ProShot for Windows 10 temporarily pulled due to 'distribution issues' with Windows Store

The recently launched Windows 10 version of the camera and image app ProShot has been temporarily pulled from the Windows Store. The developer blamed "distribution issues" with the Store as the reason for this decision.

The developer, Rise Up Games, has been getting reports that many people who downloaded ProShot from the Windows Store have been able to do so for free; the app is regularly priced at $3.99 and was $1.99 for the first few hours of the launch. Also, the Store indicated that some handsets that should have been able to run ProShot were incompatible with the app.

Today, Rise Up Games made the decision to pull ProShot for Windows 10 from the Windows Store. In a Twitter message, it stated:

Obviously, this is going to be a temporary issue and we hope Rise Up Games can get ProShot for Windows 10 back up in the Windows Store very soon.

QR: ProShot

John Callaham