Popular gay men chat and dating app Jack'd launched on Windows Phone

Jack'd, a popular chat and dating app made for the gay men community, has launched a version for Windows Phone users after previously releasing versions for iOS and Android. This release follows on the heels of the recently re-launched Scruff app for Windows Phone earlier this week.

Jack'd for Windows Phone

Jack'd first launched in 2010 and now has over 5 million users around the world. Here's what they can expect from the Windows Phone version:

  • Match Finder
  • 3 public pictures + 2 private pictures
  • List View & Gallery View for profile listings
  • Who's Viewed You list
  • Extended profile filtering
  • Scene selection
  • Favorites list & Followers list
  • Unlimited picture & message exchanges

Jack'd does not allow for uploads of nude or illegal pictures, and users must have one account per device and be 18 years of age and over.

Download Jack'd from the Windows Phone Store (free)

via: Reddit

QR: Jack'd

  • :):)
  • this is a HOT topic :D
  • Especially for my state, Indiana.
  • Im also from Indiana!
  • Is it discrimination to have a chat only for one group of people? E harmony didn't cater their formula to gays and got sued and were forced to include gays.
  • world ain't a place of equality, sorry to break the news to you.  look, no one is stopping you from downloading and using this app - in fact I would encourage you to do so. have fun.
  •   You're free to join and use the app as a straight person, you'llnot find many women on it though.    
  • It's funny how discrimination only goes certain ways in the public. Like lulumen not catering to large people is wrong, but Torrid not catering to smaller people is ok. Smh lovely world...
  • As a thin, white, heterosexual male living in the US, I cannot say I have ever experienced discrimination in anything. In fact, it's pretty damn awesome. I wish everyone could have this much privilege.
  • Damn I already regret commenting on this...
  • Yeah, we always have a laugh in our work chat when these apps come out due to the comment storms and so-called "debates" about equality (masked as prejudice). Luckily people here have the memory of a goldfish, and they will soon be back to complaining about Windows 10, or something :P
  • I love you, Daniel. :P
    No homo (well, maybe a lil' bit, I'm bi ^_^).
  • Wow Daniel commented on my comment :):)
  • LOL... *Grabs Popcorn*
  • As an extremely handsome, virile hard body heterosexual male living in the US, I cannot say I have ever experienced discrimination in anything. Jealousy and adoration, yes. But that is expected. I wish everyone as much success.
  • That's probably one of the funniest comments I've seen on here ever.
  • *mic drop*
  • Try growing up as the only white kid in a black neighborhood.
  • I must say I havent either as a thin, white, heterosexual male, with no children living in the US. That was until I filled out my fasfa for college ;). 
  • There is so much right with your comment.
  • I dont agree with it but Ill never hate on someone for a personal choice, but isn't the gay community judged enough? They have their own site good for them. There are many for men and woman too.
  • Normally, I'd say yea but the "gay community" appears to be just as intolerant of others.  So, I don't really have much mercy, care, or thought anymore for them.
  • umm difference 1: eharmony did not allow to search for same sex partners. jackd does not limit you in that way it looks up everybody in your vicinity. go ahead and download jackd no one is stopping you, finding women using it will be a bit tough i'd guess but no one is stopping them from using it either (most people who want to use such an app though prefer to use one that explicitly targets them) difference 2: eharmony is a dating app and a very popular one at that, secifically for people looking for relationships. the goal of users of jackd and similar apps (tinder for excample) usually is ... less complicated. difference 3: roughly 95% of the worlds population is straight ... arguing for being a discriminated minority gets a bit complicated once you happen to make up more than 90% of the whole group.
  • I just don't like hypocrisy. Like BET is ok but WET wouldn't be. Saying all news/entertainment shows are whitewashed is a fine discussion to have but if I don't mind you having your own book club, don't butt in on mine.
    On another note, didn't know jacked meant anything other than being ripped in a body builder type way. Learn something new everyday.
    Looks well designed too. I find it funny smaller companies don't leave out WP, when they have the resources, but larger companies won't use theirs on WP when they can. Silly shareholders/roi. ;)
