There are plenty of benefits to a standing desk, but one ultimate drawback is that they're usually quite expensive. And if you already have a desk, it means swapping out entirely.

Or does it? Fortunately, if you'd like to try a standing desk without going all-in on a new one, there are some great products to convert your existing desk.

VIVO black height adjustable 36" stand up desk converter

VIVO Black Height Adjustable 36" Stand up Desk Converter

This is a pretty sizeable converter from VIVO, so it's perfect for the larger desk setups that involve multiple displays. It'll easily house a pair of monitors, or a monitor and a laptop, with room left over for some speakers.

It's adjustable with gas lifts up to 17-inches from your desktop, so both taller and shorter people can still get it to the perfect height for them. There's a slide keyboard tray that you can remove if you don't want it and a little slot on the top to safely stow your phone.

This is a pretty serious, heavy-duty desk converter, but at $170 is still a lot less than a new standing desk. And as it's adjustable, it's easy to enjoy a nice sit down as well.

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Executive Office Solutions portable laptop stand

Laptop desk converter

If you're a frequent laptop user and looking for something that helps you stand but isn't quite as large as a full desk converter, then this portable, adjustable stand could be just the answer.

It's made of aluminum, so it's solid and durable, and it adjusts in height to the perfect level for you. All you get is two trays, one for the laptop and one (optional) for your mouse, but it means you can use your laptop at your desk while standing up.

And its portable, so you can easily take it between home and the office. And at $55, it's a great price, too.

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Spark by Ergodriven


Starting out with a standing desk doesn't need to be expensive. It doesn't need to be a big, heavy metal contraption, either. For $25 you can get the perfect starter standing desk, and it's made out of cardboard.

Before you spit out your coffee, it's sturdy and well made (assuming you put it together properly at least), and has space for a keyboard and mouse on the lower shelf. The top has space for a laptop or small monitor.

It isn't adjustable, naturally, but it's cheap, easy to live with and a perfect way to see if a standing desk is for you without breaking the bank.

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SONGMICS bamboo standing desk converter

SONGMICS Bamboo Standing Computer Desk

A lot of the products you'll see are quite clinical looking. Metal, black or white, professional is probably the word the designers would go for. But that's not for everyone and this bamboo contraption for $100 certainly stands out from the crowd.

It's easy to assemble and has six different height settings. It can also take some weight, with an overall supported load of just over 40lbs.

There are two decks, one for your monitor or laptop and one for your keyboard and mouse. The wood is treated for its protection, but the overall design is very aesthetically pleasing while still offering the functionality you'd expect from a standing desk.

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FlexiSpot M3B Standing Desk


If you have a big desk and need a lot of workspace, you'll need a big standing desk converter. This one from FlexiSpot isn't cheap at $350, but it's 47-inches wide which is big enough to support a pair of 27-inch monitors.

It adjusts between 12 different height levels with a single level and also has a separate tray for your keyboard and mouse. It's got a loading limit of 44lbs and promises a "one-step" assembly.

If you're looking for a product for your workplace, the FlexiSpot has been designed to have a slim profile, so it'll fit into any standardly sized cubicle.

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