PSA: Set your alarm, registration opens tomorrow for Build 2014

Depending on where you are, today may be the 14th of January. It’s the day that Microsoft is going to be opening up registration for Build 2014 that takes place April 2-4 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. Set your alarm and get your bank account ready if you’re hoping to go.

Build is Microsoft’s developer conference. It started in 2011 as a place for developers to get hands-on with Windows 8, but has grown to include most of Microsoft’s products and services.

Build 2014 is going to very, very big for Windows Phone. We’re expecting this venue to be where Microsoft finally takes the wraps off of Windows Phone 8.1. We’ll see things like a notification center, voice assistant, and much more in the next version of Windows Phone. Overlap with Windows 8 will also occur with APIs. There will also be an update for both the Xbox One and Windows 8.1 out or coming out around there, so if you’re a developer you’ll want to be on hand for all the new info. Windows 9, also known as Threshold, should be outlined by Microsoft at Build 2014.

Registration opens at 9am PST on Jan 14. You’ll need $2095 to sign up. You'll need to be quick, the last few events sold out within the hour. Here's the time localized for your region. 

Register soon: Build Windows (opens in new tab)

Thanks for the reminders everyone!

Sam Sabri
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  • I wish $2095 was pocket change to me. But it's not, ha. However, I'm still excited on what all will be revealed. I feel strongly that just like Windows 8.1 helped more people make the switch to Windows 8 (after adding features and fixes users wanted), Windows Phone 8.1 will also do the very same for people looking for their first Windows Phone device. Come oooonnnnn April! 
  • $2,095 its really cheap and its not for any normal folks. This is for businesses and big developers that makes a lot of money developing apps and software for Windows.
  • Ya wonder wat is wwdc priced?
  • WWDC its also pretty expensive
  • It depends who you ask.
  • I swear if Microsoft doesn't announce that Lumia's will now be brought to all carriers at once I'll seriously mess sh*t up. This issue is doing more than pissing me off. Excited for build 2014 but it's nothing to write home about if everyone can't enjoy your great features all at once.
  • I agree, trough i'm not living in the US, it would be very nice for my fellow Nokia/Windows Phone fans to choose their favorite carrier instread of being stuck to the 'evil' AT&T.
  • Agree, just make one Lumia; combine the 92x series and make it one, do the same for the other "series", the 800s, 700s and so on.  Just make it one.  Make it simple!
  • Microsoft has no power to force carriers to carry their phones. Att gets all the phones because they want them. Ask why Verizon hasn't released the 929, or why T-Mobile only has 2 WP devices on sale. The carriers call the shots in the US and if a phone is not on their network its because they don't want it.
  • Money talks, bull**** walks. I think if Microsoft is really committed they could make it happen. I just don't see WP taking off here in the States until there are all-carrier devices.
  • ^This. Microsoft has the resources to make it happen. I agree with your last sentence also. That's the biggest problem with windows phone in the US.
  • Imo, go the google way and sell unlocked like the Nexus for $350...
  • So much for a Q1 unveiling/release of WP8.1. I'm disappointed it's taking this long.
  • I think it became clear in Nokia World 2013 that when they announced the Black Update for beginning of 2014, that meant that 8.1 would be delayed once again until Summer.
    Still, I fully understand your feeling of disappointment.
  • I love build :) I will sign up at exactly 9am and then book my flight from Germany. I'm so exited :D
  • Build 2012 I was able to sign up 5 mins before the official start.. Just saying ;)
  • Bypassing all carriers for all updates! I too can dream of fun announcements to be made at build
  • +925 This alone would be a huge step up.
  • And WPCentral just has 2 grand lying around?
  • Media get in free. Always have, that's how all trade shows and media events work. E3, CES, Build, MWC, etc.
  • Including travel fare? Lol
  • No, not travel fare. Nor back massages.
  • ⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆ Best reply ever!
  • Now how much would a flight to Germany cost.anyways win 8.1 teasers should be comming soon or no?
  • Hahahah lol
  • I always assumed you distracted the guards with your hair then snuck in
  • ⬆⬆ Best comeback ever!
  • Lol
  • I'll print a wpcentral ID card ;p
  • *cough* so is WPC looking for an intern? :]
  • Really wish I was going. It's going to be awesome. Hope to follow live reporting from Sam, Daniel and the great team from WPCentral instead!
  • Will there be a live video feed we can tune in to? Or a windows phone ap for the same? There was for the Xbox one launch.
  • Yes
  • There always is ...
  • That would cost me around 4500$ including round trip
  • Man does wpc have some cash
  • I can't wait to see what WPCentral reports from Build.
  • 8.1 revolution
  • Me too. In a way I'm looking forward to Build just as much, if not more than Mobile World Congress. Both events should be very interesting for all things Windows Phone :)
  • Build will talk about apis and real consumer features will come like end of April or early May in separate event!
  • Not likely! Source? I think they unveils whole wp8.1 similar to how they did for Win8.1
  • All the best guys, keep it coming.
  • What will Nokia showcase at MWC 2014? I have a feeling that WP 8.1 will be revealed before Build 2014. It is the usual tradition that whenever Nokia launches new hardware it brings along new software as well. Hence MWC is ideal for WP 8.1 unless Nokia sits quietly without participating in MWC this year and waits for Build 2014 instead.
  • Remeber the keynote is 3 1/2 hours. There is more then plenty of time left to talk about WP8.1 consumer and dev features Windows 8.1 Update 1 and the future of Windows 8, Windows 9.
  • Windows eight dot one!!!!
  • So 2013. Its all about Windows Phone Eight Dot One
  • Will Windows Phone 8.1 have developer preview ?
  • Wondering this myself. I don't believe anything has been said about this. I sure hope so though. Skipping the carriers on WP8.1, just like we did for Update 3 would be great.
  • Yeah . I hope not only big features will be implemented , but small features also . Like fixing the multitasking icons . Internet sharing icon was terrible .
  • Since it's an update to every WP8 device and thus not require new hardware, yes, it will very likely have a developer preview.
  • Yeah it will. 2 or 4th april they will release for developers on preview
  • Windoughs Fown ate poynt wohn!!!
  • Honestly, I just want Cortana already.
  • The only things on 8.1 that interest me are the quick settings a-la-Android and separate volume controls. It's a pity that, as always, Microsoft is dragging their feet with this update.
    Anyway, I'm more interested in independent-Nokia's last devices and Windows 9 than on WP 8.1 per se.
  • I hope when they announce it, it will be released soon after. :D
  • Who needs to go to BUILD when we have WPC?! ;)
  • I have my ticket :)
  • Im really interested to see what happens with Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 in 2014. Its going to be an exciting year! WP8 will finally catch up with Android and iOS. Lets see how it will stand its own, there is room enough.