T-Mobile Dash 3G available online, in stores

Looks like the wait for the T-Mobile Dash 3G (aka the HTC Snap) is finally over as the phone has gone live on the carrier's Web site [via] and also is available in stores today. (For some reason the Web site didn't have the image of the phone, so we added ours. We're helpful like that.)

The Dash 3G will cost you $169.99 after contract and "instant discount." Just a reminder that that's $20 more than what Sprint's charging for its version of the Snap, and a full $120 more than Verizon is charging for the Ozone. But then again it is the most faithful to the actual Snap we first saw back at CTIA, so there you go.

So, who's going out and snagging one? Let us know in the forums.

Phil Nickinson

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