If you're eager to jump into Bethesda's reboot of Prey, you'll get a chance to check it out a little early. Bethesda has announced that a playable demo will be available on April 27, a week ahead of launch.

Headed to both Xbox One and PS4, the demo will serve up the first hour of gameplay, which is just enough to tease what lies ahead for protagonist Morgan Yu. There's no word on whether a demo will also be available for the PC version of the game ahead of launch.

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Prey takes place aboard the Talos I space station after a species of terrifying aliens called Typhon have broken loose from their confines. In taking on the role of Morgan Yu, your job is to battle the alien threat and prevent the Typhon from reaching Earth.

Prey is set for release on May 5, but you can go ahead and pre-order a copy now to start playing right away. The opening hour demo will be available for download starting April 27.

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