Purported image of the Verizon Nokia Lumia 9xx shows a blurry camera, teases the masses

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We’re not to sure what to make of this image from @NokiaPureview that allegedly shows the Verizon Nokia Lumia 9xx’s (aka "922") rear camera.

The image is blurry as heck but one thing is clear—we’re looking at something that is different. That’s not the Lumia 920’s camera bezel, with the familiar Carl Zeiss metal plate. But it’s not quite the PureView 808 either, though there appears to be a bit of a bulge, raising the camera upwards a bit. If that is the case (and now we’re speculating about a supposed image), then that does hint that Verizon 9xx has an improved camera of some sort (or a thinner body as rumored).


Pureview 808 (L) and Lumia 920 (R)

Of course this could also be a crazy hoax so until more information (or a definitive image) arises, just tuck this to the side as wishful thinking. Having said that, who doubts that Nokia has 9xx devices in the works for multiple carriers?

Update: Some are noticing the similarities between the leaked image and this image above from late 2011. Indeed, they do seem similar though not exact, which would make sense if this is an updated design. The 2011 image was presumably for an N9 successor, not Windows Phone. But we suppose if Nokia wanted to adapt it for Apollo/Verizon, a few changes in design would be all that is required.

Source: @NokiaPurview; Thanks DavidinCT, for the tip!

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