AI has been a big theme so far at Microsoft's Build 2017 conference, even making its way to PowerPoint. On stage during the keynote, Microsoft showed off a pretty impressive demonstration of a new PowerPoint Translator add-in that can do bi-directional translation of presentations in real time.

PowerPoint Translator

In the demonstration, Microsoft showed the add-in translating what was being said in Spanish to English on the screen in real time. Think of it as an automatic closed captioning for your presentation. To add even more to the mix, audience members can follow along with another language using the Translator mobile app. And since the plug-in is bi-directional, audience members can chime in with questions and it will translate them in real time.

Currently, PowerPoint Translator supports 9 spoken and more than 60 written languages. Microsoft says it will provide a preview of the add-in at its Garage site.

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