Pre-load the For Honor open beta before the battle begins on February 9

If you've been looking forward to jumping in and trying out Ubisoft's forthcoming Medieval battler, For Honor, that wait is almost over. The open beta starts on February 9, but so you're ready the second it goes live you can start to pre-load right now on Xbox One, PC or PS4.

The For Honor™ Beta will take you into the chaotic and believable battlefields of the brand-new, groundbreaking melee action game developed by Ubisoft Montreal in collaboration with other Ubisoft studios.

The beta will offer a taste of what's to come in the full release, with nine warriors playable across six different maps and four multiplayer modes. Master a sampling of the Knight, Samurai and Viking heroes, each with their own unique moves and weapons.

The full game isn't far behind, either, coming on February 14. So if you're still in two minds this is a great opportunity to try it out before parting with your cash. If you're playing on PC you'll have to pre-load through Ubisoft's own Uplay application, but folks on Xbox One can use the link below to grab it in the normal way.

Download For Honor beta for Xbox One

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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