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Pre-order WWE 2K16 to get two playable versions of Arnold Schwarzenegger's Terminator

While Terminator: Genisys was a big disappointment at the movie theaters, Arnold Schwarzenegger will be making yet another appearance as his trademark cyborg. 2K Games has revealed that people who pre-order the upcoming pro wrestling game WWE 2K16 access to two versions of Schwarzenegger's T-800 Terminator model as playable characters.

One version is the original T-800 model as he looked in 1984's The Terminator, while the other is the version in 1991's Terminator 2: Judgement Day. 2K Games revealed the pre-order bonus for WWE 2K16 with a nice live-action trailer featuring Schwarzenegger recreating his entrance in Terminator 2 in a biker bar, except this time the patrons are played by WWE wrestling stars.

WWE 2K16 is coming out on October 27 for the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 consoles.

Source: WWE 2K

  • This is an oddly cool addition to the game
  • But when will wwe release apps for windows?? Disappointed after Hulk Hogan was fired.
  • You lost me at "Big disappointment at the movie theater" I don't know... I went to see the movie the day it came out, I thought it was quite good. Didn't know people thought that about the movie tbh
  • It was more like generic action movie #237. Solid enough, but meh compared to the first two.
  • I think it was more of a disappointment in box office. For a Terminator movie, it was mostly a flop.
  • While it doesnt live up to Judgment day, it truly wasnt as bad as the critics have made it out to be. It was a Terminator movie that was entertaining and enjoyable. Considering this was a semi reboot, critics shouldnt be comparing it to T2. The only mistake they did, was reveal the spoiler in the trailer, had they not done that, audience/critics would gave probably enjoyed the surprise factor even more.
  • I really enjoyed the movie, great action, funny humor, and a decent supporting cast. I agree with abduz that they should not have used the reveal in the trailer.
  • Yeaaa! Great movie! Much better than Salvation crap!
  • Yup I really liked the movie too...i went to see it despite the poor reviews...and I actually loved it...maybe you end up questions a few things here and there...but overall, it kept me hooked...! \m/
    Salvation was bullshit, I agree...
  • This movie did well overseas. Americans are convinced that this movie is bad before seeing it. And critics as usual love to blast every movie that is actually fun.
  • It was sh!t. Come on people, we're not in the 90s, movies need more than explosions and generic set pieces.
  • Ehh well id still watch it for the nostalgia and good ol governer of california at it again~
  • And yet still no gameplay or even screen shots.
  • Take Hulk Hogan out of the game and I might give it a shot. 
  • Unfortunately, they already did
  • God created the Heavens, he created the earth! He created all the Hulkamaniacs! Then, he created a set of 24-inch pythons, brother!
  • Who in their right mind would pay for something that isn't even out yet? How do you know it is worth the money? 
  • You can pre-order online from most retailers and you don't get charged until the game ships. If the reviews are bad you can always cancel.
  • Reviews don't mean nothing.. Look at NASCAR the game the reviews never said it was broke and unplayable.
  • I am hoping the new team does a much better job. Though I am tired of waiting for current Gen version...
  • Not siding with pre-order as a business model, but I'm sure that if the game was horrific, you can try for a refund in the basis that they miss sold and mislead you buy claiming things that aren't present
  • Somebody has to replace the Hulkster... that dumbass.
  • He has just been terminated.
  • Disappointment? It wasn't that bad a movie!
  • Terminator genysis was good. Not mind blowing, but better than T3 and Salvation.
  • Yup I agree with you, you can just watch T1, T2 then genysis skip the other 2 lol
  • I like the lady terminator from T3
  • No it's ok. No Hogan = No WWE. Fock Vince Mcmahon
  • I think the Rock should be the next terminator, I'll say one more movie with Arnold he can play the Bad Terminator and The Rock the one who saves and go from there
  • Booo, YouTube is blocked at the office. I hope to see some images in the next article, maye some animated gifs... but I would settle with images related to the article :D