Uh oh. Looks like there's a bit of a price war brewing around the HTC Snap, and that's good news for you, the consumer. See, first Sprint released its version for $149.99. Then came Verizon with the Ozone at $49.99. Tough to beat that (and Malatesta's been raving about it for days now.)

Now it looks like Microsoft and T-Mobile have teamed up to lower the Dash 3G — which remains true to the Snap we originally saw — to $49.99 as well on the WMDeals Web site. That's a huge drop from the $169.99 on the T-Mobile site. So if you're looking for a front-facing QWERTY on the cheap, well, that's half of the four major U.S. carriers offering it for $50. Hey, Sprint. Care to join?

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Oh, and if you're holding out for a T-Mobile Touch Pro 2 (on or about Aug. 12), look for it on the site soon. (The Shadow 2009 also is going for $49.99.) This lower price on the Dash 3G apparently isn't available is stores, so call 866-464-8662, press option 3 for new service, and mention promo code "Windows Mobile" when ordering.