PowerPlanSwitcher is a handy tool for changing your PC's power settings on the fly

If you're on the lookout for something to help you manage your PC's power plans, you might want to check out a handy little utility called PowerPlanSwitcher. Available on the Windows Store, PowerPlanSwitcher can help you quickly alter your Power settings on the fly.

A Project Centennial conversion, the app itself is pretty spartan, living as a simple icon resembling a plug in your Windows 10 System Tray. Clicking on the icon gives you quick access to Windows 10's default power states (Balanced, High Performance, and Power Saver), something that requires a bit of fiddling with Settings menus otherwise.

You can also use the app's flyout to select power schemas to automatically switch between when your PC is connected to or disconnected from power. And if the default power schemas aren't your style, the app is compatible with custom power plans, so you can eschew the defaults should you choose.

It's a pretty simple app, but it's incredibly handy if you just want to save a couple of clicks and switch power plans on the fly. Perhaps more importantly, it restores a function to the System Tray that was present in previous versions of Windows. If you're curious, you can grab PowerPlanSwitcher now for free on the Windows Store.

Thanks to Philip V. for the tip!

Download PowerPlanSwitcher from the Windows Store

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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