Popular iOS game 'Infinity Blade' to be released on Xbox One in China

There's some good news for fans of the popular iOS title "Infinity Blade" today — provided you own an Xbox One and live in China. A new entrant in the series, "Infinity Blade Saga," will reportedly be launched by Chinese publisher Tencent on the Xbox One sometime in 2015.

The news follows the appearance of a teaser site earlier this week that showed a series of images of people smashing their televisions with various weaponry, ending with a promise that further details would come soon. That day was today, as Tencent showed off Infinity Blade Saga running on the Xbox One at the Tencent Game Show in Shanghai.

The game is said to have Kinect support, and features stages from all three of its iOS counterparts. There also looks to be a playable demo at the game show, and the Xbox One appears to be the only console on which the game is confirmed to be launching.

There is no word on whether there is a planned launch for the game outside of China, but it is definitely interesting to see such a popular title making its way to a new platform.

Source: A9VG; via Gematsu

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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