Popular Twitch app 'Unstream' goes universal for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile

For those few who don't know, Twitch.tv is a wildly popular video game streaming service. Unstream allows you to view streamers and participate in their chat rooms within its universal app, allowing you to bypass the website.

Using Unstream carries various other benefits for Twitch users, including notifications, pinning and more!

The full feature list is as follows:

  • Watch live streams or videos on demand (VOD)
  • View featured channels, top games, channels or videos and followed channels
  • Search for games, channels (users) or streams (live)
  • Custom stream/chat experience (portrait and landscape), chat emotes & badges
  • View detailed user profiles and user highlights/broadcasts (VODs)
  • Follow/Unfollow channels
  • Notifications & Live Tiles when followed channels go live
  • Pin games or channels to start screen for quick access

The app also supports your Windows 10 accent colour and has dark and light themes. It also has Windows 10's native casting feature, should your device support Twitch's format. I was only able to test it on my Xbox One at this time, which doesn't seem to support the file type.

As you might expect, you can sign in to access your favourite channels instantly, view your profile, past broadcasts and your personal followers. Unstream has an unlimited trial supported by ads, purchasing (for a very reasonable price) simply removes the ads and helps support the developer. Unstream has been updated consistently since its launch, so jumping in with a purchase might be a worthwhile investment.

Be sure to pin our official Twitch stream and tell us what you think of Unstream in the comments!

Download Unstream from the Microsoft Store for Windows 10 / Windows 10 Mobile ($1.29) (opens in new tab)

QR: Unstream

Thanks, Younes!

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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  • Nice, this is the Twitch app I use. Cool to see it get the W10 upgrade
  • Great app!
  • Are we going to get the official app from Twitch?
  • Try this unofficial http://www.windowsphone.com/s?appid=75c4a2b9-667d-4a9b-b881-c27c574904a6​
  • This is also the best/full-featured twitch app on WP 8.1.
  • Does this still work on windows 8.1? Says it is no longer available when I tried to put on my tablet
  • I'm using it on phone.
  • Anyone download it to 8.1 non phone recently since the update?
  • For some reason, the W8.1 app got delisted when I released the update for W10. I'm contacting Microsoft for a solution now :)
  • Thanks for the awesome app
  • It's back, thanks!
  • If only they could replace thurrot by someone else I might start watching again. Daniel, nice side job for you?;)
  • Looks great! What frame rates does this app support? Can it play 60fps (or higher) videos?
  • I got 60fps source on my HTC 8X 1GB RAM. It can play the highlights of channels only at high quality or less unfortunately..
  • (I don't have a windows . ) the number of universal apps are growing well ? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Well we get daily articles about universal apps released but no news about Snapchat, Steam or apps like that if you are looking for them, but Windows 10 isnt officialy out yet so I am looking forwarid if that will change.
  • $0,99? for something that should be free because twich is free? wow... really, there are alternatives that are free so I don't know why people want this. anyway, Twich should make an official app already, it's not like there are not millions of millions of users already on Windows 10. the could even add some ads to the app, so people won't block them with adblockers on the browse well they are amazon now, which sucks, amazon seem like another lazy company that don't try to improve and make twitch experience better. it's the same as the old Twich team, sucky team that never improve upon creating "twitch" name from justin.tv  
  • Install trial version it's pretty much same as full version but with adds
  • One of the perks of free will is the ability to choose from multiple apps. I personally use the free app 8Stream.
  • And people who work hard to give you the apps, shoud also work for free, right? Common... People always complain about the lack of support from the devs on Windows. When they decide to support the platform and make great apps, people complain about $0.99. Give the devs some credit and support. They don't owe us anything. If you're ok with the ads, you can always use the unlimited ad-supported trial version of this app.
  • I agree 1000% Philip. Freakin idiots!! Sorry but it's true.
  • Apps are best on iOS because people aren't cheap and buy them. Try to not be cheap as well.
  • Hi there! Unstream's developer here. I worked on this app full-time for two months and have been supporting it half-time (after work) since. I understand if you don't want to buy the full version, so feel free to keep using the unlimited trial. Only difference is the ads (none of which are on the actual media playback view!). The paid full version just helps me justify the time spent developing :). Agreed about the official Twitch version though.. I wouldn't mind sharing my code with Twitch to make it happen.
  • Thanks for the app its amazing on windows tablets especially after update! One thing that i had trouble with, is to have the app fullscreen and chat open for some reason taskbar is popping up. No big deal just letting you know. :)
  • This is my Twitch app of choice. Bought it a while ago. It's the best.
  • Yezza !!
  • Still waiting for official, want vod access
  • Unstream's developer here... VOD support was implemented a while back, but much improved in this version :)
  • PogChamp
  • We could use a Twitch app review to see which app is better. This app seems a lot like 8 Stream? Any reasons to switch to this?