PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG), one of the biggest games of 2017, has made its Xbox One debut following a wave of a success on PC. With tense 1 vs 100 "Battle Royale" gameplay, players will fight to the death in a shrinking area, until a single player emerges victorious. Delivering a majority of content seen on its flagship platform, Xbox One owners gain access to everything needed for the true PUBG experience.

PUBG might not offer an overwhelming among of content, but to make for this, its gameplay is remarkably replayable. Building on its core gameplay loop, the game also features an accompanying progression system. After spending time in-game you'll get the chance to unlock cosmetic items, helping your character stand out on the battlefield.

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How PUBG's cosmetics system works

When playing PUBG across any of its modes, after completing a match, players are rewarded with an in-game currency, Battle Points (BP). Various factors affect how much BP is earned per match, including your end-of-match ranking, total kills, and player hits.

In the game's menu, players can redeem BP in exchange for randomized crates. By purchasing a randomized crate, you'll be provided with one random crate type, providing access to an item from the crate's set collection. Multiple crate types are currently offered in-game, with more expected to debut going forward.

The price of crates starts at 700 BP, however, after purchasing each crate, the price raises. Players are also limited to only six crate purchases a week. This price resets on a weekly basis but throttles the number of crates that can be earned over a short period of time. Microsoft has also released a set of limited-time crates to promote the game's Xbox One debut, purchased with real-world money.

List of crates in PUBG for Xbox One

As of launch, two crate types are available with in-game credits in PUBG for Xbox One. Early adopters also had the chance to purchase three limited-time crates, using real-world money.

  • Wanderer Crate
  • Survivor Crate
  • Warrior Crate (Paid)
  • Accessory Crate (Paid)
  • Tracksuit Crate (Paid)

List of all cosmetic items in PUBG for Xbox One

Wanderer Crate contents

As first seen in PC version of PUBG, the Wanderer Crate is a standard crate purchased using BP. With the purchase of this crate, you'll be getting one randomized item, from the crate's set potential contents. This crate contains items found on the floor around the game's map and one of the game's rarest items, the blue pleated mini-skirt.

  • Ballistic Mask
  • Bloody Combat Pants
  • Blue Hi-top Trainers
  • Boots (Punk)
  • Cargo Pants (Beige)
  • Cargo Pants (Blue)
  • Cargo Pants (Khaki)
  • Dirty Tank-top (White)
  • Floral Shirt
  • Gas Mask (Full)
  • Glasses (Punk)
  • Hotpants (Blue)
  • Long Sleeved T-shirt (Striped)
  • Long-sleeved T-shirt (Black)
  • Long-sleeved T-shirt (Light Blue)
  • Mandarin Jacket (Blue)
  • Padded Jacket (Urban)
  • Pleated Mini-skirt (Blue)
  • Protective Sunglasses
  • School Shirt (Open)
  • School Shoes
  • Slacks (Blue)
  • T-shirt (Red)
  • T-shirt (Striped)
  • Tank-top (Charcoal)
  • Working Boots

Survivor Crate contents

The Survivor Crate is another standard crate, obtained using BP. This crate contains one randomized item upon purchase, including combat pants, trench coats, and other cosmetic items. Players also have to chance to obtain the purple pleated mini-skirt, which is the rarest item in this crate.

  • Baseball Cap
  • Beanie
  • Brown Hi-top Trainers
  • Checkered Shirt (Red)
  • Checkered Shirt (White)
  • Combat Pants (Black)
  • Combat Pants (Blue)
  • Combat Pants (Camo)
  • Combat Pants (White)
  • Fingerless Gloves (Camo)
  • Fingerless Gloves (Tan)
  • Grey Boots
  • Matched Grey Shirt
  • Mini-skirt (Purple)
  • Padded Jacket (Beige)
  • Padded Jacket (Camo)
  • Padded Jacket (Khaki)
  • Shirt (White)
  • Slacks (Purple)
  • Trench Coat (Black)
  • Trench Coat (Camel)
  • Trench Coat (Grey)
  • Trench Coat (Red)
  • Vintage Baseball Hat (Black)
  • Vintage Baseball Hat (White)
  • Women's Tuxedo Jacket (Purple)

Warrior Crate contents

To mark the launch of PUBG on Xbox One, the "Warrior Crate" was the first of three limited-time crates, containing exclusive items. Priced at $9.99 from December 7 to December 10, buyers would get four pieces of aptly-themed green clothing, for use in the Xbox One version.

  • Green Pattern Balaclava
  • Green Pattern T-shirt
  • Green Pattern Pants
  • Green Pattern Hi-top Trainers

Accessory Crate contents

Following the release of PUBG on Xbox One, Microsoft introduced the "Accessory Crate," from December 14 to December 17. Priced at $4.99, this pack contained two exclusive cosmetic accessories, once again themed around the iconic Xbox green.

  • Green Pattern Cap
  • Green Pattern Fingerless Gloves

Tracksuit Crate contents

From December 21 to December 22, Microsoft will sell the third and final exclusive crate for PUBG on Xbox One. Priced at $4.99, buyers will receive two items, making a full tracksuit piece. These come in a stylish clean white, although might not be best for camouflage.

  • Xbox Tracksuit Top
  • Xbox Tracksuit Pants

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