  • You first sentence is spot on! Thank you.
  • Look, again, this app doesn't discriminate. Just because gay people gravitate towards this app because it was a platform they feel they can be open and free doesn't mean the app discriminates against straight people. Your comment about BET is off base as well. Before BET existed, show me where black folk were represented and could relate to on any other station. Just because something CATERS towards a certain demographic doesn't mean it DESCRIMINATES against others. 
  • Last time I checked black people discrimate against themselves. Too dark, not dark enough, mixed, the list goes on and on.
  • I agree. But just because BET exists doesn't make it reverse descrimination. It CATERS to a demographic. If  white, or other people don't find the channel entertaining to them, they're free to watch something else.
  • You've missed the point. WET would never exist, society wouldn't allow it with its double standard.
  • I think YOU missed the point. WET doesn't even need to exist. There is no problem in society for white people to find programming that they can relate to culturally. If a station like WET came out when there are inummerable programs that white people can relate to what would be the point? Having a White Entertainment Television would really only serve to do one thing: TV for whites only. This may sound like a double standard on the surface, but dig deeper and it isn't quite that simple. BET doesn't exist to EXCLUDE other people. There are several programs on that station that have white people (and not in a negative way). It exist soley because the black community really has few avenues on TV that caters to them culturally.  This goes also for gay apps and the like. I don't know what else to say to make it more clear that having something exist that caters towards a certain demographic where there are so few options for that demographic is not "reverse" descrimination. We'll just leave it at that.
  • WET already does exist, it's called CBS, Fox, NBC, AMC, TNT, etc. BET is not about excluding others, it is targeted demographics. I've watched stuff on BET, and I'm sure BET is happy about that. They welcome white, hispanic, asian, whatever. A vegetarian restaurant doesn't prevent people that eat meat from dining there.
  • You are so right sir! They have that elusive acronym W for White in them. I forgot to put on my "white guilt" glasses on before I made my statement.
  • Lol. I should look again, when did I ever say I didn't like this app, it's intended audience, the company, the design?
    Also that was my original point, heavy people complained about companies that catered to skinny people. I don't care who caters to who, that's my point, just don't complain about other things catering to other people, majority or minority.
  • Umm...every channel is White Entertainment Network.
  • Straight mean getting annoyed that it's not about them XD
  • As a half Iraqi, half Dutch gay men (underage) living in a Catholic family I can tell you; being gay is very hard.
  • Not sure who downvoted you, but I fixed it.
  • Man, you talk to me like I've not experienced being disowned by my mother for coming-out as bi. Please. I was only making a joke.
  • Bruh my parents almost killed me when I told them I was gay LOL
  • When are we going to get an app where straight men can pick up other dudes? Er...
  • 'A hole's a hole...'
  • LOL! That already exists. It's called Grindr. Aaaah the headless torsos.
  • Tis the same for BET, women networks, and so on. Can we have WET?....that could be discerned multiple ways, but I mean White Entertainment Network....
  • It's called, "we went you to change everything for us, but we wont do anything in return for you."
  • Relax, I am not gay but I can understand...white guys like you never get it and looking for a reason to complain when you're the majority.
  • For gays discrimination only runs in one direction.
  • Eharmony and these apps focus on different needs. It was actually the basic premise behind not catering to the GLBT community. Sure potential litigation led them to setup CompatiblePartners. Nothing is stopping you from creating a profile, though if you're not gay, you're not going to get much use from it. These apps are better compared to Tinder, Scruff, and Grindr. Eharmony is better compared to OkCupid, etc.
  • Seems Gayster.
  • Gayer
  • is that like Napster, but instead of downloading music you download .. nevermind
  • Forgive my ignorance but is there a Jilled for women since this is just for men?
