Poll: What was the best thing shown at the Microsoft Windows 10 event?

We were hoping to be wowed by Microsoft's Windows 10 event yesterday, and it didn't disappoint. Desktop, tablet, phone, Xbox, your head, all got a look in and a demonstration of how things will be with the launch of Windows 10.

Now that the dust has settled a little and we've had time to step back and take stock, we want to know what you thought was the best thing shown off.

For sheer wow factor, it'd be hard to argue against HoloLens, the secretly developed Windows 10 computer you mount over your face. For the gamers among us, the new Xbox integration in Windows 10 opens up a whole new world for the console. And who could forget our first look at Windows 10 on a phone?

Or it may have been something more specific, one killer feature, that got you most excited. Whatever it was, hit up the poll below and jump into the comments with some thoughts!

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Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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