The Post Office launches its own affordable mobile network in the UK

The mobile network battleground in the UK is a confusing one, especially for consumers. The Post Office has decided to make things that much more puzzling by launching its own virtual network.

The new PAYG SIM, which you can receive for free, will provide you the means to text for 10p per text and make calls for just 8 pence a minute. Data on-the-other-hand is slightly more expensive at 10p per MB and there's no 4G support, even though the Post Office is using EE's network.

The company is also providing a handful of bundles, should you need more from your deployed credit and use your mobile phone on a regular basis. Bundles start from £5 a month, which will provide 250 minutes, 3,000 messages and 500MB of data. The more expensive option of £20 will bag you 1,000 minutes, 3,000 messages and 5GB of data.

So, perhaps it's time to put away those stamps and prepare to send messages and make calls using the Post Office's new network?

Source: The Post Office, via: Engadget

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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