Purported image of the Verizon Nokia Lumia 9xx shows a blurry camera, teases the masses

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We’re not to sure what to make of this image from @NokiaPureview that allegedly shows the Verizon Nokia Lumia 9xx’s (aka "922") rear camera.

The image is blurry as heck but one thing is clear—we’re looking at something that is different. That’s not the Lumia 920’s camera bezel, with the familiar Carl Zeiss metal plate. But it’s not quite the PureView 808 either, though there appears to be a bit of a bulge, raising the camera upwards a bit. If that is the case (and now we’re speculating about a supposed image), then that does hint that Verizon 9xx has an improved camera of some sort (or a thinner body as rumored).


Pureview 808 (L) and Lumia 920 (R)

Of course this could also be a crazy hoax so until more information (or a definitive image) arises, just tuck this to the side as wishful thinking. Having said that, who doubts that Nokia has 9xx devices in the works for multiple carriers?

Update: Some are noticing the similarities between the leaked image and this image above from late 2011. Indeed, they do seem similar though not exact, which would make sense if this is an updated design. The 2011 image was presumably for an N9 successor, not Windows Phone. But we suppose if Nokia wanted to adapt it for Apollo/Verizon, a few changes in design would be all that is required.

Source: @NokiaPurview; Thanks DavidinCT, for the tip!

Daniel Rubino

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  • Omg please leak the device
  • If your gonna "leak" an image,why not just leak the whole thing? Why just the camera? I call BS.
  • Exactly +1
  • *picture taken on an iPhone 5
  • Lol
  • But there isn't any cool purple hazing
  • Actually, it was taken with a Blackberry 9320. An odd phone choice for someone in the tech field and connected with Nokia, no?
  • We have no idea who took the picture or what context and you'll be amazed at how many people are required to have Blackberry's. So I see that bit of info as completely inconsequential to the story.
  • nice!
  • HAHA!
  • I'm just hoping its true. I don't want to go to AT&T and being on T-Mobile Sucks! I miss my Verizon network... :-(
  • is that why its so blurry? lol
    Nokia needs to get this device out soon why people are still talking about the Lumia 920 or 9xx
    The mass population doesn't go to tech websites but to their local store for info and display units...I can't wait to play with one at my local AT&T store or the MS store if they stock it
  • the photo is blurry bc it was taking by a iOS devices jk 
  • I don't trust this guy. And if it's true, teasing won't keep me from leaving Verizon. Are you getting a 9xx or not? No more bull stuff
  • Agree, i am tired of the bs with verizon and only getting certain devices. Definitely going with a gsm carrier next time so I can get any device I want and not deal with the carrier bs.
  • omg why is that bulge so large (that's what she said). I'll be VERY jealous if the 922 is superior to my future white 920... ugh
    Whatever, tech always improves.
  • Hey, I'm on T-Mobile, and I doubt we'll even see a 920 veriant for a long, long time. At least the 810 looks to be a pleasure until Gen3 comes out, and I doubt we'll get the best-of-the-best then too.
  • 822 is so ugly I may end up staying on Tmo for the 810
  • I'm one of the ones who doubt it, until they announce it. When my contract is up, I am going for the highest end Windows Phone 8 to replace my HTC Trophy. If it's the 8x, then so be it. I can't play these phone games or "exclusivity window" games (wait till mid-March)...
    It's annoying.
  • To me that bulge fits with the previous rumor of it being thinner. We already know that the 920's main reason for the thickness is the camera sensor, maybe the 922 compromises by thinning the rest of the phone around the bulging camera? Personally, having had a HD2, I would prefer a thicker device without bits sticking out of it.
    Either way, being in the UK, this better not actually be better than the 920. If it is then i'll probably still buy it but will be far from happy with nokia. I really think that having these exclusives with relatively big differences between them is a terrible idea. Especially if the global standard version is worse than one specific exclusive from a totally different country.
  • It is what it is. Samsung did the same thing with their first galaxy line. They had the Fascinate, the Captivate, the Epic and I forget what the other one was called.
