Project CARS and Mortal Kombat X headline this week's Deals with Gold

This week's Deals with Gold promotion includes Project CARS, the critically acclaimed simulation game from Slightly Mad Studios. Other AAA titles, such as Mortal Kombat X and Thief, are also discounted for the Xbox One, with the Xbox 360 sale seeing a host of titles in the Hitman franchise.

Xbox One:

Xbox 360:

Anything strike your fancy?

Source: Major Nelson

Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

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  • I really didn't liked the new Thief.
  • Those Lego games are so cheap. At launch they cost 50€ though.
  • Man if I didn't already have Sonic Generations on PC..
    And Mafia II.
    Haha just recently reinstalled it too lol cause of Mafia III hype
  • Project cars good?
  • Yup.
  • It is insane how realistic that game is. High learning curve though if you're coming from an EA or Codemasters title.
  • What if you're coming from Forza 5?
  • I wouldn't buy it. Way to buggy and they already have a new one in the works.
  • Man, MKX is still too pricey.
  • Anyone that hasn't yet played Max the Curse of Brotherhood... This is totally worth the deal price. Be prepared to put your thinking cap on. :-)
  • Agreed. Max: The Curse of Brotherhood was the best puzzle platformer of 2013, on any platform. It's a must-buy at $3.74.
  • Agreed.
  • +One (or +360), I think I did that right...
  • So are these Xbox 360 games also available on the Xbox One with backwards compatibility? I know they announced it at gamescon but not sure if it's just the free games every month or when it actually starts.
  • These are Deals with Gold games, not Games with Gold games. They announced that all future Games with Gold games will be backwards compatible, but they did not mention anything about all future Deals with Gold games becoming so. That said, there is decent probability that many of them will be backwards compatible, but it's a risk buying now if we don't know for sure. Backwards compatibility officially launches in November 2015.
  • I am still working on the Witcher...
  • I wouldn't buy Project Cars, it's been out for awhile on console and yet it's still buggy, on top of all that, it just came out on console and they are already getting a new one. I don't think I'll be buying The next one... It lacks alot of content on top of all that few cars few tracks.
  • Do you really need to post this response twice in the same thread? Project cars is an awesome game if people want they will get it no need to go overboard trying to convince people they shouldn't get it because you don't want it now
  • Project Cars, or Forza 6??