PowerPoint now lets Fast ring Office Insiders track changes made by others

A new Office Insider build recently started rolling out to Fast ring Insiders, bringing along a handy new feature for PowerPoint users on Windows desktop. Now, PowerPoint users working with others on a presentation will be able to track changes that others have made.

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When you open a presentation, PowerPoint will now alert you to changes via a clock icon on the upper-right portion of the window. Clicking that alert will then highlight where changes were made in the presentation, along with who made them. As far as collaboration features go, this is a pretty simple, but essential change.

As Microsoft notes, this change is only available to Office 365 subscribers who are using PowerPoint for Windows desktop. Both collaborators will also need to ensure they are running Office version 1708 (Build 8403.1000) to track changes properly. And while this is only available for Fast ring Office Insiders at the moment, Microsoft says it will make its way to the Slow ring in a week or two.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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