  • Vibrant...
  • Yes, it would give it a Titan/TitanII look. With a thing profile but bulge for the camera. I'm actually OK with that but didn't expect Nokia to go that route.
  • This is the worst rumor set ever.  A couple of tweets and a blurry cam shot of nothing. Anyone here could do the same. 
  • Absolutely agree. personally don't really need to worry about this as i'm getting Lumia 920 here in Europe easily anyways.
    Though something that you might consider is that he is putting himself into a lot of hate if nothing comes out. He has over 2000 followers in Twitter.
  • +1.
    He may have taken a good look at this:
  • I was starting to search this link. Lucky me I first looked if anyone else has noticed the similarity. I am pretty sure that this shell is used in this picture. Of course picture can still be "phony".
  • +1
  • Of nothing?  That's clearly a pic of my toothbrush.
  • For me it doesn't look like a camera. A camera is dark inside and not yellowish. It looks more like a new kind of LED-flash. White LEDs always have this kind of yellow layer on it so that the blueish light gets filtered and looks white in the end. http://goo.gl/rdkuL
  • +1
  • Or it's the back plate of the phone, hence the "see through" aspect of the camera. You're just seeing the table (or whatever) through the camera hole. So either it's not a unibody design or these are prototype parts used for manufacturing, etc. Nokia sent out "parts" of the Lumia 920 too to show off the materials.
  • It's a 922 with the camera from 808...
  • It'd be great if that was the case, but the phone would be too expensive (like $1k expensive) not to mention just huge...as the 808 had very cheap guts and screen but expensive camera and a 9xx will have expensive guts and screen - throwing in the 808's camera would make the price so high most folks wouldn't buy it.
  • New rumor on Yahoo finance boards of a "Lumia 910"
    Go to amazon.com and search for Lumia 910 --- notice all the accesories that show up labeled as "Lumia 910"
  • +1.. You are correct. there is a 910..:).. like 900... just not announced.. I checked amazon an they are talking about accesories for both ..
  • The 910 was a rumored device from earlier this year after CES.  a version of the 900 with more storage. 
  • Yep, I remember reading about that too.
  • And all the 910 accessories say "900 or 910."
  • Anybody else wondering why almost every one of this guy's tweets are from Twitter for Blackberry?
  • A 9320 to be exact.
  • I found it extremely odd, myself.
  • While WP is F'ing around leaking images and not releasing the phone or taking pre-orders, the iPad mini is reportedly being released on Oct. 23rd. What do you think that's going to do to WP sales? Some people will keep their existing phones and buy an iPad mini instead. F'ing ridiculous
  • What do you thihnk a tablet will do to sales of a phone?
    Logic 101 here folks
  • seriously guys? this gets 5/10? It's a blurry shot of what looks like an LED flash.
  • Yes, seriously. Because the notion of a 9xx device going to Verizon (or any other carrier), especially after seeing all the 8xx devices (there are more, by the way) is highly probable. The source also has a reputation known to the tech community. Sometimes you need to read between the lines here--we can't/don't always write all that we know. And if you think that's an LED flash...well...
  • With regards to the LED flash he was talking about, I think he's talking about how the blurry exposed part is very light colored assembly (like the area of an LED flash) and not dark / black colored like the inside of a lens assembly (808, N9, 900, N8 and on and on) which needs to be dark for photographic reasons (to minimize reflections which cause trouble for pictures).
    On the other hand this could just be a colored case for the phone (with no guts) and we're looking right though the lens assembly to the same background we see to the side (with some shadow) to account for the slightly darker color.  It'll be interesting to see what this turns out to be.
  • It can't be the LED though...look at the size of it compared to the edge of the device. Whatever it is, it's bigger than an LED flash.
  • Thanks Daniel, we get it ;-)
    Other question for you: where is the flash? 
    And if this is a next-gen Pureview device, where are the Rich Recording mics ?
  • Daniel, you sir are a tease.
  • If you know more then your letting on then Verzion users have more to look forward too. More Lumia 8xx devices? I can't decided on whether that's a good thing or bad thing.
