You can now cast to a Microsoft Teams Room from iOS and Android

Microsoft Teams Note20 On Keyboard
Microsoft Teams Note20 On Keyboard (Image credit: Dan Thorp-Lancaster / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • You can now cast content from your mobile device to a Microsoft Teams Room.
  • The feature is rolling out gradually to Microsoft Teams on iOS and Android.
  • You can cast content from your mobile device from within about 33 feet of a room device.

Microsoft's new feature for Teams makes it much easier to share content to a Teams Room. The mobile versions of Teams on iOS and Android are gaining support for casting content. With the feature, you can cast content from your phone to a room device within 10 meters (just under 33 feet).

Twitter user Just Tammy highlights the feature online and links to a Microsoft support document on the feature. At this time, it appears that the feature is rolling out gradually, so you might not see it yet.

With the feature, you can share the content of your screen to a Teams Room without having to set up a meeting. Everything from your phone casts to the Teams Room, so Microsoft suggests switching your device to Do Not Disturb.

Once your version of Teams supports the feature, you can use it by tapping the Cast icon in the navigation bar.

Teams Rooms allow you to combine meeting in person with meeting virtually. Being able to quickly and easily cast content to a Teams Room streamlines the process of presenting to people inside and outside of the room.

Sean Endicott
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