Lumia 1520

Polls are fun. They’re a good way to quickly get a feel for how the Windows Phone community feels on a particular topic. We just learned that the Nokia Lumia 1520 becomes available on November 22nd here in the United States. We also just learned from a close source that the yellow Lumia 1520 might be scarce. So we’re curious, what color are you getting?

We had a poll just a few days ago asking whether you planned on getting the Lumia 1520. The results were pretty surprising. The results showed 45.58% of you saying you planned on getting the phone, 16.63% of you planned on waiting to see initial reviews, while 37.77% are going to wait for a smaller device with a 1080p display.

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We’re curious what color you’re getting if you’ve already placed a pre-order or plan on getting a Lumia 1520 when you can. You’ve got yellow (Dan’s favorite), black (George’s favorite), white, and red as options for the Lumia 1520. We wish we could get cyan, but not this time.

Anyways, take the poll and let us know your color! Then head to the comments to tell us why your color rules. 

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