  • I want to believe.  (Gillian Anderson used to be so hot).  But three reasons why this is false: 1. Elop specifically said they were going to focus on unique carriers. 2. It would be a major "up yours" to AT&T who has supported Nokia (3) If it had such a massive change as a new camera, instead of 9xx, it would have a higher number--based on Nokia prior naming conventions.
  • Used to be? She's just as hot now as she was 20 years ago!
  • Damb tmo. Clowning around in 4th place as usual.
  • Sprint is in 4th. At least T-Mobile is still in the game
  • Sprint doesn't count, they've missing after going too far up Androids ass.
  • a 9xx is coming to Verizon for sure. You guys really can't be thinking Nokia is that stupid no? Get a grip FCS.
  • Tghis blurry yellow cicrcled thing can only be an flash. My htc 7 pro has an yellow flash with white transparent glas/plastic on top. No lens today has an color on it. Because it is dark inside :) ans behind the lens is an senzor that canmt be yellow too.
  • *Continues to wait for 910 leaks for T-Mobile*
  • I'm with you on that!
  • Im also with you but we may have to wait till Jesus comes. The only flagships Tmo USA carries are the Samsung Android phones.
  • Not the same topic, but I just got an email from Office Depot showing there taking pre orders for windows 8.
  • T-MOBILE I will wait for a 910 until the end of the year... after that I will move to VZ or ATT
  • I'm bummed. If its gonna look different than the 920 I'm not getting it. Why can't Nokia just release the same phone on each network. People have only seen the 920 shown off so that's what they'll be expecting and now we have the supposed 922 and its not the same at all. Freaking annoying.
  • Get the Samsung ativ s...
    4.8 inch screen with the big tiles oolalala
  • I'd get it so fast, but I read somewhere that it isn't LTE enabled. After having LTE I couldn't go back to slower speeds, lol.
  • Wow this guy is desperate for followers or hits or something. What happened to Elop didn't want pictures? Now this "picture" shows up blurry as hell. Nokia, makers of some of the best cameras in the world, wouldn't allow a blurry picture to be put out onto the internet. I can't believe WPcentral is giving this a 5/10. 2/10 at the most. It definitely looks like an led flash.
  • According to the first 9XX post, this twitter acount has been accurate with rumors before.
    I would love to know which rumors those were.
    The only reason I am willing to belive this might possibly have a small chane of being true, is that I emailed Mr. Elop last weekend.
    I submitted the entire email as a tip to this site, but I'm not sure if it will be posted.
    Basically I stated that I was with Verizon, and could not switch to ATT.  I said that I would go with the HTC 8X over a Nokia 820 varient.
    I received a reply within an hour.  It basically said, sorry I can't give specifics but other operators will be making anouncements, and it was signed Stephen.
    Inturpret it as you will, but I got the feeling that he was trying to say hold on, something in the 9XX class is comming.
  • i hope this is true im not on verizon but verizon folks deserve something special from microsoft and nokia......
  • I half agree. They should get something special yes, but by special I mean unique. Not a 9xx type phone. How about a total new concept? How about they release a waterproof pureview 4 incher. There is a demand for a 4 inch phone, and making a PROMINENT water-proof phone in the united states is going to catch headlines. Basically an under-water camera phone. Truly the first of its kind in the premium smartphone category.
    Ok I made all that up but imagine how it would stand out. It gives the 920 its own limelight as the premier phone from Nokia. And this phone would have its own limelight anf stand apart from the iphone, androids, and other windows phones.
    I imagine the R&D behind such a device would be a killer price. But they cant simply release a "better Lumia 92x" for Verizon. That dicks over AT&T
  • I rather they get a variant of of the 92x and have overlapping specs makes no sense to announce a phone for verizon with better specs than the 920 when the 920 hasnt even hit market yet.....that would probably be the worst promo of a phone ive ever seen. they would cripple the sales of the 920 before selling it?
  • I'd rather see Nokia device on another network other than AT&T get a different name than a numerical difference. Call it the Nokia Pure not the 920, 910, 922, 923.5 what the heck is that?