  • There will be when you develop one. Women aren't like men. There's a w seek w area on the hookup part of craigslist and it's the saddest place on the internet.Check it out. Put a fake ad in and I guarantee you that not one of the responses will be from a woman.
  • Sad to say if did ever develop an app it would be broken as half the apps in the WP store. I shudder to think of the responses I'd get on CL. I can only imagine all the guys responding "hey baby I'll turn you straight".
  • Wooo thanks for bringing this app to Windows phone :)
  • I swear the names these apps pick are so random. Lol
  • I try to make my application names relevant and unique but catchy as well.
  • I see you making references to your apps in almost every article but don't know what they actually are. Link?
  • Hi Gatlyn - I appreciate you taking interest, I do mention it often just to interact with the community as a developer. Here are my apps on my website :): http://iamzackb.wix.com/wp8developer#!apps/c113w
  • Not quite random for the gay scene my friend..
  • How is 'Jack'd' not a relevant name? :)
  • I mean there's another one called Hornet (is not on WP btw).
  • Jack'd up ...jack'd off...jack'd!
  • You mean Jerk'd ?
  • Wait, didn't they use to have a Windows Phone version before? I feel like I had seen it in the Store several times. I'm confused now.
  • Only for happy men ;)
  • YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!
  • Gay. Gay. Gay. Gay. Gay app
  • Right... I thought that was the point?
  • Whose the dev? Apple's CEO? :P
  • Trolol
  • LO'OL
  • You must be so insecure on your sexual orientation..
  • That there is funny though...
  • Tim Cook has indeed mixed Apple business with vocal gay politics, using his raised platform to promote his unnatural sexuality, and in the process has mocked the First Amendment, and tried to force people to violate their consciences. Sure, I'll bake a cake for you Mr. Hitler with a swastika on it. No problem.
  • An app I won't be installing!
  • Ok!
  • oh, such a shame - I was looking forward to you doing it. but thanks for letting us know.
  • Yeah that person is really weird. I bet they just love to share how not gay they are, as if anyone cares.
  • Not nearly as bad as gay pride nonsense.
  • That's nice. Let me check to see...wait..wait..yeah. No one cares
  • That person is just playing hard to get
  • If It's not appropriate then don't install it.
  • How do I design a query to show 'that item' with the lowest stock amongst all inventory items
  • Huh?
  • Since win. 10 to the is become a gay os
  • Grammar. Difficult.at times.
  • If you are going to take a jab at someone’s grammar, make sure yours is perfect.
  • @DBrandUSA You do realize that is not how the world works? I can critique movies, music, art, all without being "perfect" in any of those fields. Pointing out bad grammar does not obligate you to be perfect all the time. If that were the case, literally no one in the world could ever point out grammar mistakes as no one is 100% when writing.
  • Try taking your own advise, you sound like an ass.
  • "Try taking your own advise"
    The irony.
  • I do not go around making an effort to make peopel feel stupid, you do. Don't try to justify your actions. I only point out bad grammar being used by idiots like yourself who feel the need to point it out to others.
  • Hero.
  • No, that would be Doctors, Scientists, Fireman, Police Officers, Solidiers, etc.
  • Bet your banned tomorrow...best get a new email account...
  • Daniel, the difference here is that you're a professional writer who, like every "writer" on your affiliated sites, cannot spell the word "its" when they learned it in grade three. That's the difference. There's no such thing as being a "perfect" artist, but there is "perfect" spelling. Big, big difference.
  • You deserve a cookie.
  • When someone writes something that is very hard to understand, because they don't seem to care about how they write it, I think it's perfecly fine to poke at them with a harmless sentence, that is meant as a joke. People often go straight to seeing red, when someone is correcting them in no hurtful way.. Really, people should start leaning from each other, instead of just telling them to frack off. my 2c.
  • What if he did it on purpose. Ow the sarcasm
  • That was my thought...
  • Does it really matter at this point?
  • You sure you've spoken English before?
  • I think it would be written, not spoken...have you? On the other hand, autocorrect can be a real bastard. I almost sent an email on my phone and it said "some shit..." This would have gone to a professor I was trying to higher!