win and the best news i got this year. Other than that the Holo was nice but seems like a long way before we can get it (even if they ship a developer-edition first it will be a few years i'm guessing). Lastly i'm happy they are going back to some things that made Windows Phone great like the hubs. I love that they are gonna go back to the messaging-hub again. Will be very handy. And i also like that they remade the index of the settings page. I didn't see a lot of things that hadn't leaked yet, but i'm still hoping for more. Mostly profiles to set whether i want a ringtone or not and when to bug me with notifications. I think they are on their way to make Windows 10 the greatest OS to date and i hope they will keep improving and keep with their new vision. I like the new Microsoft and they deserve a better marketshare for their latest products.
  • Unfortunately there was no 'F-ing Everything' option so I had to pick just one ...
  • I will have to go with OneDrive. It sounded like it was the whole ecosystem feet.
  • Nothing crazy good. I was glad to see integration (knew that was coming anyway, just confirmed). It would have added more excitement if they announced a hard date for Windows 10 download availability for preview.
  • The new 1020 replacement......oh wait!
  • frfr
  • It makes no sense that they make the leap from wp8.1 to 10 and somehow completely neglect to evolve the start screen...other than that, everything looks good.
  • but no suport for surface 2, so so so so bad !!!!!
  • Nothing really.Like the integration ( but already knew that was coming). It would have been nice for them to have Windows 10 ready for rollout to phones today, then I wiould be excited. Fix the app gap! Then I can be excited. Hardware is there; cameras by far 2nd to none, software is seemless. Just need the apps to back the platform and then people will come.
  • Finally, unified Settings! The replacement for Charms looked interesting too. Lots of great reveals, but HoloLens stole the show.
  • Project Spartan
  • Is it just me or are these WPCental polls not doable from my darn WP?
  • can we confirm that we have a separate show for updates and new features for windows 10 on phones? i am really hoping for more.
  • All r good but Microsoft hololens are awesome
  • Well I m really very excited about window 10 does any one has any idea how long will it take to be online as preview
  • Did any one saw a short glimpse of new Xbox Music . When joe was telling that we can transfer music to one driver. It look very much different that we use in wp8.1 does anyone has any ideas about ?
  • Personally, I think the best thing from the Windows 10 event is the public facing and open direction Microsoft is in with the world and Windows users. The Windows Insider program isn't new but JB telling everyone that they expect bugs and that they're comfortable with showing everyone behind the curtain because that's Microsoft's new paradigm was, for me, confirming as a Microsoft fanboy. Microsoft has always innovated and they outspend nearly everyone in R&D. I've always liked their software but desperatley wanted my voice as a user heard. The Continuium mode and the Modern Start menu/screen options are things I like and that they're not being dismissed for users unwilling to try a new paradigm. I also like that I can go back to the older and more familiar if I want. That there is so much support for making Windows "MINE" is very comforting. It's the main reason I've stuck with Windows Phone. It's why that, given the choice between my 13" MB Pro or mySurface Pro 3, I'll take the Surface Pro 3 because I don't have to compromise my experience and that feels like I have a personal connection to my tech.  With the direction Microsoft is taking with Windows Insider and Open Source .Net now I feel like I have a personal connection to the creators of the tech I use and I really like that.
  • I was blown away that they had that many new things that I really want to use already. It made me want an Xbox even more now. I see more capabilities on the phone with universal apps. And HoloLens deserved its own show. ​
  • IMHO we knew enough about Windows 10 in terms of planning to not be surprised by what was featured. Hololens, on the other hand, was completely out of left field and a fantastic show of innovation (whether or not it does come to fruition as shown).
  • Missed two big things on your poll: FREE! Surface Hub
  • Holo lens aur kya