  • I posted a tweet in reply to the 9XX...(and provided the tip, as I always do with new WP news I find), follow me if you want but, I dont do too much posting on Twitter...
    David Evans @DavidEvansinCT  11 Oct 
    @MFaroTusino @NokiaPureView Yes, I also would love to see an image of what is upcoming for Verizon on a 9XX series Lumia looks like 
    @DavidEvansinCT photos are confidential I just got the photos we will upload it soon 
    01:16 AM - 12 Oct 12 
    I hope that is not the only image they show, as I could create an image like that with no issues(from basic household items and in about 10 seconds in photoshop). If it's from Nokia leaking info, it might be possable, just depending on when....what a tease !!!!!
    Crossing my fingers for a 9XX, maybe a 920 with a MicroSDXC slot....it would be the perfect phone...
  • Well hopefully this person is on the up and up and there is fire to this smoke.  Good catch and effort regardless, though far too soon to get our hopes too far up.  Leaks for the Trophy started in December 2010 and it wasn't released until almost June 2011.  : \
  • Remember this leaked/rumored device...
    This could be it...
  • It looks NOTHING like the 920, why would it be called the 9XX (922?) ??
    Man that is a ugly phone but, I guess it's different from everything else out there. I would not buy it, it does not look like it will fit in my pocket..
  • I like than design a lot. Banana is back.
  • There it is guys. Because 10+11+12= 33 megapixel 922 camera. So that clears that up...
  • I'm giving you detention for that theory, lol
  • Awesome. I've already lasted here without getting blocked longer than most other forums I visit so I consider it a personal victory.
  • What if it's the rumored Phi? 21mp oversampling would be tasty...
  • Unlikely as WP8 hardware supports max 21Mpx sensors
  • Nice. This guy with the serious response. :-D
  • I don't mind rumors, but posting this based off some guys twitter doesn't seem right. There's no proof at all that this guy works for Nokia or any one else involved.
  • What interests me is that this is yet another variation on the same phone and I have to say that I like this approach from Nokia.  It gives each operator an exclusive device, the customer has a choice of networks, and provides Nokia a way to sell their phone everywhere.
    What I'm now wondering about is what will the factory unlocked devices look like? I'm assuming it will be the regular 920 without the cyan option.  Now i'm wondering how Nokia pitched this to the networks?  Did they offer the 'master' styling to AT&T and then customized versions for everyone else, or did they shop it around for the highest bidder etc...
    Either way i'm very happy to see such coverage
  • The emerging picture is the 820 and 920 are base designs with xx variants for specific carriers...and even non carriers. More on that soon.
  • We know you know what's coming Daniel. Must be killing you not to write about it. I reember when I was under NDA before WP7 came out.
    Or are you enjoying making us crazy by dropping thes hints?
  • Well, I'm not under NDA but I have to be careful with how much I reveal...you don't want the wrath of certain companies coming after you.
  • I wont say anything, want my email ????? PLEASE ??? :)
  • U know something more???
  • So if I like Verizon but want the 920, would it be wise of me not to jump ship too quickly to ATT
  • Non-carriers... what does Non-Carrier mean? Pre-paid? Joe's String Can Wireless? Lumia Player Line to compete with iPod Touch? I'd buy a Lumia 915 Player as a dedicated point and shoot camera if it had the same Pureview tech inside.
  • And now, ladies and gentlemen, Miss Ruma Meel...
  • what is this?
  • Oh c'mon guys. Since AT&T is the primary partner other carriers can't get a better model with a higher number than 920, that would not compute.
  • "Better" is subjective. Better for some is earlier than everone else as this device is rumored to be a couple of months away, not November. And I've seen nothing to say that "since AT&T has the 920, other carriers are forbidden from getting the same or different device". THAT does not compute.
  • Def not a WP case as there is no camera button opening on it. 
  • That's a flash, not a camera. I don't believe this guy until I see a GOOD reason to.
  • I honestly can't see how you think that's a flash as opposed to the back plate of a phone and you're just seeing the table behind it. You dont' think it's odd that the table and the color within the "flash" match?  
  • Wow. Just wow. This "guy" is like a 16 year old kid with the most disgusting amateurish looking site I have seen since the late 90s, and WPCentral picks it up as an actual story. The kid has nothing to do with Nokia. He has never leaked anything, ever.
    I am genuinely embarassed for this site lol. There is a reason why the big dogs haven't touched this. Because it's all just a joke so this kid can get twitter followers. So stupid lol. Daniel I hope you are just heavily medicated today.
  • Agreed. I'm a little surprised it was even posted here.
    Anyone can go take some blurry pics and post on twitter. There is zero credibility with this kid and really shouldn't have been posted here, imo.
  • It's called folloing the logic. Logic i mean how nokia wanted to make exclusive devices for each carriers when they announced Lumia 900. Then again why am i wasting time here who is QQing..
  • What's funny about this is that this site has often passed on rumors that wmpoweruser will post gleefully because this site has standards.  Unless Daniel knows more than he's letting on here, this one is such a reach that wmpoweruser hasn't even posted it.  And that's saying a ton!
    EDIT:  Now Pocketnow posted it too, though with no more information or confirmation of accuracy.  http://pocketnow.com/2012/10/12/nokia-lumia-920-verizon-pic/
  • If y'all think this is stupid, then why waste time reading, and writing comments on it? I mean, c'mon This is a WP website, so they have to write stories on everything they see and hear. It's their job to keep us updated. Don't like it? Move on, and stop complaining . Damn ! -_-
  • No, it is not their job to post such utter garbage as this.  I could write an article saying that the new phone willl be mustard yellow and have a camera in the center and it would still be an out of focus close-up of the office sink drain.  I could also get some poster paint and splash some neon green over my old Omnia II and take an out of focus close up image and it is still what it is. There is no excuse for this level of insulting pandering, other than the obvious fact thar it increases hit rates and puts a bit more ad revenue in people's pockets. 
  • Or maybe Daniel is thinking of leaving mobile nation to join this kid at @NokiaPureView's amazing website!
  • http://pureviewclub.com/ is legit. 
  • I like rumors and leaks but this is a bit overboard.
  • The good and bad about rumors.  The good, they get readesr react and post comments(like we did), and the more pay per click they get, the more they'll get pay.
    The bad, they will get comments like *these...
    So just take a grain of salt, and move on.
  • Good point...but, till we see a model with a Verizon logo in an offical press statement from Verizon...it's all just rumor...
    It's nice to dream that the phone you WANT is possably coming to your carrier tho...
    As for pay-per-click, it makes the writers of this site money, that pays their bills.. If it was not for that, this site would not be here...
  • That seem like a picture of the LED light, not the lens.. 
  • Omg, this is making me really nervous! Please be something real!
  • Nokia ‏@NokiaPureView
    All will be revealed on 29th #SwitchtoLumia #StayTuned but don't know vzw is coming or not,I hope it will be revealed
    They are replying to my Tweets !
  • I think I am just going to have to avoid coming here for awhile.  This takes embarrassing and runs with it.  It is obviously a shot of a UFO, not a phone.  In this case, I won't even "excuse the sarcasm" because it (and anything else anyone wants to toss) is deserved.  Why even post such utter garbage?  I have seen more useful photos of the inside of a lens cap, or the inside of my camera bag when I forgot to switch the DSLR off. 
  • The nrext thing will be somoene posting a photo of the giant eyeball that washed up on a Florida beach and claim is is really a protoype of the new Nokia retina camera in the VZW 9XXXXXXXXX super phone. 
  • So glad The Verge isn't picking up this bullshit. I expected more of this site unfortunately.
  • Wow! Why are you all trying to tell Daniel that this is a blurry pic of some idiotic flash?! He wont believe! trust me... i tried many times xD and at the end I was right or neither of us xD! So just calm down and relax till the real device shows up. :P
  • So maybe Verizon isn't as stupid as I know they are..
  • Guys, really? why are you giving this @nokiapureview guy any attention? this is exactly what he wants.. everyone knows this is bullshit!